RE: Bomb set off in Derry

Why did you start a thread and decide to chat on subjects you have little to no knowledge about?

And whats this imperialist attitude " I think we have been reasonable over the Irish problem….

RE: Bomb set off in Derry

I have never held a gun let alone fired one in jest never mind wanting to kill anyone. I have never been in riot, thrown a petrol bomb, cautioned, questioned or arrested by any police force.

What groups talked about in this video do you think are militant?

To keep it in perspective and to compare like with like and "point score" about whatever read Sowing dragons teeth it is a paper prepared for the meetings of the UK Political Studies Association, London School of Economics and Political Science, 10-13 April 2000..

The post-1968 violence dwarfs any previous conflict in scale, intensity and duration. More people have died in communal violence in the past quarter century in Northern Ireland — 3,289 by the end of 1999 — than in any similar period in Ireland over the past two centuries, with the possible exception of the 1922-23 Irish Civil War (Table 1). In addition, over 40,000 people have been injured, representing almost 3 percent of the population. If we extrapolate these figures to Britain, some 111,000 people would have died, with 1.4 million people injured. This represents just under half of British deaths (265,000) during the Second World War. Further extrapolating the deaths to the United States, some 526,000 would have died, more than died during the Second World War (405,000) and nine times the American war dead in Vietnam.

Here is the link

Here is some back ground to what led up to the 1993 Down Street declaration. A few weeks before it a bomb went off on the Shankill Road (a road I have travelled many times) and 10 innocent people lost their lives..The persons over seeing the bomb were either RUC Special branch, British Military intelligence and at least one paid British Agent...

Shankill Road bomb: IRA double-agent 'deliberately set device to explode prematurely'

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

Now throw into the mix the Van Allen belts.....


Would you like to try again...?

RE: Bomb set off in Derry

I have no idea why people don't research.. My money is on the bomb going off and the date of the civil war/partition. I have heard dumbed down people link it to Brexit..

RE: Bomb set off in Derry

Try and listen to Barrie Trower (retired British Naval Officer)...Maybe his rhetoric will work..All you need to do is listen to the first 3mins....

I have no lessons to learn from you about what happens and doesn't on the island. I will say it again the people who pointed guns at me where the British Army. Not the Irish Army, IRA, UFF or other....

RE: Bomb set off in Derry

As opposed to the British wanting to use chemical weapons in the O6C during the conflict...?

What about using wifi/micro waves on the catholic population during the conflict...

What Brexit will do it unify the island...and next step is to tell the EU to fcuk off..

RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

Did you see the blood moon (any part of it)...I was busy sleeping.

I can't buy into the bearded hippy who walked on water theory and monkeys eating shrooms figuring out Pi before they got to Egypt only adds up with some alien intervention...

RE: Bomb set off in Derry

The English haven't a clue about the O6C. And the sooner London and Brussels fcuk off from the island the better...

As for the IRA, grew up with them and they never once pointed a gun at me. The British Army would point their guns at me several times a day...

RE: Say Anything

Vegans should not be allowed to vote and gingers should be forced to wear a hat to cover their affliction.....

RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

All is not all kicks off around 10.30pm but the big red one shows off her glory around 05.15am.So if you hit the hay late and there are no clouds you might be lucky to see something.

Do you think monkeys came out of the trees 200,000 yrs ago and on the way to Egypt to build pyramids the popped a few mushrooms or while tripping on shrooms there was some alien intervention and DNA tweaking to make our thumbs different...

Yes I am having a toke..

RE: Had an inbox

Got a live wire here in my inbox....

Jan 19, 2:53 AM
How are you?? I'm home. and I want to take a shower.
Today I bought a new shampoo.) It would be nice to meet you. What do you think?
I dont have Whatsapp. I need another phone or a SIM card.
But you can write me your E-Mil. I can send more photos there .. if you want.
Best regards.


RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

You know me so well Molly, good to see you still squirt in bed. All you all set for this blood new moon thingy at 4.45am?

RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

Outside of a woman...falling asleep to rockabilly music.

RE: What's on your mind ?

Fcuk all,...Listening to Carl Perkins..

RE: Say Anything

Why are we the only species on this rock that has to pay. Everything else gets a free ride.

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

The sound of a kettle boiling

RE: the first time ever i saw your face

A country love song for all the red necks...

RE: What's on your mind ?

Marching powder and herbal ciggies...both were free

RE: the Eire Border

Tell that to your royal family not me...………………..

RE: What's on your mind ?


RE: the Eire Border

Personally both Britain and the EU should get the fcuk out of Ireland and leave us alone...

RE: I see Plenty of Blasphemers on this forum.

What is this thread about....Is it you can't say Fcuk and Jesus in the same sentence anymore...

RE: What's on your mind ?

I don't spill.[/quote}

Wow, no bib...

Do you ever get people perving your profile and liking you but never say hello? I had one of those today. I think "WTF..."

Is there a surfers convention..DO you lot down there have beach parties and light fires from dead sea wood like they do in California

RE: What's on your mind ?

Are you going to a beach party with a man friend....? Spill.

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