Red shoes.........

Ladies, I have no idea what to say abot this picture with coming across as gay....We know I am not gay, I am happy.

Here is a copy/paste link just incase there is a glitch in the matrix.

How dirty is your mind....

Don't be shy.....

RE: nsa sex in roscommon

Probably himself......

What if you wanted to get kinky and use strings and ropes to tie who ever up with...Does that mean just NA sex with no attachments. Not even hand cuffs?

How dirty is your mind....

Some people will read that as being cold and you must have ice coursing through your veins..I look at it (you not doing guilt) as a strong willed woman who knows what she wants and generally gets it...

Now the burning Q. Are you a green tea lady? We know you are not a coffee head?

RE: What's on your mind ?

At least the Taliban didn't embarrass themselves. Belgium will hammer them.

RE: What's on your mind ?

Considering making an improvise prayer mat, figure out what direction Mecca is and pray to Allah that Tunisia hammer England in the world Cup.

How dirty is your mind....

Step out of your comfort zone while people watching have a coffee the choices are endless. You could have a noisette, expresso, latte, roasted, dry roasted, grilled, raw like sushi . Never know you might end up liking it and it could replace chocolates as your guilty secret..

How dirty is your mind....

Seems to have paid off. If you are at a loss deciding what to have for brunch. Grab a coffee and a ciggie (live dangerous) and take this test to find out what kind of animal you really are. Get in touch with your inner beast..

I am a 280 Lion...

Glad I proof read. I had said... "If you are at a loos deciding what to have for brunch.............."

RE: Whatever Your Taste In Music!!

I was talking to a few good men the other day about music and violence. The convo started about the recent spate of knife crime in London and is it fuelled by music..

Here are three songs that talk about violence. First is by a French half breed called Soko singing about killing her ex boy friends new girl friend. Second song is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Pat Hare did kill his wife for the reasons he sang about. And the last is Johnny Cash and the line "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die" , is to me the coldest, hardest line I have heard. What a mean bastard you would have to be, to shoot someone just to see what happens..............

How dirty is your mind....

That's what I thought too. You carry it off well, almost convinced me.

RE: What's on your mind ?

I am working up to that. I have played the poor me card and don't want to over egg the pudding. Soon I will go for the "I want revenge and my money back".. Hopefully ask her (some big black man in Balooba land) to help transfer money out.

RE: If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?

Tuffy, my first impression was along your that some people need re hot wired/re formatted with out a windows up date..............

RE: Whatever Your Taste In Music!!

Stevie Ray Vaughan- Pride and joy (unplugged)

RE: What's on your mind ?

So when you are good you are very good but when you are bad you are better..........

I have ideas for my pics...Still trying to figure out a decent route.

Anyhow. A few posts back I mentioned giving a scammer the James Velich. So far I am up to 4 emails and 2 PM's from here. They think I am a divorced banker in London with grown up kids and getting screwed by my ex wife and her toyboy lawyer boy friend for more money.....

RE: What became of the GAA threads?

Question has to be asked.."Why didn't you start your own GAA thread....?" I didn't start one because Antrim are crap and there is more chance of me seeing a united Ireland than Antrim lift Sam..

How dirty is your mind....

The innocent emoji you put beside your score. Is that your "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth look" or Is that your other look Molly?

RE: What's on your mind ?

You got 170pts . So don't give me the 50 shades, which is the very low 100's. You have a dirty mind and that's a good complaint to have.

My plan is to take a photo of every "Welcome to wherever County" sign...

How dirty is your mind....

200. It's about right...

RE: What's on your mind ?

Wicklow always reminds me of hills and rambling in the wind and rain. .

Last week of August is booked. Has been for long, long time. I know a good man who has played in Waterford at a few festivals and the odd bar gig. ..

What I would like to do and probably will do is take a direct flight from Belfast/Derry to Cork, just to fly over the island and see what it looks like and to find out if Johnny Cash was right and the are 40 shades....

RE: What's on your mind ?

Another the whats app..................And I didn't even ask for it. One message..Here is my WhatsApp number...lets chat.

RE: What's on your mind ?

The James Veitch anti spam/scammer attack works. When I get my next email...I will post all here..Its fun scamming a scammer..

Interesting. Do you walk alone, with friends or with beasts...? I always get Waterford and Wexford Both begin with W and are south of Dublin.. . Even men get blonde moments.

I do know your part of the world has some excellent music festivals. I am on the island so who knows.

RE: What's on your mind ?

Same here except my wifi went AWOL for a bit..

Don't know about that...South Florida Quay's, Grand Canyon....Australian Gold Coast......

Never been to Wexford. Worked with a Wexford head in Paris for a few years. He was good man and taught me a few things...Apart from your good self Mysterious what other sights or sites does your part of the have to offer....

RE: What's on your mind ?

Seriously considering giving what looks like a spammer the James Veitch and post the results here. A woman (use the term loosely) PM'd me. No kids, never married but loves her grandkids and works as a salesman in some store....

The James Veitch

RE: What's on your mind ?

Mysterious, the postman is a Donegal head. I had to google him.. This is what he reckons...

A Donegal postman who is famous for correctly predicting the weather has said that Ireland is in store for a good summer.

Postman Michael Gallagher told the Neil Prendeville on Cork's RedFM that temperatures will begin to soar over the next few weeks.

"The bad weather is going to change. The signs are good.

"I was a postman for 48 years in Donegal in the hills, and I listened to these people talking and they always said if you get a very cold winter, and an east wind, it's a sign that our summer is going to be very good.

"We're going to get the sunshine from the west and we're in for a very good summer. We're not even out of the spring yet. The signs are looking up that we will have a good summer and I mean that from the heart out."

However, the postman said that Ireland may get some spells of bad weather.

"The only one wee thing you might have is some thunder. The farmers are going to be happy at long last.

"After two weeks, the farmers will be looking for water.

"It's an old people saying, that if you get a very cold winter, with an east wind. We had it in the early 60s and 70s. It's a great guide to what's coming and I hope I get it right."

Michael added that the good weather won't hit until we're "well into May".

"It's on the way. At the beginning of May you'll see a big change of weather. Thunder could be a problem though. At least the people of Cork won't be complaining about the storms or flooding... you need a boat or something down there. I'm very confident we'll have a nice summer. Everyone will be out and enjoying their summer."

Although today looks like a normal day in June. Windy, dark clouds and a possible down pour or three... Can't complain, we had just over 5 weeks of sunshine on this part of the island.

RE: Whatever Your Taste In Music!!

And the youth of today say "it's all about the drum and bass.."

RE: IRELAND. Hard border OR soft border?

How? Whatever way it pans out May is held to hostage by the DUP who often take advise from the UDA. And Barnier or the rest of the EU talking shop hasn't figured that out or are pretending the problem doesn't exist and hope it goes away.

What is your idea on how Bariener etc will or could call the bluff of the UDA...?

RE: IRELAND. Hard border OR soft border?

Loads...What about you? Whats your solution to Brexit?

RE: IRELAND. Hard border OR soft border?

I am anti lots of things...A few examples take Westminster and Brussels as a given. I am also anti banks, police from any country, tax men, Royalty, the educating system (all that any one needs to be taught is learn how to read, write and maths (religion should be outlawed deffo in schools ) and how to think for themselves..The whole fiat, spit and a handshake money system...

The list is really long but I will stop there. Did I say fcuk Westminster and Brussels and let the people decide what they want and none of this Lisbon 2 nonsense or this Brexit mess.

RE: IRELAND. Hard border OR soft border?

Whats wrong with Ireland. All 32counties telling Westminster and Brussels to go fcuk themselves? There is no way a Cuba styled embargo would be imposed. Irish America wouldn't allow for it.

RE: What's on your mind ?

Keep the faith on the music front. Belfast rocks. Avoid it during July/August.. Once you get to Dublin you are over the hump and its one way..

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