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RE: Life on Mars

no,but glasgows great,welcome

RE: A Catholic King/Queen

why not,surely now adays everyone is supposed to be equal

RE: whats wrong with this country ? tell the truth now !

cheers mike you speak the truth

RE: can u fall in love with someone u have never met

it happened to me,before i met my man and felt the same on meeting him, although i wouldnt have thought it could possibly happen,before it did

RE: describe yourself in one word

silverfox,you dont look or sound crap to me

RE: Time to say Goodbye....

we will miss lagoona

RE: Hows it going

hi how are you and good luck

RE: Would you cheer or jeer a soilder returning from iraq

that is a disgrace,most of us dont feel that way,there are always a few nutcases everywhere. hugs to you

RE: Seeking warm climate November -> March. Any ideas ?

jamaica,such laid back fun and perfect scenery

RE: Dear friends . . .

so very nice


i love your big boobies,no pic posted,pakistan

RE: Ladies is this true? Do you think like this....?

i agree,men i have met,who are over 40 and never been married or had kids are usually selfish,boring and incapable of a long term live in relationship,because they have never had to share or consider anyone else,in my past experience i would say stay well away from them

RE: Desktop Background

mine is a picture of elvis

RE: polyamory vs monogamy

kamelia, a brilliant reply

RE: 18yo virgin male

well my dear hope u find what u want

RE: have you ever been likened to anyone on tv?

ha ha ha very funny,rula lenska,i have been likened to,mind you i wouldnt want to do that cat thing with that scottish politician

RE: What do you think Mike is doing now?

maybe he has found the woman of his dreams

RE: in your opinion, what does the term head over heels,mean?

but sorry i cant spell this morn

RE: in your opinion, what does the term head over heels,mean?

brighton girl, i can meanage a sensible answer, my dear it means madly in love, phoenix is right


phoenix is such a flirt,what qualifications do i need to join?

RE: in your opinion,what is the best country in the world, in which to live?

yes i agree and the grass isnt always greener,when you decide to change things,im still trying to fathom out which country mike thinks is best,at first i thought he was talking about the u.s. now i dont think so

RE: liverpool

just put in the ages,female,uk and you will have to look for any lady in the liverpool area.good luck

RE: Hi-ya. Thought I'd introduce myself.....

i so admire what you have done,i keep telling my young relations to go to australia,a better life for sure

RE: Should the TV Licence be scrapped? What do you think?

i think on this one trish,we will all agree,the beeb are a joke,who do they think they are

RE: am i too ambitious trying to date ANYONE??

candy rose is right,when you forget about what you are looking for,someone comes along

RE: faster than a speeding

nice to see you back,just as funny as ever

RE: Controversial one..

oh god, dont start the miltary men off

RE: advice

my advice is to keep away from addicts,they ruin your life as well as their own and will never stop until they want to, this can take forever

RE: Which Photo of Mirodenia do you prefer??

yes for once a guy is doing you a favour,lol

RE: ok i did it

she certainly is

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