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RE: Great Lagoona's Sex Life Stories

I once heard that he did it with an entire Galapagos sea lion colony.

In a day.

RE: Why are men so uncomplicated?


RE: Why are men so uncomplicated?

Erm, what are you on about?
I didn't say you must change a thing. I said I don't feel like reading something which is in capital letters only. Write however you please.
For the sake of it, I'll go back and read that previous post of yours to see what it was about. But, again, if you carry on writing in capital letters I'm afraid I'll lose interest.
Just being honest.

RE: Why are men so uncomplicated?

With all do respect, I've seen you post before and I can't be arsed reading posts with capital letters only. It looks like you're screaming. Re-write it in normal text and I'll read.

RE: Why are men so uncomplicated?

You're one true weirdo. To think that you live in a place where people like you can go buy a gun is why so many view America in the same manner people stop and watch where the ambulance charging down the street with sirens and flashing lights on is heading, wondering what the hell happened.

RE: Why are men so uncomplicated?

Well, getting more hits than my thread only proves my point of women being so darn complicated.

I need nine posts to get it nailed, you'll just be banging on here forever and forever on the same bleedin' subject, until the whole Internet caves in.

Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned

You are the beautiful!

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

E, bas to, neko je umorijo

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

Fu** Yugoslavia

It's Hrvatska in da house

The greatest speech ever made

"I only wrote this lecture for three people.... and when they're older, they'll watch it"

What a bloody fantastic man!

The greatest speech ever made

"if you live properly, the dreams will come to you"

The greatest speech ever made

Seriously, give it those 10 min teh clip lasts. You'll find yourself crying, but you'll also be smiling and loving yourself, more than ever.

The greatest speech ever made

Most of you have probably seen this, but it's worth putting up for those of you who have not.

Listen to this man.

It is a dying man when he speaks. It is a man who has now passed. It is one fantastic American man who I admire. It is a dying man so full of life we can only wish we are in the same state.

As I heard his very last words in this session, those directed to the guys very special to him, I broke, and I was in tears, I admit. Just take the time to see this through, you will not regret it.

Dr. Randy Pausch, one of the true heores

Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned

Hey, reminding me of something here I need to put up.
The greatest speech ever.

Then end of it is just so fantastic.

Hold on.

RE: should india pakistan war take place

I'd Like Ceylon to fu** the shite out of both India, Pakistan, and to be honest, even Bangladesh.


Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned

In that speech, what a brilliant, brilliant thing he says.

"I want to thank my parents, for the greatest gift, poverty"

See, from deepest despair is where most often the greatest muse is found. It is not perfect times which have made poets come up with their most perfect rhymes, it is the saddest times which made them compose their most eloquent and finest lines.

Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned

Jesus Christ, I simply can't hold tears back whenever I see that clip. What a sissy I am.

Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned

What a crap "review" that was!

Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned

I'm a film fanatic, I admit. I own loads of them, I can watch good ones over and over.
Hitchcock's Rear Window, I've seen it at least ten times
Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino, oh, I can watch it another dozen of times
From Alien, to Braveheart, Godfather to Goodfellas, Sleepless in Seattle to Shakespeare in Love, through The Good The Bad and The Ugly landing at the ringside of Rocky, and so many more, it's the most brilliant escape from this reality, it's the best lessons to be learned about this very reality.

La vita é Bella

by Roberto Benigni

Trust me, find it, watch it. It is an Italian movie, and Italian are the best. I have seen it more than ten times. I had Sommer watch it today. It is one of the things I have done for her. I have given her a film a day, one of my films, one of the stories which have entered my heart, and she has so far loved each and everyone.

It is a gripping tale of an Italian man who is Jewish, who the fascist collect as the whole Nazi crap escalates, they take him to a concentration camp, and with him at this camp is his 4-5 year old son, who he tricks with jokes and tales, as to save him from trauma, that it's all a big game.
In the beginning, however, is a love story, a great love story, and this is actually what the whole tale evolves around, love. Love for life, love for your loved ones.

You will smile, oh, you will smile so much, you will laugh, you might shed a tear, but mostly you will be happy you saw the film.

Sommer saw it today and she loved it. I watched her every now and then as she watched it, because, you know, I have seen it already a dozen times or more, and I loved the way she smiled at parts where you can do no less than smile, when someone is such an perfect artist as to bring you up on that kind of wonderful stage.

One of the few foreign films to win an Oscar not only for best foreign film, but THE best film that year, in 1997.

Life is Beautiful, is the name you will find it under
Not to be confused with It's a wonderful life, with James Stewart, that classic Christmas film.

One of the most classic Oscars moments ever is when Sophia Loren the divine announces Roberto Benigni to have won for this film, and …. oh.... just watch as he jumps up those chairs.... it's.... FANTASTICO!

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

It's bound to happen.
Trust me.

She's asleep here behind me. I'll tell her when I turn this thing off, and then when I just slide next to her, a bit cold is my own skin, while she's under the duvet warm, and with a smug smile I deliberately press my body against her, my cold against her warm, I wake her for a brief moment, take her head to rest on my shoulder, kiss her once and then she falls back to sleep again.

I've made her laugh today. I've made her laugh every day. It's among the main thing's to do.

And you, sassy, are a way too beautiful a woman not to be found by a man who deserves you. It will happen.

RE: Great movie quotes.

(too) Many Americans bang on about how France (or Holland) would be speaking German if it wasn't for them, when in fact they only entered the second world war after they were attacked in 1941. Before that they even traded with the Nazi. No, the true heroes were to be found in Britain, and Churchill was one of them. They understood what evil Hitler was from day one, and took on the fight from day one. If it wasn't for Churchill, America would still be making business with.... oh, hold on a minute...
As you were.

RE: Advice On Is It A Turn - Off

On second thought, scrap my draft!

RE: Advice On Is It A Turn - Off

Do it!

I'll help you out with a draft.

Dear BongoBenny,

I simply can't refrain from letting you know that I found your profile so... oh, I must be honest and admit I haven't read a single word of your profile, I've just seen your picture and want to let you know that I'd dying to straddle you and hold your waist tight between my thigh while I ride you wilder than whoever's the now number one Texan rodeo champion.

You go girl!

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

All women have enough of it

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

Didn't I tell you, sassy?
They'll soon be all over you.

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

It's not?
What on earth is it then?
I'm telling this visiting woman that she's bound to laundry during her stay, and do it down by the winter creek smashing my shirts against a big rock to get the stains out.
That's it?

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

Another odd thing about women.

Men like tits. It's a fact. Women should know this. So why do they hide them behind a wall of cupped fabric, when it's the easiest way to draw attention?

Now, some will say that it's because they want to keep said tits from jumping about as a couple of untamed horses beneath that blouse, and it's a bit.... stressful to have two untamed stallions jumping about inside, but then the woman comes home and says she's so tense around the neck and over her shoulders, and it's evident why. Men are never tense over the shoulders. Why? Because we never wear a bra. Well, some do, but let's not talk about them now. Women get tense over their shoulders because they carry the weight of their bazookas on them all day long.

Women, venture liberated 60's when them nipples were all out witnessing the scene of Woodstock being taken by Jimi Hendrix, and you'll not be as tense anymore.

RE: Strange Names

I once worked with a guy who had a last name... Badcock

It's not your most James Bond like moment trying to pull a woman at a bar sporting that name, is it?

- Hi, my name is Badcock, Bob Badcock

RE: best way to get over x partner

I was thinking....

why get over her, when you can win her back. With a song.

Toss another log into the fire
Bring a couple of beer and some spare ribs
Fill the car and clean the carburettor
Stitch mend my jeans, oh please
My little darling
Fill my pipe with tobacco and bring me my slippers
Thanks for the coffee, was there any left for you?
Toss another log onto the fire, and explain why the hell you're leaving me

I let you wash the car every Monday
I've promised to tell you as soon as I find you fat
I'll take you to the football one day I promise
Who's shown more love towards his woman ever?
Oh my darling
I'm taking your younger sister out every week
And isn't that as sweet as a man can be?

Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?

Well, if I did, I'd have given up on you long ago.

It's sort of like reading a very exciting, entertaining, thrilling, teasingly soft-pornographic book where you don't know what chapters and stories await. If I knew all about you, if I knew how the book was ending, if you was predictable like an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, I'd drop you like a glowing red lump of coal forced into my hands, but as it is now you're intriguing as that bit of coal pressed by great heat and through mighty force, into a glittering diamond. Rough as you might be at times, but you're still a diamond.

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