RE: Favorite Christmas Movies

One of my favourites is A Christmas Story.....anything that isn't a tear jerker works for me. laugh


A look at the claims and the facts:


TRUMP: “The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Paris. Protests and riots all over France. People do not want to pay large sums of money, much to third world countries (that are questionably run), in order to maybe protect the environment. Chanting “We Want Trump!” Love France.” — tweet Saturday.

THE FACTS: Neither Associated Press journalists covering protests in the city nor any French television networks have shown evidence that supporters were chanting any slogans in support of Trump. The protests that began as a revolt against a gas tax increase have turned increasingly violent and France imposed exceptional security measures Saturday to prevent a repeat of rioting a week ago.

RE: Cqompound Words

I'll never ever forget it either......the days when laughter was a priority in the forums. laugh

RE: Say Anything

If we. did watch.That....together....would it be jousting or jerking due to so many darn dots? giggle
Seriously though, we'd have a great time playing that game together. hug

RE: Say Anything

Genital jousting.....really? now I've seen everything doh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I Hate Cancer

I'm so sorry KB but I know that you are a very strong and determined woman who won the war against cancer before and you will do it again. professor Positive thoughts, energy and prayers for you to beat this once and for all. teddybear bouquet teddybear

RE: Santa is coming to town soon! Besides peace on Earth, What’s on your wish list for Christmas 2018?

Whatever Nikon is doing, they're doing it there's they have the P1000 which has 125x zoom....bigger price tag but hey, Santa is a rich man. giggle hug

RE: Santa is coming to town soon! Besides peace on Earth, What’s on your wish list for Christmas 2018?

And how lucky I would be if you were Santa applause But I posted the wrong pic for the camera I want dear santa, it's this one and it's awesome!! Think you'd love it and of course, the massage chair. yay hug

RE: Songs about eyes

Did ya listen to it though? giggle

RE: Schadenfreude

No worries laugh The orange jumpsuit will be fitted after the fat lady sings. professor laugh wave

RE: Don't look Back In Anger!!

I agree with you 100% Anna thumbs up Life is too short to carry negative thoughts around with us and it is self defeating to do so. Oh, the memories will remain with us simply as reminders of how to do better the next time and perhaps a life lesson. I love the concept of not carrying around any possible guilt associated with what has happened in the past. wave

RE: Why are some of the CS threads so silly?

Perfect response and my sentiments exactly thumbs up

RE: Schadenfreude

Aquarium confused where, what, how....all I see is a piece of arse wipe hitching a ride on the plane via Trump's shoe. laugh

RE: Anyone have a favorite club they frequent?

If you enjoy socializing, it's the cats arse but given that I've never been a fan of crowded places, clubs are pretty low on my list. Oh, once upon a time I've gone to clubs but I never really felt comfortable in them. conversing

RE: Anyone have a favorite club they frequent?

My clubbing days are long over with....getting to old for that nonsense. laugh

RE: Has Anyone Had Their Sternum Cut open???

I'm glad that you're going to get all fixed up and as far as work goes, it'll still be there when you're good and ready to get back to it so don't be trying to go back too soon. hug

RE: Has Anyone Had Their Sternum Cut open???

Whatever it is that needs to be fixed, fix it....fear is a terrible thing but when it's your life at stake, please don't let fear dictate. teddybear

RE: Say Anything

The loss of someone you were once married to and haven't seen for many years still were only 65. sad flower blues

RE: Happy D/day Lookin

Aha, so you're lying scold laugh Oh well, happy whatever day....better to be happy than crying.

RE: Happy D/day Lookin

Happy Birthday Lookin happy birthday balloons party gift cake hug

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