Cool Cop Joins Impromptu Jam Session In The Woods!

That's good Kim! Actually I have a cousin that's in the force and my Uncle is a retired RCMP officer. Since he's from Alberta I'm sure he's seen the clip!

Have a good

Cool Cop Joins Impromptu Jam Session In The Woods!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing They do Kim! Pretty cool eh?! head bangerhead banger

RE: Can a gay person be made straight through conversion therapy?

Why do gay people have to change who they are? roll eyes You can't change them anymore than we can change a straight person to become gay. It is not a choice, it's who they are and were born that way.

RE: Why are we so harsh towards girls?

Also Rubi if these guys continue some will get burned in the end. They will meet a girl they adore but she will be gone due to his playing ways. Karma is a b****!

RE: Why are we so harsh towards girls?

Yes and no Rubi. Since you say that, yes I can see a womanizer loving women because of all their qualities but at the same time they use them. A nice guy can appreciate all the great qualities in a woman without doing that. Nice to see you around. I love reading your balanced comments.

RE: Why are we so harsh towards girls?

For the whiners against women, maybe some are that way cause of the way they've been treated by other men.dunnoroll eyes

RE: Why are we so harsh towards girls?

@Cloud Wow shockjaw drop And this comes from you who likes to portray himself as a womanizer/player here? At least from the few posts I've read.

Did someone slip something into your cereal this AM to make you have this love fest towards women?laugh

Thank you for your words though. laugh It's nice to see men appreciating women.

Hi Kid! grin

Perfect example how not to judge people by how they look.

Hi Guys! Sorry for the delayed response. I forgot I posted this!

@Kennn Me too. I was expecting him to sing hard rock!

@Myhome He was great and he's so humble.

@Susanne1 This is in the very early going in the competition. This is the first time he competed (and first time to ever sing in public). So we will be seeing more of him. Not even his parents had heard him before.

@Almera I watch these shows cause I love to see the talent of people in music and dance. While some people are just awful, I love surprises like this.

@Mysticalli Didn't ya think he was gonna sound like Marilyn Manson? I kinda like his look though lol!

@Ur_Night I hope he does well. I'm not into opera but I enjoy watching anyone with great talent.

@Witchay Well you're opinion. I thought it was great.


Another good one Purr.


That was Maurice.

RIP Robin. sad flower

RE: I love a married man

Alot of times when men cheat, it's just sex on the side to them. They still love their wives (if you can call that love) and have no intentions of leaving them. They will play you like a fiddle to get what they want if you let them.

Why would you want him? He's not a stand up man? You are just as bad as him in this as you should know not to get involved with someone elses husband! How dare you? I feel bad for the wife and children if there are any!

RE: Heart broken women

Cause some men are players, they do and tell us all the sweet things we like just to get us, then you show your true colours and hurt us. It's not all about us choosing the wrong man, sometimes it's the man skilled in deceiving us. They take advantage of our good heart and loving nature and stomp on it to get what they want and don't give 2 chits they hurt us.

And don't men ever choose the wrong woman? Why is it the woman always chooses the wrong men? It's a stupid statement anyway. No one wants to chose the wrong person.

RE: NHL Favourites...

Sorry about that Kargyle. Now you know what I went through!very mad mumbling

I think LA will end up going to the finals.


Wow! Someone on this site actually knows who Mudhoney is!

RE: NHL Favourites...

And....2nd favorite team is the Edmonton Oilers. They will be an up and coming team and I can't forget the Oilers in their hay day!

RE: NHL Favourites...

BTW, of course Vancouver Canucks are my favourite team. Who do I hate?....Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bozos. (Just had to laugh

RE: NHL Favourites...

Vancouver Crybabies? Pffft!

Hockey can be much cheaper than $10,000. Depends on where you live and what level you're playing. In Toronto or Vancouver you can play from $350-500 and up. Of course it's expensive, you have a lot of equipment to buy and ice rental. Not like soccer where all you need are the runners. There are some programs in place though for the less fortunate so they can play too but not enough.

And in the 2010-11 season the NHL consisted of about 53% Canadians. (Unfortunately it used to be much higher). Then 24% USA, followed by 6% Sweden, 4% Czechs, 3% Finland and 3% Russia and other countries. The Euro countries TOTAL is around 23%. My favorite Euro country is Sweden. Don't like Russia! And certainly don't like USA laugh

Carl, I wish you luck with the Blues but I can't go for them or any other team that plays defensive hockey. That's just wrong! I think the playoffs are boring this year now that the top contenders are out. Sure makes it easy for the other teams. Out of the West I'll root for Phoenix though I don't care who wins. In the East I'm rooting for Washington (was pulling for Ottawa of course). I hope they win the Cup if it doesn't go to Ovi's head. I hope it's not the Rangers (you could say I'm still bitter from '94 laugh) but they may well do it.

OK, I said I wouldn't root for the Blues, I lied. I am this round cause I want you to kick LA's azz! Sadly even though Canucks won the Pres Trophy, we weren't the same team as last year. I knew it wasn't going to go well. Guess they didn't want it bad enough!

RE: Happy Birthday Kidatheart!

OMG!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day! grin

cake balloons happy birthday party gift dancing applause cheering yay head banger

RE: girls.... do you think Men should share housework with women?

If you want more sex you will! laugh

Seriously, it frees up more time and she's not as tired! A win win!grin

RE: Beating Your Wife?This Is How To Do It...

Men don't use weapons???? These kinds of men don't have to surprise cause they know every minute of every day where their wives/girlfriends are, even using tracking devices. roll eyes super

RE: Beating Your Wife?This Is How To Do It...

Will do Pat! laugh

Seems the OP likes these kinds of threads!

RE: Beating Your Wife?This Is How To Do It...

Often it's not perpetrated by both but by mans strength and wanting power over her.

Yes men suffer too but we all know women suffer the most with millions+ being raped and murdered. You can't say the same for men.

RE: Beating Your Wife?This Is How To Do It...

What a joke! Disgusting! barf

I wish women we're stronger than men sometimes!blues Too many abuse their strength!

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