RE: Woman here are lier

Anytime I read anything of his I seriously think he's not quite right upstairs! Some of his stuff doesn't make sense, it's mostly just a ramble. Then I end up hearing Charlie Brown's teacher talk in my head. laugh Now I don't even bother reading anything. sleep yawn

That's me falling asleep after I read one of his posts. laugh

RE: Pick a Comedian

@Moose Have to agree with you on the Carol Burnett show. They were all hilarious but Tim was my favourite! I don't think they ever knew what he was going to do next! My favourite sketches are these two. First one gets really good at 4:55 and the second one at 4:45 for those that don't want to watch the whole thing!

RE: If you are in the age ranging from 30-50 why wouldn't you want to associate with a guy in his early

Why don't you tell us what else YOU want from an older woman? TBH, your profile seems like you only want sex from them.

To answer your last question, society double standard. Some women may want to date younger but don't cause some in society say it's wrong. But things are changing now as more women don't care what others think. And there are some where younger isn't there thing (immaturity, just wants sex, not responsible etc.)

I like younger men but sometimes I find them REALLY annoying! roll eyes frustrated And that is when you welcome a man close to your own age!

RE: FIFA World Cup 2014 Winner!!!

The greatest cup/game isn't socccer for me but I've been watching most of the games. They've been pretty good. I always go for England but they never do well! I will be missing tomorrows game! Argh! mumbling roll eyes


RE: Hair styles and Beard styles for Guys

The trend I see right now particularly for young men is short hair with a longer/fuller beard.

RE: Meanwhile in Canada...

I don't understand why people think details of what happened are being hidden from the public? It's widely been reported there was only one shooter who ambushed them as he had a disdain for the police/authority. As to how everything happened there is nothing to report as it's still under investigation. Just yesterday they were asking people to check their yards for any evidence to help build a case against him. Details aren't going to be released until they know for sure what happened.

Here are some pics of today and an article about Danny, Constable Ross's dog. I could hear the dog crying just before the service started when he was outside near the coffin of Ross.

@JeanKimberly Thanks. Everyone including the media is trying to not even speak his name.

"The media, including Sun News Network, has covered this story closely. And now we have made a decision: Sun News Network will not report the name of the killer. We will not show his photo.

When it comes to mass murderers, too often, it is attention and infamy they crave. Luckily, shootings of this nature are rare in Canada."

RE: Would it Last

I don't see this as a problem. I would definitely give him a chance.

RE: Meanwhile in Canada...

This is close to my heart as my Uncle is a retired RCMP officer and I have a cousin that's in the canine unit in BC. I understand one of the officers killed worked in the canine unit. Just senseless. sad flower

RE: Which team will win the Stanley Cup in hockey?

rolling on the floor laughing I didn't know the NBA's trophy was called the Stanley Cup too!

RE: Which team will win the Stanley Cup in hockey?

I think LA will take it in 6 games, possibly 7. They have been unbelievable this year. They were even down 3 games to 1 in their first series against San Jose. They also are the first team to win 3 game #7's. They don't seem to quit and have a lot of heart. Quick is a good goalie.

The only thing the Rangers have going for them is Lundqvist and their speed. St. Louis too when he's on his game.

For quite a few years now the West has been better than the East. The LA/Chicago series was like a Stanley Cup final. It was unbelievable and had everything in it. I don't think LA/New York will be as exciting as that.

RE: Meanwhile in Canada...

This link mentions some of the same things in the above post along with:

He brought a gun when he went camping with Walmart employees. They were freaked out and said next time they wouldn't invite him.

A former close friend said in Feb. he noticed a big change in him and others have said he started acting odd.

On the day of the shootings, he walked past civilians with a vacant look on his face. He wasn't interested in shooting them only the RCMP. There have been many news reports that it was an ambush. He snuck up on them some how. I know one incident where he shot from the street but I wouldn't be surprised if he shot from the bush as there is lots of wooden areas around there and he was going in and out of these areas when they were trying to locate him. What other reason would there be for doing this other than mental illness? He had no trouble with the law before. He came from a good family who were poor. They were religious and he was home schooled. He lost his mother at a young age so that could have affected him.

This link says he talked casually about how he would one day 'go out with a bang and take people with him.' I'm surprised he gave himself up and wasn't on a suicide by cop mission. Must have taken a lot of restraint by the RCMP officers not to kill the man who killed and injured 5 of their colleagues.

RE: Meanwhile in Canada...

I heard he hated the RCMP and was clearly out to get them. Very sad as one officer had 3 small children and another had a small child with one on the way. Not sure about the 3rd. Very emotional time for the RCMP in Moncton and across Canada.sad flower Thank god they got him last night.


Listen to a tune while you're up.wink

RE: Why women are arrogant?Why they are not replying to my mails?It makes me disappointed looking for a

Sometimes women get so much mail there's not enough time in the day to answer every single one.

RE: Who will win American Idol?

I don't like Idol as much as I use to. I like The Voice a lot more for a few different reasons. On Idol I don't care for Lopez much but the other judges were OK. I'm glad Cowell isn't on it anymore as he brought the show down though the ratings were better then as I guess people liked to see what he'd do next. I think last years ratings were the lowest ever. I'm a little surprised Xfactor was cancelled but not shocked.

RE: Who will be the Vancouver Canucks new GM?

Nill is the GM of the Dallas Stars right now. Don't think he'd want to give that up. I don't think he's ever been interested in coaching. He's basically done scouting and has been Assistant GM since he left the Canucks.

Looks like Trotz is going to Washington.

RE: Who will be the Vancouver Canucks new GM?

We can't undo what Gillis did. I totally agree with Linden about firing Torts. His coaching style didn't fit in here and the players weren't happy with him. Most players had the worst year they've ever had and you can't blame all of that on injuries. I saw one stat on TV where we scored the least amount of goals in franchise history last year. That's pretty bad.

I'm happy to hear today Benning and Linden want an up tempo fast skating skilled game. Basically the way they played a few years ago. Trotz is still the front runner I've heard and he is normally defensive minded so either it's not true or he will change his coaching style a bit. I'm not crazy about him but better than Torts even if Torts has a Cup. He reminds me of Keenan. I didn't like him and he tore our team apart (treated Linden like shite and then had him traded (I was furious!) Stupidest move he ever made. Trev should have played his whole career here). While they've both won the Cup they've also been a bit of a cancer to the players of teams they weren't successful with. It caused resentment which causes them to not want to play for the coach. And it's not cool to disrespect a player so publicly either. I remember Torts yelling at Hansen on the bench and he kept sticking him in the shoulder with his index finger. We need a players coach who respects his players. And as Benning said we need to get back to having fun in the game.

RE: Who will be the Vancouver Canucks new GM?

I thought about Don Hay coming here as he's done so well in Junior hockey and he's a hometown guy from Kamloops but he recently signed there with the Blazers.

I think maybe they should get Ryan Miller. When Lack took over from Luongo by the end of the season he was spent and he really didn't play a ton of games. The Sportsnet or CBC guys said he hardly had any energy left on game days. I don't know if he has the endurance yet to play 50-60 games. There was high expectations on Miller with St. Louis. Anaheim and San Jose were interested in him but because St. Louis didn't go far in the playoffs now I hear they aren't. I don't think Markstrom has a lot of playing experience as a back up either. So I feel we are a bit weak in the goalie position.

RE: women sexy in glasses?

I'm surprised at this poll! I wear glasses the majority of the time as I can't wear contact lenses. :/ I always feel I look more attractive without them and that's why most of the time I've never had a pic on my profile of me with glasses on! hmmm Maybe I have to rethink that!

RE: Who will win American Idol?

That's OK! handshake I don't get the channel where you can watch it sooner. Think we pretty much knew Caleb was going to win anyway! cheering Yay!

RE: Who will win American Idol?

OMG! I only started watching it 25 mins ago. doh

RE: Who will win American Idol?

@Kennn Thanks! It should be a great show. I hope Caleb wins too!

@elednuw Playing with KISS will be awesome. Hope they do one of their more rockin songs like Detroit Rock City but we'll see!

RE: Who will be the Vancouver Canucks new GM?

I've been hearing the last couple days Benning will be the new GM. It will probably be announced in the next week or so. I'm happy about that! Tonight I heard Trotz is the front runner as coach. I don't like that! He coaches defensive style hockey which is so boring. yawn sleep I'd hate to see that here. :( I'd be a bit surprised if Linden wanted that kind of style here but I should expect anything I guess. Trotz was in Nashville for 17 years and wasn't in the playoffs most years and when he was he didn't get past the first round...... dunno

RE: Who will win American Idol?

I was thinking tonight it probably helped Caleb a bit to sing a couple classic rock songs that older people know and like instead of him doing just modern rock. He definitely has the stage presence down. Go Caleb!

RE: Who will win American Idol?

OMG! Caleb doing Dream On was INSANE! It's so hard to hit that high note! He really set himself apart from Jena with that one! I hope he wins! He should!

RE: What would you do??

Since OW continues to call women sluts and whores....

RE: What would you do??

I wouldn't get involved. The only time I may is if it was a family member or best friend and that's only if he was suspected of cheating and not so much for other bad behavior. It's not worth starting trouble when it's someone you don't know even though you have good intentions for this person. But also maybe you are doing it to get back at him?

Contrary to some of the BS replies here if someone told me, I wouldn't think that the girl still had feelings for the guy and it wouldn't cause me to have any jealousy. I would simply take note of what she says and see for myself.

RE: Who will win American Idol?

There was one particular clip they showed the other night of him and to me he totally sounded like John Fogerty!

Plant won't show up. He won't do any time of Led Zep reunion. I still think he can do his own songs justice over Caleb but Caleb did an awesome job. He's going to be playing with KISS next week. I hope he does a real rockin song.

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