RE: Award for being an a**

If I said the initials people would definitely know who I meant and they are still here. sigh They often say disrespectful things but people on the forums don't stand up to them much and they don't get banned as I guess no one complains. I just skip over their posts if I see them as they're nonsense.

RE: Award for being an a**

Oh I can think of 2 on this site (forums) that are complete a$$es.

RE: Is it rude to just ignore an e-mail?

Women get a heck of a lot more emails than men. I use to answer each and every one but it took many hours every day to answer them all. It was too time consuming. There's not enough time in the day. I didn't want to put filters on my email then as I thought it was a bit rude to block people but now I do as it's easier but now I don't get any mail! laugh Probably helps what I put on my profile as well.

RE: If a guy doesn't call/ text how do you respond, after you have been talking/texting

@Soonergal If a guy doesn't call/text you just move on. I wouldn't wait around. For a lot of guys the easiest way out is just to walk with no explanation. Cold, but that's the way it is. They don't want to deal with it.

But now you say he has contacted you again? I think if you have known him for a year and he constantly does this then sorry to say I don't think he's that interested in you. If he was he would make more of an effort to keep in touch and not leave you hanging. I would stop communication/delete him from FB etc. or still remain a friend but just don't be there as much, stop initiating contact. Gradually you'll both drift apart.

RE: If a guy doesn't call/ text how do you respond, after you have been talking/texting

Aboot? People think Canadians pronounce it like that and we don't!doh

RE: guys who wear pink

Definitely don't like pink on a guy. Purple would be better.

RE: Victim-Blaming

I worry about guys who think a rape fantasy is the same as rape and this is causing more rapes. Because of rape fantasies an Indian guy on the blogs thought all women liked to be raped. doh They are two different things. A rape fantasy is a consensual act and isn't as violent as a real rape. To me a rape fantasy is more about being taken against your will and then being sexually devoured (not violently) to which the woman eventually gives in. Totally different than a real rape. Obviously some men need to be educated if they think women truly want to be raped. No women does. In saying that I'm sure some women take it a bit further but most don't and if they do it's with someone they trust and they use a safe word so that the other knows when to STOP. It's like S&M.

A women should be able to wear whatever she wants without being raped but lets get real about it. It may be OK if you're out with your boyfriend or your out with a group of girls but when the night ends and you are making your way back home on your own it's better not to dress revealing.

Last summer I wanted to go out and wear a short skirt cause it was hot out but I knew I'd be traveling back by bus by myself and have to walk 4 blocks or so to get back to my home. Even though I'd be doing this just as it got dark I didn't think it was wise to be wearing a short skirt so instead I wore jeans. Regardless of what I'm wearing a man will rape anyway but I felt wearing jeans would attract less attention. You can't be blind and not be aware of your surroundings. If you don't you are more apt to be raped. Don't put yourself in a risky situation (walking alone late at night, getting drunk or leaving a drink unattended etc). Doesn't matter if you have rights, a rapist doesn't care about your rights. It's all about him and what he wants. You can't always control and protect yourself 100% from what others do esp with rape. Men have the physical strength so be smart. Sucks I can't dress the way I want or have to worry who's around when I'm walking to my house after dark but that's the way it is. I'm often not out late at night unless I have someone with me.

I will agree that the real definition of feminism has been lost. A lot of the younger generation of both sexes don't know the real meaning of it. And young men who are misogynistic (even if it means your own mom, aunt, sister etc) when you have a baby girl you yourself will become a feminist and if you don't then there is something seriously wrong with you. Why wouldn't you want the best for YOUR baby girl? Think about her! So put away the tough exterior as later you will regret all your misogynistic babble talk against women.

RE: The Many Enemies Of Man....Part 3

I guess you and Black_Voices are a couple. wink

RE: what destroys more things

I have read your story 4 times now. Hope you move on soon. sad flower

RE: NHL on overtime

They way it is now is fine. Definitely need the shoot out. It makes it more exciting.

RE: what you think is important in life?

I always say health is the most important thing. Without health for a lot of people there's no money, education, friends, love, sex, children. Health is the most important basic need of life for which everything good after that follows. Don't take your health for granted. All the other things are small stuff.

RE: Should Martin Brodeur retire now.

In his case I don't think it's for money. He just isn't sure when to stop!

You're welcome! Sorry about Argentina!sad flower

RE: Should Martin Brodeur retire now.

He's well known in Canada and to US hockey fans. A lot of Europeans know him too because of the Olympics and if any follow the New Jersey Devils since there are Europeans on the team.

Ah, we know about soccer but we're more crazy for hockey. Soccer is growing here though. Women's soccer is doing quite well. Canada is one of the top teams. We are hosting the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015. And I heard the other day we are going to bid for the 2026 men's cup which would be cool. Hopefully by then we'll have a better team. doh I think we don't have a strong team because most guys play hockey and some of the good soccer players play for other teams internationally which is funny cause guys abroad play here as well.

RE: Should Martin Brodeur retire now.

He can still play, he's just starting to slow down.

Someone who should have given up sooner was Dominik Hasek. He kept toying with retirement and then once he did he came back. doh After 'retiring' again he went on to play in the Czech Republic and then in 2012-13 he wanted to come back to the NHL again doh but didn't cause of the lock out so announced his retirement again.doh Don't think Marti would do that!

Mario Lemiux though I understand as he had a bad back and cancer but then later realized he could still play. That was an awesome day when he came back!

RE: If you are in the age ranging from 30-50 why wouldn't you want to associate with a guy in his early

Wrong. Most older ladies have their own money. Most aren't seeking financial support in a younger guy. And depending on the age most younger guys are still trying to establish themselves so their income may not be that high yet.

RE: Should Martin Brodeur retire now.

I think it's time for him to retire. He's one of the greatest goalies of all time and he should retire on top. He probably should have retired last year but he loves the game too much. I don't want him to but it's time. I wouldn't like to see him play on another team esp as a back up. He has played for the Devils his whole career which is rare nowadays and should retire as a Devil. Obviously he will have his number raised to the rafters and it won't be long before he's in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Gino Odjick dying from terminal illness

It would be nice if they did something for the family. It's going to be tough for them esp the younger ones.

I heard yesterday they're going to name a rink after him in his hometown so that will be nice.

RE: Choose the pair of teams that will play the final game

That was sure a melt down they had. I knew they were short 2 of their best players but didn't expect that. I feel bad cause I know soccer is everything to them! And it would have been nice for them to win it as the host country.

I can relate as this loss would be like if Canada got their butt kicked at the Olympics in men's hockey and loss the gold medal! uh oh

RE: Choose the pair of teams that will play the final game

This is so sad for Brazil! OMG! 5 goals in 25 mins? doh

RE: Ideal Breast Size According To You

Was just going to say that!roll eyes


Happy Canada Day everyone!

RE: Secret Societies At Work With Jason Society Etc..

Just curious, are you here to date AT ALL?doh

Gino Odjick dying from terminal illness

Hi Jono,

He's such a good guy and far too young to be passing away. It was nice there was a rally for him today in which he came out to say hello to the crowd. There will be another one soon. I also feel bad for his children. He'll be leaving 8 kids behind. :(

Gino Odjick dying from terminal illness

This is so sad! crying Gino is an all time fan favourite of the Canucks.bluessad flower


RE: Who will be the Vancouver Canucks new GM?

haha, no WAY the Sedins will be going anywhere!

Looks like Desjardins will be hired tomorrow.

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