RE: women & cellulite

Yes, but most don't work and if they do they are very expensive (cosmetic procedures).

Lotions and potions don't work. It's all apart of being a woman. Some are luckier than others. You mostly get it on the bum or back of the legs. It is caused by estrogen. Even teenagers get it.

RE: crosby is god

Careful, I thought we were doing so well that I changed my mind and thought we could sweep 'em. Not! My prediction was in 6, but I hope 5.

I'm going for LA too. San Jose always chokes though but you never know what year they're going to do it. They might go further this year.

Good luck. I'll be watching.

RE: crosby is god

I really hope the green men are there next game. They haven't been so far. It's even tough for them to get tickets!!!blues

RE: crosby is god

We got our azz whooped! blues crying

Sedins didn't have a good game. Maybe we were too relaxed or over confident. But that often happens when a team has their back up against the wall. Not sure they can win 4 in the row though. I think we can do it in game 5 or 6. The place will be rocking at home.

Our guy Torres has been running around like a freight train. He took Seabrook out of the last night's game with a couple hits the other night, one was blind sided......ooops.

And you know what? I figured out why we lost! I forgot to wear my jersey last night! doh doh doh I jinxed them. What an idiot!! doh doh

RE: ladies without make up

Like I said, I do it mostly because it makes me feel better as I feel more attractive with some on. And of course who are you trying to attract? I'm not gonna lie. laugh But it's not just men, don't we want to look our best to everyone? I think most girls look better with a little on as it accentuates your features. But I think we worry too much about what guys think because on this forum and other places I've seen it seems overwhelmingly that men don't prefer it or only like a little. It's going to come off anyway. You could have a beautiful girl dressed to the nines and with her hair done beautifully and can look good natural. I wouldn't focus on the makeup so much.

RE: women & cellulite

"what do the ladies think about this disease"

Well what do you think? doh doh doh

RE: women & cellulite

@matchbox Why would you say such a thing when there is nothing women can do about it? Kind of a low blow.

I'm putting you on my undateable list! writing laugh

RE: women & cellulite

Thank you!

RE: ladies without make up

When I go out or even to the store I always put makeup on, but I do it lightly so it looks natural. For night time, a little more eye makeup. But I really hate the Kim Kardashian painted face look. She cakes it on. High maintenance or what!

I don't do it for the man, I do it for me to make me feel better........OK, that's a lie it's a little (I said a little) for him too.laugh wink

RE: crosby is god

Both our teams are doing great. cheering cheering cheering

(Come on Phoenix. You can do it! grin wink)

RE: crosby is god

LUOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! heh heh devil I'm trying not to be over confident though. blues

And how many cups do you guys have? doh doh Take some pity on us!

RE: Michael Jackson

I think MJ was a musical genius and was misunderstood. He was robbed of his childhood. If you have listened to interviews of him you would understand him better and where he came from. His father was very tough on him. He didn't molest any children. He settled that one time as he'd rather pay him off and be done with it than go through a long trial as he was innocent. It's the money hungry people here that took advantage and destroyed MJ. There was no proof of molestation. He envied little children and did so much for charity. I could lay down in bed with a child and think it was beautiful does that mean I molested them? I think the problem with Michael is he was too honest and open with his feelings to the media. The media has twisted things around like the English reporter Martin Bashir who did that Living with MJ special. He twisted that interview around and made him look bad to get high ratings. He did him in. And then he has the nerve to report on him after his death. I'm thinking you helped take MJ down and now you are reporting on his death? barf I hope he felt like crap. The 2nd trial he won and the stress of it put him through hell. It nearly destroyed him. I'll never forget the day he died, and then there's his last photo on Entertainment Tonight of him dead on the stretcher while they are pumping his chest and loading him into the ambulance. I said to my sister, the poor guy can't even die in peace. I was pissed a TV show would stoop so low and photographer. But again, someone was trying to make money of off him as he took his last breath! Still pisses me off!

The guy is totally innocent and should never have been treated like that. He's been convicted by money hungry people, the media and celebrity gossip. That's hardly a proper conviction. Poor guy still can't rest in peace even today.

There will never be another artist like MJ. No artist today with have the career he did. Look at his dance moves. You see them in other artists shows and vids. Some young people today don't even know there watching moves made famous by MJ. Listen to the lyrics in his songs of wanting to make the world a better place for the children....

RE: crosby is god

Yeah they were great games. Phoenix tried but you guys took it over in the 2nd. And our game was pretty solid for us. They were all business. I think your final 4 is correct and I would like to see a Canucks/Caps final.

I watched Detroit and then Canucks game on HNIC and then was switching to our other sports channel occasionally checking out Rangers/Wash and then Nash/Anaheim for score updates. laugh

Another double header tonight. yay yay Looking forward to Boston and Montreal....don't think Montreal can do it though but we'll see.

RE: crosby is god

It's today!!!!!!!!! yay yay yay

RE: crosby is god

Yeah, Sharks are tough to beat sometimes but they never pull through in the playoffs.

During playoff time here, there always seems to be a few Seattle fans that come up here. I think it's cool they like it.

It's funny, in Montreal there was going to be a political debate during the first night the Habs play but now they have had to change the time as they figured people wouldn't watch it as they'll be watching the game. laugh

Tues. night I'll be watching HNIC Stanley Cup Preview show.

Can't wait! yay yay yay

RE: crosby is god

I watched HNIC on Sat. and some media guys were discussing it and said they didn't think it was going to happen. Then after the game they had the acting GM of Calgary and he said no way. It's all rumours. He said 'he's the face of the franchise and carried the team the 2nd half of the season.' So it appears to be rumours and he's staying put for now.

Our guy Kesler has really stepped it up this season. Love him. Found out today he's from Michigan!

I wanna kick Chicago's azz since they've got us the last 2 years in the first round. Will love watching Boston and Montreal. Wonder if Nashvile will get past Aneheim. They've got Rinne. Detroit should never know though......always first round upsets.

Two more sleeps!!!!!dancing boogie boxing


RE: crosby is god

Where ever the price is right I guess. If I was a Calgary fan I'd be pissed as he's the face of the franchise but they've changed everything else with no success.

RE: crosby is god

I haven't heard of him coming to Van. Right now our team is perfect the way it is so not sure it would be good as we'd have to give up a lot. He cracks me up sometimes as he's this azz on the ice sometimes and then this sweet guy in interviews right after. lol! But he's a warrior, I'd have him on my team. If we don't get him then I want him out of the West. I've heard of Phili wanting him.

RE: crosby is god

@rebel That's great you have a Stevie Y jersey. I want a vintage jersey. crying

When playoffs are on, it can be a beautiful sunny day and I will be inside watching hockey! I watch not only my team but all the others as well. It's rock'em sock'em hockey baby! I have to! Summer can wait! Only hockey fanatics get it! cheers

I love hip checks. Watch this!

More hits!

I love it when players get hit into the players bench but this time my player stepped away just in time.

Happened years ago but I'll never forget it!

RE: crosby is god

So I tried to get tickets online today and they sold out in 30 seconds basically. Yesterday tickets went on sale for season ticket holders so not sure how many were left for the public. A half hour after trying my sister got 3 tickets that were thrown back into the system obviously. They cost $1200 for 3! And I found out the $90 ones are for standing only, so you don't even get a seat! (I did standing room back in '94 but it was worth it!). More are suppose to go on sale on Mon. at Ticketmaster locations but it will be hell to get them. It's insane and it seems it's just for the rich. I read on a forum last night some lady figures it's going to cost her $15,000 to go to every home game if they make it to the finals.

And they say the prices of tickets by scalpers will double or tripple. They will be more than the Olympics. frustrated

RE: crosby is god

No, I think you have that wrong. laugh Summer doesn't start until the middle of June!!!! wink Everything is on hold until then! devil (Well hockey is 12 months a year to me!) laugh I'm so psyched! yay yay yay I'm probably going to be losing my mind in the playoffs! I will be stressed too! It's like a rollercoaster! We've never been this good!!!

RE: crosby is god

And Osgood is injured too I think right?

Playoff tickets go on sale this weekend. The cheapest ticket is $90 and most expensive $441, then you add on the service charges etc. And they get more expensive each round.

Wow I just checked out Detroits......$30-$150!!! It's funny because alot of us think we might as well do a jaunt down to the US as it will be cheaper and you get to travel. Recently a bunch of people (we call them Canuck Nation) went down on the last road trip to LA, Anaheim, San Jose, Phoenix, and then Edmonton. I would love to do that! In some places I swear there were more Canuck fans than home fans! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: crosby is god

Hey Irish. That's terrible. I didn't know that. Guess I must have missed the highlights. Are they still dealing with lots of injuries? They had quite a few for a while.

We're just getting a couple defensemen back but have also lost 3. Not the greatest time for that! mumbling

Crosby is almost back! applause cheering

RE: crosby is god

Well I think they didn't want to get into it and lose a game because of dumb penalties as they are still fighting for playoff position.

I would like to see Boston and Montreal play against each other and Detroit and Chicago.

Apparently Wayne Gretzky said he thought Detroit would win the Cup. Vancouver was his 2nd choice. very mad I don't know about him sometimes! Naw, just joking. He's god. I will just kill myself if it happens. drinking

RE: Should the Canadian Anthem be changed?

@newchallenge I've heard many times the Olympics broke even? confused

And the Olympics rocked. A once in a lifetime experience and I enjoyed it! I love sports and the patriotism and it brings the world together. It shows kids it's good to be active and inspires them to get into sports and some even make it their goal to reach the Olympics. Some people don't care about that stuff but I do.

As for changing the national anthem....NO WAY!!!!!!!!! devil People have too much time on their hands. There are more important concerns than that. Seems people always want to change things from our past.

I love it at the NHL hockey games across Canada where the whole stadium takes over and sings with pride. It can get pretty loud especially during the playoffs. My heart swells with pride when I hear it. canada

RE: crosby is god

Yeah, it was a good game and Luongo played well.

Can't wait until playoffs! It's such a rollercoaster sometimes!

RE: crosby is god

No you did n't! scold scold scold

RE: crosby is god

I agree Coyotes aren't doing too bad. I would be happy though if they went back to Winnipeg. That was so sad for the fans and the players to leave back then.

Just heard last night our #1 face off guy Manny Malhotra is out for the season because he got hit in the eye. blues They don't know if he'll play hockey again. Have to see how the next few months go. We're going to miss him big time in the playoffs.

Canucks and Wings today.......hope we kick their butt! wink

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