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DACA bill44628Jan 29
United Nations. people or interests4009Sep 2017
public nudity or exhibition1,05141Aug 2017
hunger in venezuala1,82647Jul 2016
Paris agreement and nuclear37512Jun 2017
Mindanao PH attacks + marshall law2185May 2017
how old was holy maid mother Mary//Maria7016Apr 2017
slavery international35010Apr 2017
My rabbit1,43352Mar 2017
ideas map US mass shootings1,0449Jun 2016
billy bar and climate change4584Jan 2017
mermaids64721Jan 2017
kid jokes requested.3215Dec 2016
leave = brexit consequences22,211902Jun 2016
art (your liking and taste)2,46071Aug 2016
Dallas, shooting the police7,358309Jul 2016
which world record would you like to own6048Jun 2016
beating your wife3,550123May 2016
pastafarian6384Jan 2016
US politics - would bernie be a good DEM nominee?1,84311Jan 2016
micro-lending4763Dec 2015
cost of living per country per person per month.6619Nov 2015
Catfish video4671Nov 2015
adam and eve complex1,89115Sep 2015
what wouldn't you share2,21143Sep 2015
mailing converstations to private email6042Sep 2015
braingame: back to the past82317Sep 2015
would you boycot a singer for abuse1,89620Aug 2015
Sex education in England is medevil + porn1,01311Aug 2015
what book are you reading now?1,47538May 2015
Jesus alternative from the Gospel of Barbaras55513Jan 2015
after death1,89046Dec 2014
airport security4464Jan 2015
Retirement9644Dec 2014
Do arranged marriages work?1,67426Dec 2014
Bio engineering for space travel3,0478Nov 2014
is eternal life for the current generation or next?1,17416Oct 2014
Due to so many wars, Muslims dying for the faith will not receive 72 virgins but one virgin of 72.1,2459Oct 2014
Me7489Sep 2014

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