RE: Female Genital Mutilation Spikes in U.K

cutting parts of a p*nis has nothing to do with medical opinions in 90 percent of the cases. (statistics out of my a**)
don't involve medical as there is no issue with medical treatments.
cutting p*nis is by far a cultural thing or an aesthetic thing or whatever reason beside a medical necessity.

RE: Female Genital Mutilation Spikes in U.K

that is a wrong statement

it is a location things.

s*xual oppression yes. more muslim than christian. if i look at more southern african countries.
but still.
the cut is geographic.
male cutting is judaism and muslim and usa.

RE: Trump importing poison chicken ?

it was massive why we protested TTIP.....

RE: Trump importing poison chicken ?

we call USA chickens chlorine chickens.
because we here treat chickens and try to let them mature 'safeguarded or healthy' before slaughter. (using antibiotics)
and americans treat the meat to sell. regardless of sickness while growing. by adding a disinfectant (strong wordchoice here)

both systems feels very sick....

RE: Roseanne- she has a first amendment right to state her opinions

she sells. customer is no longer willing to pay for it

RE: Female Genital Mutilation Spikes in U.K

i must say it is not only a muslim thing.
Ethiopia and such. the christian population does it too. maybe even more

RE: Female Genital Mutilation Spikes in U.K

i must say it is not only a muslim thing.
Ethiopia and such. the christian population does it too. maybe even more

RE: Bitcoin

I agree this one.
me accepting my mortgage was me accepting the system.

my employer writer some numbers to my numbers account. my bank takes some numbers off it. it is all bullshit and I signed to play the game.
if it all seizes to exist, my boss can pay me food to work.

but the main problem isn't the savings or the people.
it is the governments printing without being held responsible. and the big bank companies getting equal amounts out to offshore savings.

a world of debt

RE: Prostitution.!

we are probably on the same page.

but the threshold to prostitution is also very depending on upbringing. same for the client and offerer.

I think I could raise a happy nonabused child to find the transaction normal.
let us be honest that marriage for business is a century old norm.
And we have now a problem of normal raised girls being prostituted for their loverboys lifestyle.
I don't see it all related anymore.

Giving sex is a commodity you can do 6 times a day? the value is very low.
especially now that conception can be nullified.
regardless of any emotional burden.

but the cash value from sex can be huge. between 10 and 100.000 or more. and here also I disregard the emotional values of trust and belonging and selfrespect.

solving drugs is a bit beyond this scope on this topic.
but the fix for drugs is a factor that changes the negotiating factor immensely.

RE: Bitcoin

I like the notion of an expiry date on money.
or a certain loss of value by time.

inflation kinda has that but it seems to be somewhat about digital money.

RE: Prostitution.!

as I tried to say earlier: no prostitute is no reason for rape.
I'm willing to look into data. but raping is completely different from a transaction.
I don't agree that I as man need to choose my evil here.

the drug habit. you can access help in this field to stop the use of it. but normally you wont get money for drugs. and certainly not for long term.
not by private donors or abusing a public system,

the background of prostitutes. this is hard as you should define native and imported.
yes most uk girls in prostitution are from sad backgrounds. some are from very good one.
yes what happens in other countries or during migration travels also ends up there.

but I refuse to believe that all children coming from abuse go into prostitution. so alternatives are there

RE: Bitcoin

I do like the idea.
because saving money is worthless.
you die, you loose.
you can't insure it all.
money needs to flow. not be saved

RE: Is the concept of a one-child and two-child family policy upsetting to anyone else?

but children changed.
children used to be part of use production side of the family.
now children are the biggest consumers.
and I even believe the richer you are the bigger the percentage gets your child will burn from the household budget.

as soon as we accept children to help more and assist I think they will get more value in western society

RE: The Bedroom, etc

and please don't complain when people send you pm about the same topics you start.

public asking about near sexitems
and then blaming some fellows if it ends up in your private mail.

you reap what you sow

nothing personal, just complaining about a past blog of her

RE: Bitcoin

I have some ripple and eth.
and they lost value since them.
I just keep them. I don't use them for trade while they were developed for that purpose.
so they failed....

it seems normal in an economy with excess money that money flows in useless expensive things.

and big governments printing money will create a outflow of money.
either savings or to useless...

RE: Prostitution.!

yes in the uk.
i do believe there are alternatives.
there might be a penalty in housing standard or attention.
or a penalty against drug abuse.
or a penalty against really refusing work or searching for work.
Maybe maybe if you are falling out of middle class and have no family or network and are very unwilling to accept a good man, that you have to make by for some time.
But coming from western Europe I think being poor limits free choice but solutions are offered.
but for adults or starters it really isn't an easy ride anymore compared to other Westerners

RE: Prostitution.!

I object this.
what kind of bullshit choice is this? pay or rape?
poor people aren't allowed to rape or can't pay. they could do without.

I never woke up lonely with the detrimental need to f*ck or selfdestroy.

prostituting to help rapists?
rapists should be fixed. not helped or seen as customers

RE: Who is the Creator?

God doesn't care.
Jesus didn't exist.
and why only look from your own heritage.
maybe Odin sneezed or something

RE: Is "decent" a requirement ?

I've already seen more than a few forum topics of the post maker just about sex and questions about other peoples sex life.
So I wouldn't question that anyone reading those would also try to chat about them privately.
it is a datingsite not a monastery group.
we associate love and sex quite heavily in this society. so it is not like a heavy twist in topic

RE: ABORTION...Yes or No, and WHY?

RE: Iceland

the other item.
children are children.
male or female.
one bad other worse(small one) or the worst (big one).

the lube thing is a debate. make google some things. but you will see a slight correlation between lube and ccc. and some case where it is needed.
but indeed selfhandling isn't needed afterall.
but no effect can not be stated.

RE: Iceland

mr kellogg his notes
how brutal

RE: Iceland

RE: Iceland

I veto this post.
- I think it will be easier to tackle any circumcision than to split it.
- Any easy escape in getting aids actually leads to lowering of actual prevention. people take the risk more.
- it affect how things are meant to function. some men needs lubrication to mastrubate.
And i America it got introduced because it would lower mastrubation and increase a decent/godapproved life.

Watch the bullshit episode on the topic.

RE: ABORTION...Yes or No, and WHY?

Yes abortion should be available.
No it should not be the norm.
It is the excesses that break the case either way. Thinking of black Americans using it as contraceptive.
Or the women dying of no abortion or blackmarket abortions or self-inflicted.
So i don't want to talk off the extremes of rape or teenagers or medical conditions.

It is partly by family planning that made us leap forward as a society.
And raising a child requires a network.
Make your own choices, but don't force other people get stuck with a baby. Babies are not nice.
We are no longer in a poor Irish society where getting pregnant was a bit treated like an inconvenience, we raise children differently in the Western world.
We look down on societies that get pregnant by accident and multiple times.
And children affect someone's life a lot more, these days. it is not just the womb.
You hold legal responsibility till 18 years old/21y by now.

If having children out of wedlock and single, decreases your chances in life and the child chances in life than it should be a given to wait for better times.

I do have an opinion we should view children differently and pregnancy too.
Children should be seen more like a blessing and an opportunity and a strength,

So yes i approve abortion as a form of last resort anti-conception. And people coming back multiple times should be neutered.
And i assume future contraceptions will have a better prevention for this field in due time.

As a society i think it helps us a bit forward.
and for sure also backwards.

but i believe in bringing up good children that we need and second chances. Because getting pregnant unwanted feels like a fail.

RE: Iceland

Belgians don't circumcise.
except when it is medically necessary.

Male circumcision is on the rise due to migrant influx.
And there is a big Jewish lobby.
Female circumcision is also suddenly appearing. All black market.
But i'm a none discriminatory guy and say, if you can make ads to condemn FGM, you should say the same for boys.

It is wicked to touch your child his p*nis for your own religious expression.
especially if it has an impact on his later s*xual life. where the stories vary from 'lasting longer' to 'needing lube' or 'insensitive' or 'harder to mastubrate'

There is not a good word for these millions of useless surgeries on underage children that need protecting. Even if the study says it is good for blah blah.

If your god needs to see what is in your children's pants then it is time you had a good conversation with your god about how to be a superior being and minding his/her own damn business.

Maybe you are only cutting off parts of your child, because of your god(or spokesperson) his trauma about a little mutilated pecker, Like a north-korean-style haircut.

RE: Iceland

children get born as atheists.
atheists don't cut off their wiener for a being in the sky.

medical purpose.
maybe there are more reasons.

RE: Iceland

because it is done to children. who didn't choose for it.
In my country they are now planning to remove pay-back for the unnecessary circumcision.
applause applause
you don't touch another humans genitalia without consent or medical motivation.

RE: Belgium Boy Peeing in Ashtray Hunt

i'll keep my eye out. just ask someone from bruxelles. brussels.

RE: How many girls/guys have u had in ur life so far ?

I had zero guys.
for women. it is so complicated what sex is.
a finger, a shove in the a**, a shove in my a**, ejaculate, penetration, intense hugging, approval, and such

oh god. snookums fly over and show me the limits

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