RE: How many people want 4 more years of president Donald Trump as the leader of the Free world?

EU here.
No Trump for me. Not in 2016,2020,2024, ...
But i am amazed that he is almost 9years in the running and still around.
I really need to understand the power of patriotism better.

Now i discovered Nicky Haley 3 days ago. And Philips.
Maybe these two should debate.

I wouldn't give her a big chance, but she did far better than expected.
And now hearing how Trump and RNC are trying to push her out, i think she is doing even better.

I think Trump and Biden have no growing support.
Both also failed to produce a good follow-up candidate.
They will end an era and i don't think the kids are doing alright.

What's wrong with you people?

And the topic i was referencing to :
- - - - - - Mutual "Like" but no response after emailing several times. What's wrong with you people? - - - - - -
- from : American16

What's wrong with you people?

What is wrong with you, Rohaan? dunno

What's wrong with you people?

A follow-up on a recent topic with the same question.
Don't elaborate here further about the like-system online.

Just take time to self-reflect and explain your situation.

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

Liqud is also about not recognising Palestinians. across the border or whatever.
For Liqud it is all jewish and only for the jews.
Can they bomb Israel flat for the Liqud statements?
Are newborns in Tel Aviv to blame for netanyahu?
When does the curse of a tribe or group start?

Yes there was a lot of violence when the Palestinians left their homes. Also a lot of Jewish people attacking Arabs.
Yes they should have been allowed to go home.
The peaceful people that left their houses due to violence.
nakba or whatever.
No matter their religion or heritage.
There seemed to be place enough for new people, so there was certainly place for old people. Old people that fled for violence.

The Israeli's didn't let them back in.
They are knocking on the door, or harder.

Let them back in.

RE: Ladies

first time i hear a man ask for a soft noodle.

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

You have no idea what the Orthodox are doing.
No work for man, no army for man, and a lot of kids.

But yes Gaza and such is a productive area.

Still in my country, kids are seen as innocent, so i don't understand why these have to live/be raised in a prison.

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

in the close history,
I think the Turks colonised it first. Then the British conquered it during the great war.
The Zionists annoyed the British out, then they aimed for their local neighbours.

Then a lot if East European rich or elite used the country to flee their communist regime.
Israel then bombed their neighbouring countries and took a whole lot of land.

They gave most of that back.
Since then the zionists and the local neighbours have tried to outbreed each other.
One in a lot of land, one in refugee camps.

Tinder spark

thank you

I realise that if you act like a man of mystery people expect you look like Austin Powers.

But I don't get many visitors to my profile

RE: Should there be a section on here for those who identify as a cat

NYAN.CAT farting rainbows ?

maybe we can put the elephants in a corner first?

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

I'll be honest that i don't have the feels on the ground.
However I think the end should be a one-state solution would be the best.

A two-state solution. I don't have a good feeling with any muslim majority country in that region.
Egypt, Libanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi, Lybia, Iran, ...
I would have no trust in Palestine and their leader(future leader or current). As none of these other countries feel like my friends.
Palestinians sound educated, but the terror and violence amongst themselves is huge.

I'm not used to seeing Israel as this aggressive.
But now it show how vile the right-wing is.
How much propaganda they had pushing a zionist agenda, that eliminate the sense of humanity of the Palestinians/Arabs in the media.
How desperate and sad the Palestinians are being treated by army and prisons and such.

So in short time there should be a road to more balance.
Palestinians will have to get a better life and no oppression.
Israeli Jewish zealots should be blocked and unarmed.
Maybe the Jewish attraction to get migrants should be slowed.
Let the Palestinians migrate in.

Then a correcting, where the refugees of 1948 can start returning.
Some settlements moved.
And equal treatment in the future.
I assume Israel-Palestine will be the new name.
Trials and shaming of criminals within the Likud party and some others.

I believe if Palestinians had a better outlook, then they will be a lot calmer.
I believe a lot of Israeli don't realize how bad their country behaves.
They will need to mix the history and understand.
But let us call it that both sides wanted to do ethnic cleansing of the same land and Israel has been winning since 1918.

Will it work that i don't know.
It is not like they are on a small island together. Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, it is a big region with a great chance of development if they stop fighting.

There is enough EU and USA and oil money being flooded in the area.

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

And likud has a decree that no Palestinian state was allowed on their Jewish land.

The Right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel)
a. The right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is eternal and indisputable and is linked with the right to security and peace; therefore, Judea and Samaria will not be handed to any foreign administration; between the Sea and the Jordan there will only be Israeli sovereignty.

b. A plan which relinquishes parts of western Eretz Israel, undermines our right to the country, unavoidably leads to the establishment of a "Palestinian State," jeopardizes the security of the Jewish population, endangers the existence of the State of Israel. and frustrates any prospect of peace.

Tinder spark

I can live with hook ups.

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

The article is in dutch.
Hamas wears "jeans and sneakers" so did these hostages surrendering.

New information from the Israeli army shows that the three men in question were carrying white homemade flags and were not wearing a T-shirt. They emerged from a building a few dozen meters from the Israeli troops. A soldier “felt threatened” and opened fire. Two died immediately, a third was able to flee back into the building. But he was also killed afterwards - despite the commander's requests to stop shooting.

agari made it clear that the area is an active combat zone. The troops were reportedly already ambushed. Moreover, attackers are often said to be out and about in “jeans and sneakers”. It is being investigated whether there is a connection with a nearby house on which the letters SOS were placed. It is also unclear whether the men were able to escape their captors or were deliberately left behind.

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

It is still ethnic cleansing of an area.

Who said you need to kill everyone to get that definition?

They are bombing their houses, schools, hospitals, reporters, boats, ....
Stopping the fuel, power, water, food, medicines, ...
They are making the area unliveable at the moment.
And trying to push as many people out.

It is a bit the same as the decennia before just with more bombs and less basic necessities now.
For years people leaving Gaza weren't allowed back in.

Israel wants the people out and the territory under their ownership.

UK wants to send refugee seekers to Rwanda

I wonder.

Isn't Rwanda a catholic, christian and pagan country?
I heard how muslims from Afghanistan and other are quite zealots in secular countries like mine.

Isn't putting in a lot of other religious people in there a safety risk?

Then we have the racial bias.
Arabs look down on Africans, and any country looks down on refugees.
And giving a group foreigners money or services that the local population doesn't receive seem like a reason to fight.

any thoughts and opinions?

RE: 3 hostages killed by IDF

AHA, but you see they were wearing jeans and Hamas also wears jeans sometimes.

I fear they were to busy with ethnic cleansing of the area to check the ID's.

Tinder spark

Hey people,
as a man i get almost zero swipes on tinder.

is it me or is it the ladies?

any opinions about the app?

RE: The President of CS is Pedro27

where is the guillotine?

RE: The first impression is the worst impression.

it is better not to meet at all

RE: Fake/Scammers

for a free site, the scams do make it expensive :-)
Luckily i am out of money.

RE: The President of CS is Pedro27

If you are granting the title to yourself then you better call it supreme leader or

RE: Where have all the Good Men Gone?

You ended up in hell?

RE: How do you make a waterbed bouncier?

So more gas in bed?

RE: People I've Met in CS

I think i have met about 10 in 9 years.

I have clearly missed my share of pervy ones mumbling thumbs down
So it is not that interesting i suppose.

But there is still place for one more ! Who is next?

RE: People I've Met in CS

and i thought it was about people you have actually met.

RE: Any genuine Irish men looking for a potential Partner?

so people need to vote by posing a question?

RE: The threat of the Chinese ideology

China can't really defend their offshore assets yet.

I just have this non-human feeling around Chinese. They don't care about others. not their own, not us, not foreigners.

it will be hard to win against people that don't think about values we have been thinking about for centuries.

We should improve our society and show how it can be done. or we will lose

RE: why extraterrestrial intelligence and not our own


RE: why extraterrestrial intelligence and not our own

Wait, so they build it for tourism?

People go for centers of trade. this wasn't a problem for fertile Egypt.
You don't need 130 meters of stone to get folks. Tourism didn't really exist in that form.

Belgium and the Netherlands reigned because of trade, so thank you.

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