Trump is already 2 years in office.
IF something bad was there, it doesn't seem to be urgent.

Maybe Mueller should hire, denzel washington or clint eastwoord, or some action hero to proof stuff

RE: Can anyone explain why Bush senior and junior never where sent to Haag tribunal for war crimes.

The usa didn't approve the hague tribunal.
The usa is quite strict on protecting their citizens.
The usa has an invasion plan for in case any prominent citizen is trialled there.

The Iraq war. Halliburton did a lot of defense missions there.
They received good money.
And functioned as a private militia.

The usa army had a lot of weapons near expiry date, and shooting them is cheaper than recycling.

What Hussain said, "if Bin Laden is on my soil, we will not give him up", would nowadays also give huge risk and stress. Being a safe harbour for 'terrorists' is heavy.

I blame the UK more than the USA. Blair and co. (now having a well paid Saudi job)
But the UK could have stopped the USA, but thanks to their endorsement it became serious.

RE: If you had draw a p*nis preference what would draw and why?

clone a willy?

maybe you can get some aid there

RE: Scammers

I was thinking of making my own emailaccount. / page.
Normally with a page you can generate mailaccounts as you wish and block them accordingly

RE: Alexa Thread

google is more boring than alexa and more stupid and resilient in her wrong answers.

alexa is far smoother and feels more 'real'.

google answers a lot more "i can't do that yet." and is worse at follow-up questions.

"Alexa" is a better start word than "ok google" or "hey google".. and you can even change the start word.

Google tries to push dutch in my house. but in dutch the lights don't work that easy.

But my google mini has better speakers. But it reboots during podcasts and i don't know why.
The microphone of alexa is better.

and alexa has a better app system.

RE: Alexa Thread

I liked Alexa.
now google home is here at times.
In a few months Lily will be around to teach me stuff.
Siri was never welcome.

All have nice features, and bad ones.

Everything started here when i started monitoring my elec consumption.
than i started using smart plugs.
then alexa.
then smart lighting.
sold alexa and got cheap googles.
the speakers are alright.

RE: There goes my date!

next time go for more wine

RE: I've the same memory of elephant ..!

that is unpractical.

are they from an elephant in the zoo or a free one or?
Indian elephant or african or wood?

i bet your little trunk can't crack peanuts and drink water

RE: Mostly For What Reason People Want To Give Birth To Their Child ?

Well normally after a month of 8 you want the little critter out of your belly, so you give birth.
Or the critter wants to come out.

So you give birth because you got pregnant and fullfilled the carry period.
or the body tricked you

RE: Would This Make You Comfortable?

maybe they should give the user an option.
Do you want to be filmed for research
Do you want to be filmed for personalised experiences.

RE: If god Can be alone

It is a bit of a weird statement about imaginary friends....
rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What lives under the crust of the Earth?


This is a picture of a dragon

RE: What lives under the crust of the Earth?

do you think that puzzle fits?

it sounds a little like dragons sightings.

RE: What lives under the crust of the Earth?

good that there was no global flood.

RE: Come to God before is too late

Hey, i don't know for wishes. I do know the answer for prayers.
My bet is on the shit to have a future life then.

that is called plot armor.
maybe try the movie The Stand ?

I mean kjng James. King James ordered a book to be written to fit the Anglican church (the church of those inbred King and Queens) Do i need to post a picture of King Charles? He is maybe the next pope of that Christian religion? They have canada, UK, australia, and more (it probably shows a triangle or pentagram when you draw it on the flat earth.

---> I don't think that was in Jesus his plan. unless he is a trumpet of revelation sigh
Maybe if we add rumours of another wife to Henri VIII than i can make a youtube video saying he is the 7 headed dragon.

But back to the bible of king James. how much alteration is too much?

RE: Ladies question. How important is the men's income for you?

you gamble half you estate at eternal love.
too bad the odds are worse than simply red and black

RE: What lives under the crust of the Earth?

the things that went too deep are now fossil fuel ;-)

But there is life in deep seabed undergrowth. black smokers.

Journey to the center of the earth did sound far fetched.
But the conspiracy dudes have nice stories.

just google gate to hell.
google gate to center of earth.
gate to moon
blah blah blah.

next month a new video

RE: Come to God before is too late

Yes the sun should xpand in the far future and engulf the earth and more.
And we'll collide galaxies. and i bet there is a lot of horror and destruction out there in the universe.

But a lot of things in our lineage has dead before us. most of it didn't really care.
I also don't really care if we spread life through the universe or humans.
It sounds funny but i wonder if life can evolve/ restart from our poo. for instance.

How much can we seed? as there is a chance we were seeded from other space objects.

But i do think we have a sort of thing to gain to try to spread the humans throughout the universe.

RE: Come to God before is too late

but isn't that a bit self explanatory not divine or clear?
It is written with a different purpose.
It is written for a king.

I'm trying to just comment only on 4 gospels matteus marcus lucas and john. and old testament.
All these chapters and letters later on are writen by a roman Paul, claiming to have had visions and the instructions from god or jesus or whatever. But biblewise never met and only endorsed by humans.

RE: Come to God before is too late

thumbs up
good for you.

do you think the bible is the word of god and without mistakes?


As a country that provided a few ISIS members.
And has a free mason department.
And has a starbucks.

Starbucks are expensive coffee. far from communist.

ISIS is not a tool of the freemasons.
There is a money trace, but that is mostly because money comes from the west.
Besides those that do violence should own their responsibility.

but it does look like you need some holiday on an island

RE: Are Irish Women Ugly?

devil luckily the irish are mongrels, so you can't call it a racist remark from her.devil devil

Azealia Banks. i like her '212' song. For the rest of the songs, who cares?
everybody is their own journalist.
And who ever follows her on these social media already should know the temperament. boy crying wolf.
who cares

I like Dublin airport, i haven't liked a single USA airport. arrival or departure.

RE: Come to God before is too late

thanks to kingdom i did find a few mentions.
thumbs up
It is amazing how religious people disagree with each other about all this.
It remains a bad invention of the bronze age

RE: Come to God before is too late

yes. it seems hell is mentioned in the king james version a few times.

The version we use it is other words. gehennah and hades. greek symbols.

RE: American Politics belong on the USA forums

i don't care. if they say it is usa i can sort it myself.

but i thought the usa was crying out for help from the old world rolling on the floor laughing

And they have the first secular constitution and well established system.
Too bad it is failing

RE: Come to God before is too late

converting by gunpoint?

Or first trying to make someone scared of something that doesn't exist and then selling an antidote?

As in my link that didn't copy well.

Hell isn't mentioned in bible.

The inventor of hell is the dante's inferno journey.

Sin is often about the sx life, which is actually a natural human activity.
But curiously bible is very very lax on the matter of rap.. It didn't even make the top 10, an ox did.

I have seen enough very devout critters that weren't that scared of hell for not to sin.

Jesus his miracles didn't bring any justice, it was hardly even mentioned. follow his example means supplying wine, sharing food, and killing pigs. (and not stoning adulterers.)

Being a god that watches savage crimes and wars and claim to seek justice after death, so no divine action is needed is a bit off.

RE: Come to God before is too late


RE: March for life and Pro Life

oh thanks. i appreciate it.

people are adults. life is lonely. There is no defence against that.
But abortion because a woman thought it over and sees no possibilities doesn't mean the men in question thought it over and sees no possibilities.

I kinda hope a case starts where a good man(father) fights for his rights. And i hope one woman pays a price for her insolence of not giving one damn of emotion for the man she laid with.
On the other hand, a man has easier talking. he doesn't suffer 8 months and doesn't need to swallow or open up.

Abortion is not a fun thing.
I've been there. condom broke, date mismatched, and morning-after didn't work. Luckily we had the debate before. I dislike the choice ever since, but it is super where she went from there on.
We went through together, but it is no physical stress on a male. just 6 days of thinking.
That the mother was orthodox and believed she would be hanged on a cross in hell and was to spend eternity ripped by vultures didn't help her life. She was stuck on me for real answers, because all her family chose to believe in the same imaginations of priests, so she didn't dare to share the debate.
We are still good friends. but all these biological human things are laid upon with so much religious powers. Like that god hates all our bodily functions.

i felt shocked that in the usa some women had already 3 and use it like contraception. To evade this, stopping abortion is not the first answer, it is more a symptom than a illness.
I'm now seeking answers why they have an easier concept of making babies or sx without precautions.

RE: March for life and Pro Life

Depends country to country.
my country. 12 weeks from sex.
14 weeks from menstruation. 6 day waiting period.

Netherlands 21 weeks. 5 days waiting period.

Germany first trimester. 3 days waiting period.

RE: March for life and Pro Life

No sir.
abortions are allowed within the 15 weeks.

and now they want to extend it to 24 weeks. late abortion. in certain cases. and probably why isn't limited.
but mental cases for the baby is probably in there.

The gap between 22 weeks and 24 week if premature birth is possible is a vague line.
If there is a child aborted at 30 weeks than it will be a very rare improbable case (i can not even imagine) but that will not be a contraceptive.

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