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A Drunk Mind Speaks a Sober Heart65231Dec 26
Politics & Covid!40411Jan 2021
Videos7,57482Apr 2016
Guess What?1,83133Dec 2018
What's your position on this?3,92163Jun 2018
"You Make Me Want To Be a Better Man"2,38458Nov 2017
All Things Hairy5,94841May 2017
Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?1,93150Jan 2017
Picture Thread1,33417Oct 2016
Would you rather?4,403127Sep 2016
For The Gals2,31213Feb 2016
For The Guys3,31440Feb 2016
How Many Times Have You Been In Love?2,88028Jan 2016
Pet Peeves!2,39557Jan 2016
When does it become "online cheating" in your opinion?3,13760Jan 2016
Punny2,33341Dec 2015
Why do some women lash strangers online?76430Jun 24
vibration your on?1776Jun 17
What About SEX1,20343Jun 16
Hackers, Informants, And Cleveland's Role In The New World Order559108Jun 12
What is the use of a man in the life of a woman?1,37163Jun 11
something happened?60216Jun 9
religious beliefs about alcohol2,806141Jun 8
Would you rather vacation alone, with your family, or friends?36031Jun 7
Riddle me this, riddle me that... (Exercise pt. 2)25716Jun 7
Anti Bucket List29919Jun 5
Does anyone eat meat anymore?80240Jun 4
How many hypocrites do you think are actively hypocritical on cs55317Jun 2
R u sexy.....?56726May 30
where is God?????80029May 27
The things that are visible but in reality do not exist.45921May 22
Animal29818May 21
New Age Gang Bangers Control Police Departments In Cleveland62576May 16
Female-led relationships: where are they?43010May 12
Any Dirk gram Pakistan?2343May 11
Men, what feelings come up when you see women in noticeably false eyelashes?60216May 7
Proverbs..1,00637May 4
Waste of time53716May 4
What do old people think about ?2,95482May 1
Have you ever dated outside of your race? If so, what differences did you encounter (if any)?2,718106Apr 28

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