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Would you feel safe being a cab driver in North America with no barriers whatsoever. ?1,93233Mar 24
One more shot at God4325Jul 2023
Dear Anonymous2,31628Aug 2022
Deaaar Annonymous8544Aug 2022
Most Brits4401Aug 2022
Rant of the day!!!26,658674May 2021
ARMAGEDDON3200Nov 2021
Good Music for dummies bear with us ...:)40812Oct 2021
Life stories that is not for everyone76212Oct 2021
Coffee is better1,64936Sep 2021
Create a thread3220Sep 2021
The Almighty God poll5636Aug 2021
My Camping experience thread short form1,13739Jul 2021
Who is your favorite sweethearts on CS.2,06936Jul 2021
Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom. Anyone remmember5628Jul 2021
Have you ever been fired1,20933Jul 2021
BART4168Jun 2021
Birthday wishes to the birthday girl61711Jun 2021
One more time3633May 2021
Electric Vehicle is here to stay1,13236May 2021
Everyone like stories so tell one read one PLEASE4746Apr 2021
Covert or Corvid operation3298Apr 2021
The world as we know it. country by country and Elon Musk3339Apr 2021
Ring of Fire3212Apr 2021
Stories from the road53213Apr 2021
One Liners1,63442Apr 2021
Alrighty then Women Only.aka WOMEN ONLY. There are Rules follows.88320Mar 2021
Iran- Israel war1895Apr 14
Touch Right Here with your Filthy Fingers!71731Mar 31
Did you get what you wanted in CS?1,40635Mar 24
Your last meal today4,444159Mar 2
You Only Live Once4487Jan 24
the most difficult task2,09763Jan 23
Kaybee wishes everyone a Happy New Year1,61740Jan 7
3 hostages killed by IDF3,313115Dec 16
Best Christmas movie scene ever……2521Dec 5
The first impression is the worst impression.67713Nov 29
Remove one keep one8,606559Nov 9
The Light Went Out1,55724Oct 30
What Pisses You Off8,903149Oct 3

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