Another sporatic poem

Stay off the drugs
As best as you can
Eat well and exercise
If you can. and also
Be the best you can be
Till death do you part.
cause a moment later will be your last fart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
You can only make it so far so what IS the Contest.
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In the dead night of day

would you say it's o.k.
If I fooled you in all aspects of everyway.
Made you vote for me... represent you... even cared for you...
Would it matter if I chattered some truth in my youth.
Probably not.
I wish it was funny.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
I was gullible then later I was... ripped off,stuck,floored,nailed,defamed,ridiculed and more. People suck.
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Sound, Music, and Timing

All the Rhymes in the world as big as it can be.
The Truth and the Lies we will never see.
A Glimpse here and there is not what you want.
That knowledge by chance will certainly Haunt.
If it is big enough to get you killed but by some reason.
You have a skill . To beat the odds till they cant handle it anymore.
God bless You
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
Just venting to myself. You just happened to red it.
LOL Hugs
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A motorcycle poem

She stood there Eye wide open but not lit.
In a state of intensive care.
A hard 5 months later she was back riding in the wind with some hickups.
Kept her safe once she proved to me that this was for life.
Now She is in the best shape I ever seen her even though her last Heart operation that I supervised/did was in 1997. She has a good heart so I will keep her safe as long as I can. Shovelhead I love you and I'm thinking of painting you RED.
Whadoyouthink. Hugs Emoticon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2022
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Life is Great

Life is great. Oh no its not.
You have not seen or wish you forgot.
Not just me it's reality you just don't tell.
Just because it's safe to do so they say.
Bite the hand that feeds will not succeed.
Said priest to altar boy in the basement.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
Aint life funny especially these days lol.
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The Oblivious (you don't know who you are)!

You look so happy
and even a bit yappy
You don't seen no sin
or where you've been
Carry no Tales
For what that entails
Smile with your Mate
and eat your cake
Pay your Taxes
Watch the news and relaxes
Miss the fact that the world is reacting
To the damage it has infacting
Global warming comes with no warning
You won't see it or wake up mourning
The end is somewhere
Could be but you don't care
I'm Jealous
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
Just thinking things are much more complicated than people can understand. Way more than you can think.
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As the World Turns Day After Day

Day After Day as The World turns.
I don't quite know what it is like to be you but.
I'm not that far off to not notice your pain.
Which is something I have learned.
I did try but you far proved you weren't you.
This routine heartbreak could only go so far.
My limits are not to gain nor be intimate again.
No apology will EVER be Taken.
I hope you are shaken as it doesn't take much to notice.
When you beltch out the loud speaker you have spoken.
2 different Divorce announcements has been a blast.
The smoke is clear. That was Great!!! Find another Date
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
It's about a fictional Predator who goes on vacations for a thrill.
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You like poems (when the soul leaves the conscience)

You like poems
I'll give you one
or maybe 6
You said you want them
No you won't get them
Not from me
It is not the way to feel free
Back to the poem
I know you will read
I can handle any bump
In the road that leads
Not only that go and figure
Your humps and lumps
Do not make me configure
When the soul leaves the conscience
and leaves me to linger
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2022
About this poem:
I think I stole this one from sombody.
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Is Annonimous in trouble or the husband

A large piece of property in the middle of nowhere somewere
A yappy dog to alert even the invisible intruder from who ares where
Toss in a pool for excercise and sailing
Let there be rock to anchor the wailing
The End
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2022
About this poem:
simply just dedicated
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