Genesis of the Dead

21 August, 2019...Cape Canaveral...

'-and lift off! Lift off of Explorer seven, NASA's first atmospheric sample return probe to Venus!'....

Venus had been born from the same cloud of star dust as its near neighbour and had been hit by clouds of debris left over from the birth of the solar system; but Venus had been hit harder than Earth and her rotation had been slowed to a crawl...on its surface, oceans grew and for a few fleeting millions of years Venus had begun the same road to life as her sister world.

But Venus was so much closer to the inferno that is the Sun..the great oceans began to evaporate, until eventually huge clouds of water vapour hung like a death shroud high above her surface; temperatures rose, pressure increased and the foul vapours from her volcanoes added to the clouds already high in the atmosphere.

And yet, life persisted; a micro organism that rose into the air along with the vapour of the oceans that gave it life. For millions upon millions of years it clung to life, living in a kind of stasis without oxygen to let it breed and evolve.

Then a new visitor arrived; visitors had come before, but they had always continued down to the hell below the clouds, or orbited Venus, probing her secrets; but this one flew through the clouds, scooping up some of the air as it went; then it fired it's engines and soared back out into open space, changing it's course and heading back whence it came, the blue, living earth.

In the sealed canister within the probe, the organism cooled and began to emit radiation; as the probe neared Earth, NASA control detected the emissions, and the decision was made to destroy the probe and it's cargo before it could enter the Earth's atmosphere. But the scientists had left it far too late; the probe exploded in a silent flowering of destruction on the very edge of the atmosphere... some of the organism survived and drifted down into the thicker air far below. Finding it rich with oxygen, it began thrive and multiply, each cell of each organism dividing at a frightening rate...every few minutes it reproduced. It took very little time for Earth's air to be filled with it.

The organism was inhaled by all that lived upon the Earth...Plants rejected it at once, animals likewise, their immune systems recognizing this alien intruder and eliminating it. But due to some quirk of human bio-chemistry, the bodies of people accepted the organism and took no action against it. The organism bred and settled into it's new living hosts, doing no harm, just wanting to live. Soon, every person on Earth was carrying the organism.

This would have been the end of matters but for one fact that was to change the World forever; when people died of accidents, violence or natural causes, the organism, deprived of oxygen again, would begin to emit radiation; this stimulated the nervous systems and the mind of the recently deceased, causing them to re-animate... the person they had been was gone, their memories, life skills and everything but the most basic instincts erased. Rumours began on the internet of people who had returned to life and attacked anyone nearby, biting them, clawing them, ripping chunks of flesh from their warm living bodies and greedily eating it.

The organism carried inside a victim would begin to change again, emitting its radiation. This attacked all the organs in the victim's body, specifically the renal and respiratory systems; they would die within 24 to 48 hours, then re-animate and attack more people. Then their came news reports of apparently random attacks on people; the authorities in most nations tried to clamp down on the news; they were unable and ill equipped to deal with what they were facing.

This continues for some weeks, the amount of victims and re-animates increasing until the critical mass required to interfere with the functioning of organized society was reached.

The apocalypse had begun.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 15
About this poem:
A new 'vague scribble' for you all; a short-short story this time; watching the classic George Romero zombie movies over the weekend set me thinking- apart from some vague hints in 'Night of the living dead' it has never been explained in canon just WHERE this virus came from- no copyright infringement intended, this is fan-fiction written for entertainment purposes only...and please, no wars in the comments section-yes, i know it's a story not a poem as such, and fellow fans of the genre may well disagree with my take on this; why not accept the challenge of the pen and write your own genesis story?
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Tales from the Ocean of Humanity

I've spent my life upon the ocean
Through storms and troughs
And tsunamis of dread

And sometimes I have sighted Islands
Upon this trackless ocean of life
But have been unable to reach them
So rough has been the tide

I came upon an archipelago
Many islands beneath the sun
Of various size and appearance

As I tried to land on some
I found them unwelcoming
Some were frozen and aloof
Some gave me a hostile reception
And made me go away
Others already had two inhabitants
And three would be a crowd

Still others did I come upon
Where the islands had been damaged
Perhaps by war or bad season
yet others are only seen at night
Their inhabitants afraid of the glare of day
Sounding out their siren's calls
To lure the unwary
And to rob them of their goods

My quest goes on amid the islands
Till I find one where I can live
And at last my journey will be over
My anchor dropped in a friendly harbour

Till then my voyage continues
Upon the sea of loneliness...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 4
About this poem:
An allegory for our voyage through life and our quest for companionship...
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People that i get to like
Always go away
Is it me?
Or is it them?
I hug my loneliness
Round me
Like a worn-out overcoat
Threadbare and tattered
Never let them get too close
Hide the emotions well
Don’t let your face
Tell what’s going on inside
Let them in
You know how it will end
Tears and heartache
-And wanting them to
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016
About this poem:
Inspired by personal feelings at times and by the theme from 'interstellar'-'S.T.A.Y.'
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I wake
And rise to face another day
The mornings cold
And the sky is grey

Sipping my coffee
And looking at bills
Check my emails
And scammers again

Romance rejections
And I write some
Poems again
Songs of longing

I can retreat into
The vistas of my mind
Where time stands still
And anything could be real

Blurring my perception
Between here and there
As we play the game
That we all have to partake

Of Life
Of love
Of loneliness
Of oneness

So begins another day...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 17
About this poem:
I was listening to some old Harry Chapin tracks on you tube and i was moved to write this... it a mash up of feelings i felt from hearing such songs as 'W.O.L.D', 'Circles', 'Taxi' and 'A better place to be'...Listening to Chapin always stirs my emotions up, as i think of the problems of life in these times.
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Oh my Corinna

When she makes love to me
Her fingers so gentle
Upon my chest
Awakening feelings in me
Reminding an old man
Of things he's forgot
And times he thought
He never again would see

Oh My Corinna
A woman so dear to me
Not listless but free
When she pleasures me
And takes her needs just from me

And then in awhile
We lie
Both in twine
And the warmth then casts
Loving arms about me

And I offer my heart
On a silver tray
And she gladly takes it from me
Puts it in a locket
To wear near her breast
To keep it safe
And she knows i'm hers
For as long as it beats

Oh my Corinna
A woman so dear to me
Not listless but free
When she pleasures me
And takes her needs just from me...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2018
About this poem:
A love song in the style of the late great Leonard Cohen..hope you enjoy it-had to write it down at once when the muse struck- song my copyright, etc etc...
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I recall when I was a boy
When all alone
In my darkened room
Unable to sleep
I would feel the call
To turn the dial and watch the light
Moving the needle
On that shortwave scale
All of the World would be my friend
Voices from places so far away
Moscow and Bonn and Sofia too;
Tirana, Japan and Kazakhstan
From iciest north
To exotic isles
Talking to me about their lives
Their news and reports
And points of view
Never bored
Always something new
Hours of time
Spent listening in
Spies in numbers
Talking over the lines
Long ago in those cold war times
Now its all static
The bands are dead
Victim of the net
And stupid fools
But I remember
When the world was alive
On my Radio ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2017
About this poem:
I spent many hours as a boy listening to shortwave radio; this poem recalls those times, when the whole world was there for the listening, until the internet age dawned, and all the stations disappeared...victims of government short-sightedness and penny pinching. There really were spy messages-and still are-on shortwave-they are known as 'number stations'-no ID, no words at all, just numbers...
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Journey into love

Finding her out there
Far away
Across the miles
held apart by distance
land, sea and air
And money

Knowing she wants you
Like you want her
You have
To end this despair

Setting out like Confucius
Taking that single step
That leads to a second
And then a third

And then a mile
Then ten
Then 50

Then 100

Hitching rides
Stowing away
Reaching across the Planet
Any way you can

Travelling like a Hobo
Hopping rides on the freight
Looking at the parallel lines
Of the rails

And thinking of her
And seeing her face
On this
Journey into love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2016
About this poem:
On long distance romance...i suspect many on this site have faced the same dilemma
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In the mirror world of sleep
Lies the realm of our dreams
The ethereal world
That never sleeps

And there
Everyone talks
A million different people
And all your friend
A n endless conversation
And understanding

Always someone there
And never ignorance
Old faces
New faces
No need to fear
Or hurt
Everyone open
And mean what they say
Not just after your money
And an easy lay

No need to hide
Or build a wall
behind the veil
In the world of sleep
More alluring than
It's physical reflection
Then the dreams want you
More than the world
So begins the endless dream
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2016
About this poem:
A companion piece to 'the great silence of Earth'... it speaks of the 'mirror' world that the ethereal world of our dreams represents, where people talk for real, never abandon you, never are ignorant to you, and is our own personal paradise... and how, as one becomes older, the dreams become more alluring than the physical world, until, eventually, we choose not to return from the dreamscape world...
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One day I went back
In my mind
To uncover the memories
I would find

Dreams of days
Long gone by
Of tears
And sorrow
And laughter too

And then there's you
Always you
That first love
Of long ago

That first smile
And kiss
How I longed
To be with you

All's been taken by time
Far away now
Days long gone
Just dusty relics

-In my mind
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2016
About this poem:
Of first love, and it's bittersweet memories...
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Love Roulette

'Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside...'- ELP, Karn Evel 9, 1st Impression, Pt 2,1973

There is a Casino hopeful souls attend,
Seven million souls all looking for
Or someone

'Place your bets and take a chance;
-Another spin coming soon'
A voice does say

The spin is taken;
Many lose
A few fortunate ones
Shout for joy
And leave the Casino
Arm-in-armTheir chips cashed in
Happy at last
In love

The spins never end
The losers never stop playing
All wanting that one
Elusive win

With a lucky spin of hearts
So wild and high
They will never need to return
To this casino
Of lost souls

All looking for love
In a World gone cold
With its own loneliness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016
About this poem:
The gamble we all take in our search for love online...
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ODYSSEY (Dedicated to...?)


Theirs someone special
She lies far away
She's all my day
My night and tomorrow
She waits such distance away
A gulf between two worlds
The longest journey
Made by one man
Across the many miles
A constellation away
A turn of the Earth
I will cross it
Just to be near her
Does she miss me
Though our hands
Have never touched

Will she wait
Will she wait
Or find another place to be
That's the gamble I must take
To follow my heart
Different tongues
And different cultures
I hope when we embrace
It can cross that gap
And be forever...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2016
About this poem:
Apoem about long-distance romance...
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Eternal Romancer

You sit with her
Listening to Venus
And watching it
Disappear into the Dawn
As the Sun rises over
The silent City
Of a Sunday Morning
This is Romance

With her on a Mountain top
As the Sun sets far away
Into the eternal Sea
This too is Romance

Maybe one Day
I shall meet her
And those three
Words that say all and nothing
Will be spoken
Between us
And share a million thoughts
The essence of my core
With her
Then I will know Romance
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016
About this poem:
A poem of longing...
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