Naughty or Nice?

I'm Señorita Santa Claus I think you can tell me what
You would like for Christmas and hope I won't forget.
If you need a senor Santa, I can't help you with that.
My own Senor Santa is too busy this
Christmas time.

I'll send some elves with toys and dolls, if you specify the size,
But don't have any heart attacks trying to blow the dolls
I'm Senorita Santa Claus I can not take the blame
If you get too excited with heartless blow up dolls.

That's all for 2018!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 2019! hug
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#Pink is the new Black

Today we are in the process of making the English language gender-neutral, and manliness, the quality of one gender, or rather, of one sex, seems to describe the essence of the enemy we are attacking, the evil we are eradicating.
Harvey Mansfield

We think being a woman is hard.

But I honestly think being a man is harder.

In a world, political correctness gone mad, men have to think more than twice not to be accused of sexism, racism, misogyny, prejudism, violence or some other thing when dealing with women.

With the rise of feminism, manliness was denigrated and abhorred. Most men had to adjust or were forced to be gentle - men instead of gentlemen. They lost their identity and evolved into something else.

Even here in the virtual world, I see it's men who publicly whine mostly about other blog topics, scammers and bloggers. It's not manly to whine. Men have to be assertive. Have control over themselves and fight or defend and protect themselves and the vulnerable only when threatened.

(Sorry, not trying to teach anyone to be men. Just my opinion and I rightfully like to have it. Thank you)

Women stood up, fought and got to a place where they deemed was right for them. ( Whether women got it right is another topic for another blog.)

Will I die without finding a knight in rustic armour?

I don't mind actually dying without a knight if the Knights came in pink.

Will men fight back to get to their rightful right to be men, manly men with honour and valour ? dunno

Or will they shape their eyebrows, start painting their lips and nails, look pretty and start a hashtag #pink is the new black ?
uh oh

( P.S. Not really looking for a knight. just wanted to add this picture to my blog and couldn't think of a better way.)
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Sustainable relationships.

Throughout human history, enough stories are written of real and fairy tale like love.

Religions, philosophers, psychologists, artists and almost everyone, sing, write, give love different colours and meanings.

Eternal, unconditional, purpose of life, the main ingredient for survival of humanity. You name it, I have read it all. I think.

My blog is not about love. But love in a relationship.

Love in a relationship commands possession. Thus, love limits the ability of loving. I can not love two men at the same time, in the same way, even if I was capable of doing so. Can I? ( NO. I am not in love with two men. laugh )

Love in a relationship is demanding and conditioning. How often we hear, if he/she loves me, he/she shouldn't have done that, he/she should have done this, I want him/her to be/do blah blah blah.

For some reason or another, we strive to secure a relationship with a suitable partner.
( sex, loneliness, financial security, a better half is the social norm, only marriage can make a woman honest )

What's love really got to do with any of these?

Then we expect to be loved by that partner unconditionally, with conditions. He/She has to be this, that and everything else under the sun a man/woman should be. Must love dogs, cats, travel and food. Non smoking and non alcoholic. Have big boobs and a fat posterior.

And of course his/her love should come with all the clichés attached to it. Blind, never having to say sorry, kind, patient, the list is endless. yawn

I am just wondering if love is really necessary for a sustainable relationship?

If we be honest with each other about our needs, and leave LOVE alone would relationships work better?

Aren't compatibility, understanding, trust, respect, commitment but independence, and chemistry, enough for a sustainable relationships?

If real love grows in a strong and honest relationship, that would be icing on the cake. But cake is still cake, even without the icing.grin uh oh

First impression.

Written out of boredom.

I tried to read my mail since I am bored stuck at home for two long days.

I don't pay attention to younger people. I can't feel comfortable dating guys closer to my children's ages.

Then 40s and 50s are also hopeless with immaturity.

I pay attention to every detail. When an English guy asks "would you like to get to know with me" I find it wrong even though my first language is not English. Is it correct or "get to know me" is correct? If it was any other nationality, I would understand.

Hi Honey, dear, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous are things I can't digest either. Those are just immature non committal, disrespectful terms men can use on any featherbrain. I don't fall for them.

Hi usha, would do please.

Would you like to Skype. My address is blah blah blah should not be a first mail.

That's not a respectful self. You can't and shouldn't throw your self at me that easily as if you are crap and I am the dump yard.

God, help those who have a phallus for a profile picture that appears in my mailbox. You have proved you are nothing but just a d***. Don't expect any reply.

I am not initiating any communication with anyone. But I think if ladies and even the gentlemen can contribute to what they like the first mail to be like.

Not a single mail impressed me though I am not looking at the moment.

At least some guidelines to compose a proper first mail would help lots of people who are really seeking a partner, whether their mother tongue is English or not.

First impressions matters they say.

Good night!
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I have been thinking and that is one thing I surely shouldn't be doing. Because my thinking head likes to ask silly questions. That's why I rather prefer to mindlessly flirt around. grin

Anyways, I have been trying to figure out what the original sin was, and still not sure what it really was. But that should be another blog.

Somehow, I have crossed out Adam and Eve having sex being the original sin, as God commanded to, "be fruitful and multiply". In order to do that, they had to have sex. So sex didn't have anything to do with original sin.(Enlighten me if I am wrong. I only know what they taught me at school of the apple tree. grin )

I know religious people will say, only Marital sex is not sinful. Sex outside marriage is sinful. uh oh

Then I often wonder how marital sex is different from any other sex. confused

I would only agree marital sex is sacred, if the God fearing Married women spread their legs and just lie down on a fertile day, eyes wide shut, not wanting to lust their naked husbands' bodies, while their husbands somehow managed to plant their seed in them and exit. (Don't try to picture this, because it's too erotic to handle.laugh )

My point is, even holy sex is impossible to happen, without pleasuring the flesh of each other.grin

Then on the other hand, there are others saying having sex is different to making love, and making love is more rewarding. wow

Eric Fromm said, "The s*xual act without love never bridges the gap between two human beings, except momentarily." As much as I agree, I have to point out, there are times sex leading people to fall in love.

I also don't think, love alone can bridge the gap between two people to make love/have sex.

I think I whined enough to get to my point with useless gibberish. laugh

Bottom line is concupiscence, carnal desire, or lust is the main reason for having sex.

So the question is, why do we tend to either sanctify sex with marriage or justify sex with love ?
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When I don't know..

Please let me hear your opinions.

Is it right to add, Late Mr. So and so & Mrs. Cordially invites........

I am not sure. It doesn't sound right. It's a happy occasion. Do we have to bring up the sad situation that my daughter's father is no more? It's sad alright.

If I put only the couple's names, Miss abcd and Mr. Efgh cordially invite...

Do they sound like orphans?

I can hear some outside views on this matter.

No jokes please. This is serious.

Thank you!bouquet
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# Trinity time.

s*xual misconduct/harassment against women; being grabbed by Vees, bums, b00bs or anything some men could get hold of was happening way before Weinstein happened or became news. If not since beginning of time, I think. moping

Then there was equal rights or women's rights or something. We have the same rights as men, what ever they are. But in some places women are still paid less for the same job, even though we don't take leave during pms nor while menstruating. laugh

Leave that aside, that's not my point.grin

Then came the # Me too.doh

And came # times up doh

I don't know how a hashtag can really change anything other than awareness. But what is awareness going to do if you don't know how to react in a situation if some men continue to be the pu**y grabbing type. dunno confused

We don't have to think we are weaker sex, and end up being victims.

We just have to know the weak point. yay

Happy Women's Day to all the CS women! bouquet hug

Lets learn to kick some wholy trinity.yay rolling on the floor laughing

PS. No offense intended to anyone who is a victim of s*xual misconduct or harassment. I understand the shell shock factor, which must have been the reason for being a victim in most cases.
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Offerings please!

I am starting a new Religion.
uh oh

All votive offerings, in form of anger, hatred, dispair, disappoint, failure, envy, anxiety, depression, pain should be left in the box, and you will be born new this instance.
grin wow

A  votive offering is one or more objects (in this case emotions)deposited, without the intention of recovery or use, in a sacred place. (professor according to Google)

You shall not covert the votive crown made of these negative emotions, and live in peace for ever till you die.

What happens after death is not my concern, and so shall not be questioned.doh

I am not a God, so don't pray for any s*xual or other favours from me. I am just a human.

But this blog is sacred. laugh

Message in a bottle.

Imagine two scorpions in a bottle.

Neither will gain anything by attacking the other. Yet they will think attacking the other is the best form of defense or survival. Naturally, they will gain nothing but end up killing each other.doh

Similarly to scorpions we share a common space called earth.

Birth and death are the only two ends of a string we are tied with.

Between those two ends we are all given a short sentence called LIFE.

In life we all strive to gain happiness, security and peace while avoiding suffering, pain and anxiety.

But just like the Scorpions we have failed to transcend the artificial boundaries and mental barriers like colour, race, religion, nationality, sexuality etc; that are more divisive than uniting us as a race. Human race.peace

Throughout history humans have abused, violated and killed each other over these barriers and continue to do so.

Animals only act by instincts of survival and does not act through a sense of morality.doh

We distinguish ourselves civilised and most intelligent species on earth, but failing miserably to uphold and treasure our ethics, morals and intellect in our day to day relationships as dignified human beings.blues sigh frustrated

Wish you a peaceful week with lots of patience and tolerance.!!teddybear bouquet hug

I am blogging with my phone for the first time while waiting for something.doh grin Excuse me for any mistakes and not enough emoticons.laugh

I am off to another planet.
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Enjoy the ride....

Imagine you paint your old boat and decide to take it out on the lake, even though it’s a foggy day. As you steer through the fog, another boat slams into your boat damaging the new paint job.doh

Most of us will be furious why didn’t the person in the other boat watch where he was going? Just when we try to react in anger we realize that the other boat is actually an empty boat that is drifting. wow

Soon our anger disappears. innocent cool

(A Zen story)

In Life we often come across people and events like empty boats.uh oh roll eyes

Even if there was a person steering the other boat and he deliberately rammed our boat, his behavior had nothing to do with us and we have no control over his actions. What others do or say is done for their own reasons, and most of the time they don’t even know the reasons. They may be driven by unconscious forces of their own wounds and pains. blues blues

One thing we must always remember is that we only have control over our own boat and must not lose it. If we find it difficult to respond from an aware and empathetic place, we must always steer clear.

Ramming back at an empty boat will only ruin the paint bit more.!!!

doh doh doh

Wish you a blissful journey this day!!!!teddybear hug bouquet
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fabulously flawed....

Once a monk was assigned to build a brick wall. Being a monk, he had all the patience he needed for the job. He made sure every single brick was perfect, no matter how long it took.doh

Eventually, he completed his brick wall and stood back to admire it. It was only then that he noticed he’d missed two bricks. All the other bricks were nicely in line, but these two were inclined at an angle. They spoilt the whole wall. They ruined it. By then, the cement mortar was too hard for the bricks to be taken out, so he asked the abbot if he could knock the wall down and start over again or, even better, perhaps blow it up. The abbot said the wall had to stay. frustrated

When he showed the visitors around the monastery, he always tried to avoid taking them past his brick wall. He’d made a mess of it and he was very embarrassed. He hated anyone seeing it. hole

One day he was walking with a visitor and he saw the wall. “That’s a nice wall,” he casually remarked. “Sir,” he replied in surprise, “have you left your glasses in your car? Are you visually impaired? Can’t you see those two bad bricks which spoil the whole wall?” . The visitor replied, “Yes. I can see those two bad bricks. But I can see all the good bricks as well.” wow wow

For the first time the monk could see other bricks in that wall apart from the two bad bricks. Above, below, to the left and to the right of the bad bricks were good bricks, perfect bricks. Moreover, the perfect bricks were many more than the two bad

When our eyes would focus exclusively on minor mistakes, we become blind to everything else. That was why he couldn’t bear looking at that wall, or having others see it. That was why he wanted to destroy it. Now that he could see the good bricks, the wall didn’t look so bad after all. It was, as the visitor had said, “a nice brick wall.”uncertain

In truth, there are more good bricks, perfect bricks, but at times we just can’t see them. Instead, our eyes focus exclusively on the mistakes. The mistakes are all we see, they’re all we think are there— and so we want to destroy them. And sometimes, sadly, we do destroy a “very nice wall.” blues

How many of us end relationships because all we can see in others are “two bad bricks”? confused

How many of us become depressed , because all we can see in ourselves are “two bad bricks.”? frustrated

How many of us are afraid of opening ourselves to others, because we are afraid that the others will notice our “two bad bricks.”?uh oh

How many of us see only the bad bricks in others, when there are more good bricks than bad in them? dunno

We’ve all got our two or more bad bricks, but the perfect bricks, the good bricks in each one of us always outnumber the bad bricks. Once we learn to focus on good bricks, things start to look not so bad. Not only we can live at peace with ourselves, inclusive of our faults, but we can also enjoy living with others in harmony .hug cheers comfort

Nobody is perfect. We are all fabulously flawed. grin

I know I am imperfect. But I only read that word as I’mperfect. laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Wish everyone a fabulous Day!!!! hug teddybear flirty
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Where is the love?

An ISIS member stopped the car of a christian couple, and asked them if they are Muslim or not?

The Christian man: I'm Muslim.

ISIS member: If you are a Muslim then recite a verse from Quran.
Christian man recited a verse from the Bible

ISIS member: Yeah! that was right, you are allowed to go.

"What a risk you took! Why did u tell him that we are Muslims? if he knew you are telling a lie he would have killed both of us" asked the wife when they got further.

"Do not worry! if they knew the Quran they would not kill innocents" Answered the Husband.

ISIS is not Islam, Terrorism has no religion. This is plain terrorism.

When we start to suffer from superiority, because of our nationality, colour of our skin, the religion we follow or any other invalid reason, our minds, hearts and eyes are totally shut for humility, equality, compassion and love.

If we take an eye for an eye the whole world will be blind. If the Muslims and Christians start killing each other, just looking at this chart what will be left of.

Hatred does not cease by hatred. But only with Love.

heart wings heart wings heart wings

Peace be with You all !!!!

teddybear hug bouquet
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