Moving Forward From The '18 Mid-Term Elections

Repub control of the Senate has strengthened.
The Senate confirms SCOTUS nominations made by the Prez.

Should The Don (or Pence roll eyes ) have the opportunity to name another SCOTUS Justice, this is who may well be nominated to replace uber-lib Justice Bader-Ginsburg...


Will this drive lib'ruls completely nuts?
How might they be expected to assassinate her character devil

Thoughts dunno



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Should The Don get another SCOTUS appointment, he will have filled 1/3 of the High Court... possibly in his 1st term.

Hi Mic wave hope things are going great for you n hope the election turns out exactly how you need it to :)

Am just one spectator, so, you want to pass me some popcorn ? Observers also get hungry lol
The jurists are always the first and last words. President Trump has moved with unmatched speed to replace the lower courts with conservative minds. This will shape the future for the next generation. Its inevitable.

thumbs up
popcorn...beverage delivery
Dig in, SPC grin

Right you are, Drc cheers
The Don has nominated and gotten confirmation of more Federal Judges in half a term than W & Barry. COMBINED!

His effective campaigning in key Senate mid-term races and Repub strength in the Senate ensure more are to come.
Their rulings - and precedents set by their rulings - will set the course of legal thought through the century. Probably longer.
And those Judges are potential SCOTUS Justices.

Perhaps the last Prez to have exerted such far reaching effect on the Judiciary was Franklin Roosevelt.
And it took him 3+ terms in office to do it.

Remarkable? damned defies belief!

And what IF Mad Maxie & The Impeachers actually pull off Impeachment - AND 2/3 supermajority conviction in the Repub strengthened Senate roll eyes

Future nominations will be made by Pence - the darling of the Religious Right smitten

Maxie And The Wrecking Company will have leapt from the pan into the fire devil
rolling on the floor laughing

Sure must wonder why certain people don't come here now for their opinion on this subject doh wave
read somewhere the increase in Senate members is some sort of record , Jim the mathematician might be able to explain just how Trump could be impeached , I just can't see how the numbers could stack up . Looks further away now than it did . If Maxine keeps stoking expectation of impeachment and can't deliver DNC support may skip town
(The Don not serving out his term)..."looks further away now than it did."

Betting odds indicate so, ep.
His chances of remaining in office jumped a couple percent as soon as the Repubs clinched the Senate.
It's since dropped slightly, but is better than it was a week ago...
A bit less than a 75% of staying.

For the record - the odds of Dems taking the House were only about 63%.
It impresses me as a reliably accurate source.

I'm unsure if he set a record for mid-term Senate seats gained by the party of the Prez, but the average is a LOSS of four it could be dunno

However one looks at it, it was a significant win.

Democrats Lose Presidency: ANGRY VIOLENT MOBS

Democrats Win House of Reps: ANGRY VIOLENT MOBS

But don't worry: once they get all the levers of power, they'll be civilized, happy, and in no way put the boot of government on your neck and throw you in a gulag.

Thank you for sharing that uplifting ray of sunshine, Con dancing


Sinclair Lewis was pretty accurate about quite a few things in "It Can't Happen Here",the only thing he got wrong was the Party!

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