The Left ruins everything

From the Boy Scouts to literature, from the arts to universities: the left ruins everything it touches. Dennis Prager explains.

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Then try using your right hand
He made the distinction between Lib'rul & Leftism thumbs up

Did you even watch this video before you posted it? I wish you would. I have a couple of questions.

You do know that apart from books like Mein Kampf, most literature and arts are from the left? That most universities are for and from the left, started by people who wanted to spread education and improve futures? frustrated

Or that Christ was a drop-out rebel who spoke out constantly against the establishment, defended the poor and the sick, never accrued any solid assets in his lifetime and was executed as a criminal by the exceedingly right-wing rulers of the time, at the fervent request of the religious leaders of his time and place? Your Prager says freedom of speech includes the right to hate speech. Actually I don't have a question there. If hate works for you, be happy filled with hate. Very Christian. But it is the left with their incessant bleeding-heart principles which have destroyed religion so we don't have to be love our enemies anymore. Phew.

I have an issue with Prager's declaration that the left is dedicated to systemic racism. Glance over the blogs. Look for systemic racism. Tell me whether it is right wing, or left wing. The only ones I can see are right wing. confused

As for the boy scouts frustrated I'd like to think it was a rational decision reached by parents who thought hmm, my boy's really enjoying the Scouts, my girl's finding the Girl Scouts a bit tame in this modern day and age, why can't they all be Scouts together. Guessing Prager doesn't have any kids.

Prager says the right believe in debate and it is the left that won't. I do debate, but then I'm right of centre myself. I can see value in both sides, and I can see flaws in extremists on both sides. This could be the start of a real and interesting debate, eh?

Biff, bless your heart, you do try.

But you can't change closed minds.
Molly, I can't help myself. sigh the right are sort of my people.

If I point out the only systemic racism here is right-wing, a light might go on. *ting* dat's true, Prager says dat's lefty behaviour, we must stop idea

If I point out that someone who never, ever debates is saying that it is the left that won't debate, *ting*

and how any video can demand the right to hate-speech and then say Christian values have been undermined in the same video is surely a debatable point?

I shall leave now. moping
Biff, I would have said the same thing about my leanings before I joined the blogs laugh

I think I am a happy left in comparison to their right though cool
I wouldn't post a video I didn't watch. Mr. Prager made some spot on statements about what the left want and expect.
I haven't watched the vid but can tell you my school even back in the 50's was so far left my history teacher was the local Communist parliamentary candidate uh oh doh
Talk about ruining the scouts !

Co-ed Scouts (or 'Scouts') makes sense for logistical purposes if nothing else.
Parents can take kids of both genders to one meeting at the same time & place.
Simplify! SIMPLIFY!!!

We ran into this issue with our kids; what to do?



Worked great. Kids loved it!
It's not just farm-related projects. It's allll sorts of different things, all open to boys & girls alike.
Also offered the opportunity for us to host foreign exchange kids.
In our case, we hosted Japanese kids through 4-H in Murka & LABO in Japan.

The families of the Japanese kids reciprocated & hosted our kids (boy & girl) for a month in Japan.
Daughter also spent a month in rural Australia.

Very cool very happy


applause partyparty applause

Is there anything he doesn't make about himself? confused
Can there be any blog that's not hijack into being about him?!?!


I'd prefer if one were about him doh
None turned to one uh oh help
rolling on the floor laughing

I'd sure as hell say THIS one has!!!

The Don is NOT the problem scold

OCD personalities afflicted with TDS - THAT'S the damned problem!!!
blues blah blah

How 'bout destroying women's sports?


@ 0:38 - That person on the 1st Place platform ain't a woman!
Compare the legs, shoulders & overall body mass to the 2nd & 3rd Place biological women.

As brought up in the vid - How long 'til all three on that platform aren't women?
And they are awarded Title 9 Women's Sports Scholarships?
You know - those scholarships feminists wanted to encourage WOMEN athletes.

As also brought out in the vid - who the hell's gonna pay to watch absurd parodies of 'women's' sporting events?

Women's Mixed Martial Artist, tranny Fallon Fox, has fractured a biological woman's skull & given her a concussion.
Does someone have to get killed before this silly shit is stopped?!
sad flower

I gotta reckon, the left has many spectrums. One of them being the anti-white, anti-customs psychos, (the likes I've met on my several stays in Scandinavia), that have the Bernd Jürgen Brandes syndrome, where they want to be eaten and killed by some other psycho.

The right also has their whackos too. Most of the 'conservative' people are just ignorants who are upset with their lives and the world.

There is some extremely intelligent conservative examples though, but not as much left wing counterparts. Unles we speak of centre-left such as Olof Palme and those sorts. One thing is Olof Palme, another thing is pu**y riot.dunno
devil waatch video...u can not throw in on one pile `the left` now do u define it..// word & words ... reading post I got as far as one with pic or video of Tr..... rather not write ,speeck,see him..what ever..That a** hole just makes me sick.. I seen friends ..become not friends because of him..and this is just on my local level..Who know what heck he doing in DC...god help us . So I totally boy cott Trum. ..I will walk away from plp talking about him -good or bad not wathc any news or item with his ugly face in it..and quickly MUTE if his voice comes on .. O M G ..what other human in histroy has tore aprat apart plpsad flower
that Cinnabar in them there Mountains seems to have you afflicted!^^^^^^^^^^^
rolling on the floor laughing
Re: the Left. Gender Bending is OK ,of course, between consenting adults; however why inflict it on innocent children? This is something that I just cannot understand...confused
Sorry Willy to overlook the comments on your post, but your premise about the left is spot on. The mods on this liberal site don't allow free speech...either their balls haven't dropped yet or they're gay....I suspect the former. It doesn't take much nowadays to disrupt the conventional, just one or two misfits on a website and a supportive cast of clowns posing as custodians of correctness. Liberals always censor, always hide behind a curtain while they delete you with a high school admonishment...."You need a time out"

Hey sum homework
And see for yourself that Mein Kamph
Is not right wing. Understand it was written from a jail cell with 2, maybe 3 masterminds. The instrument itself is
Extreme left ( government control of
Everything ) .
...Ultra right has its lone existence as a bogey man in the mind of mysInformed
Dis Information cadre. For the blunt fact is...
Further to the right of Center, the less offices, the less offices with phones, the less officers on safari.
Go to the extreme right on the plane..
And you have No government at all
Part 2. The Left generally has No idea
Of how to celebrate their gains & triumphs. D jay Trump has expanded
Govt.( see space force ) while rolling back on. B S red tape for producers.
The sheer S I ZE of govt. Is such that
Trump is only a speed bump on the way to the Commie dump. Celebrate that.
Celebrate that the UN, World Bank & Vatican have a $ocial plan for your life and it is NOT-/ nyet synchronous with the 4 spiritual laws nor the 4 freedoms.

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