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Under my nose...

There was a time I had control of all my tools, gadgets and hobby parts. I could switch hobbies for months and when I returned back to one everything was in places I recognize.
Since my move, all the knowledge is gone. Guitar things are mixed with drone and model helicopter things, plumbing supplies are in the same box as my vintage record albums.
You get the picture. What's amazing is my partner has perfect recall for things... well, the things in Miami before the move. If I needed the little metal tool to open a can of paint, she could find it in a few seconds.
I had two bookshelves one with computer books and software and the other with model aircraft things. In the aircraft was a few SD memory cards and adapters that allowed me to plug the SD into a computer. This is how I transferred drone videos to my computer. Hold that thought...

Recently, I've been looking for different things that disappeared in my move and after searching high and low and about to give up, I'll see the item I've been looking for set aside within arms reach, close enough to say it was 'under my nose' all along.

The last model helicopter I purchased has new technology the previous models didn't offer. Telemetry between the model and transmitter. Things like RPM, battery voltage can be read via the transmitter. Very cool, except I need to do a firmware update on the transmitter communicate with the receiver.

I downloaded the file to make the upgrade and I need the adapter. I have at least 3 of these things and made no less than four attempts to find them. My guess is they are together in one small plastic bag... somewhere.

It's a holiday weekend and I plan to be at the flying field a good part of it. That upgrade would be 'icing on the cake' so I've got to continue my search and check under my nose again and again for the SD card adapters.

Comments (3)

The surefire way to find the old one, is to buy a new one first. laugh
If you find it then simply return the one you just bought.
I like the way you think Fay. thumbs up

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