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A Bit Of Fun#

Just a pair of teasers
1, what did the banana say to the giraffe?
2,what belongs to you, but is used
More by others?
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2,what belongs to you, but is used
More by others?

Your phone number.
It is a good answer but it is not
Correctthumbs up thumbs down wave
#1. "Your height does not a peel to me." laugh

#1. "Why don't you slip.... into something more comfortable ?" :winking:

#1. "The more you near your destination, the more you'll be slip sliding away."

#1. "Well, at least you won't try to monkey around with me." scold

#1. "I could definitely go bananas for a gal with such nice legs." wow

#2. Your door bell/buzzer.

#2. Alimony checks. laugh

#2. My lawn mower. very mad laugh

#2. Well, I hate to bring it.... up..... but sometimes I do feel used. banana crying laugh
i nominate Jim for the worse pickup lines award. redclown
Wait does age disaqualify you..uhmm biden's confused

rolling on the floor laughing
Bananas cannot talk, so the answer
Is 'Nothing'. 1
Your name is what belongs to you.
But is used more by others.

Thanks Everyone, feel free to
Add your own here or elsewhere wave

And there he was,... Gone laugh
Hmmm. Since other people may have your same name, while it is yours, it doesn't belong to you.
It is shared by you. tongue Your doorbell physically BELONGS to you. tongue
I believe mine belongs to me
As l said, just a couple of little
Teasers. Everything is open to
Job done beer

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