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For the last 5-6 years I've used solar lights in the garden with no problems at all, but this year is omg give me a break. During confinement I have totally renovated the outside eating area, got rid of the pool leaked very very badly, New decking etc and a new area for a spa. Lovely even if I say so myself. Up went the solar lights and I was happy. TwoWeeks later two lots weren't working so down they came and fresh up. One week later one lot not working, so I left them for two weeks thinking a miracle might happen and I might see the light, fat chance of that happening. So I bought proper plug in garland lights, on the pack it says 8 meters long, so up the ladder I go, ssh I'm banned from ladders, down come the solar and up goes the plug in. Now the swearing starts as the 8 meter long consists of 4 meters of lights and 4 of wire, down they come. Up goes another set of plug in, really, supposed to be 8 meters and these are 10, bear in mind that all i really need are 6. What really really p....d me off is id dumped the solar lights in the cabin while I put up the others and what happens they're only now working.
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