Remember having sex on a regular basis helps keep your memory alive
So I wish everyone a great 2016
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Happy Birthday to you!... party party hat balloons cake laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh
How do I spell sez Emmy lollaugh laugh laugh
Regular basis?
Once day?
As much as possible anywhere i wont get arrested?

cheers cheers cheers cheers
2016 not 2006? What? Where am I?uh oh dunno
I can't wait 'til Tomorrow - I Love looking for the eggs ... bunny

very happy

Cheers to slurping on a 2022 protein shake cheers
Lady only 6 months wow that's a lot
yeh to long.i hate itdoh
Lady i do believe you're getting more action than the lot of us put together I'm jealous laugh
2020 was the best year of my life 5 ladies. i doubt if i could repeat that but who nos its 2022
and i would like a permanent lady.thats y im on here.over 1 night stands that r on going
Lady I think you might have to travel to Brisbane

I'm nsw but I think men who live in Qld travel to Brisbane for the Brisbane babes
i lived in brisbane 40 years the only reason i live in gympie i could only afford to buy a house here cash after a divorce settlement. but things are changing house prices have gone through the roof here.going to relocate back to bris 2022.if any ladies are interested
Lady I think you will have to strike up a genuine attraction to a woman who feels the same way about you as her

I love the heat Qld would be perfect for me but I don't drive so I wouldn't have a fat chance in hell of being employmed n Qld

For those reasons I look at Qld as a holiday destination
yeh qld is good all the people from nsw and vic are snapping up houses here.i live half an hour from noosa.that some of the most expensive real estate in australia
Lady it's cheaper to live in Qld compared to Nsw..In saying that many flock to Qld for respiratory health reasons

If I had Qld's Winter it would be a breeze c*m Winter time
Does it have the same health benefits if nobody else is involved?

I understand there are other consequences such as blindness, madness, and hairy hands... But I'm trying to weigh up the possible benefits.
So last few years meant nothing to you??


Good one Ems.
Lady I was being sarcastic.
all good i hope u get laid for 2022yay
I forgot what the OP said in her post now.
she hasnt been laid for a while
I can't wait 'til Tomorrow - I Love looking for the eggs ... bunny

very happy


sigh ... oh shit.... moping

i love eggs there greatmumbling
Now days around there are mostly cheap folks...
Based on my statement i presume many will be offended..
LMAO reality is REALITY if some get offended by reality well go back in ur fairy tale's world coz i do live in a real world like every body else...
I presume that comment will be deleted...
If so well AMEN......
Oh miss I love that one rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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