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When Will America Reach Peak Insanity?

Our American sensibilities are assaulted on a daily basis with claims that are widely accepted to be true and righteous even though they’re demonstrably false and malign. The falsehoods, exaggerations, and prevarications by omission are tearing at the fabric of the great American experiment in liberty. Which is exactly what they are designed to do.

Consider the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, acquitted (justly) last week of the homicide and reckless endangerment charges that should have never been brought against him. Not only was the prosecution malicious (for which the prosecutors should be sued), the web of lies that corrupted the entire case were in service of a nefarious political agenda.

Rittenhouse did not kill two black men and wound another, as some media outlets claimed. The men he shot in self-defense were white. Nor could it be said the men were mere protesters, as so many asserted.

Rittenhouse was also called a white supremacist, even by I’ll-bring-the-country-together candidate Joe Biden, though there’s no evidence that he is. It simply fit the narrative and that was good enough.

These examples are but surface coverage of the untruths politicians, the media and half-wit celebrities spread about Rittenhouse, because they saw the episode, from the self-defense shootings to the trial, as an opportunity to further demonize firearms and to make the streets safe for the “right” kind of protesting, which to the sane and decent among us is known as rioting by the left.

Meanwhile, the global warming lunacy continues to run free. No longer are the green shirts satisfied with replacing gasoline and diesel automobiles with electric cars, they want to get rid of cars altogether.

It might be an easy task, given that Democrats, aided by the media, want to financially break as many Americans as possible by passing asinine legislation such as the Build Back Better bill. If we follow the hard left that is now the center of the Democratic Party, we’ll have no choice but to use public transportation, because we won’t be able to afford cars after the law, if passed, has wrecked the economy.

Or so the left hopes. Either that or the Democrats will push us into crowded buses and subways because they’ve pushed the price of oil to unaffordable heights for most Americans.

Two years of pandemic have contributed as well to the outbreak of madness. The unvaccinated, whether they have natural immunity from a coronavirus infection or have been medically advised to forgo the shot, are treated like modern lepers, as are mask opponents, by politicians, “journalists,” and celebrities – the troika of knavery again – who cannot discipline their urges to control others nor their neurotic need to feel superior. All are to comply with their demand, or else.

We’re just getting started. The country is plagued with unhealthy racial and gender fixations; daily attacks on free speech; crime sprees where prosecution and incarceration are considered lamentable anachronisms; a vicious cancel culture; demands to defund the police; continued attempts to keep the Russia, Russia, Russia lie alive; Soviet-style purges of opinions and information from those the left wants silenced; and riotous Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs. Readers, please feel free to add whatever comes to mind, because our list is merely a starting point.

It could be that what we’re calling insanity is actually a campaign of ill intent. But a degree of derangement has to be present. Otherwise, the movement would have been overwhelmingly rejected rather than embraced by a large enough portion of the public to give it traction. Unless we reach peak insanity soon, and begin a return to normalcy, the future will be a far harder ride than the ugly moment we live in.

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If anyone wants to stop this insanity make sure you vote those causing it out come midterm elections and put someone in with a sound mind in 2024. Or the above mentioned chaos will continue or get worse.
Firearms are part of the mess. Even his defence said so. A reason not to jump on Kyles head is how ridiculous easy it is to kill someone. How high stakes, high pressure it is, in most places where you'd get a fistfight there is now a gunfight in America.
What nurta sez ... cheers

The Insanity won't Peak 'til Marxists are thrown out in the '22 Mid-Terms.

Marxists - Let's Call 'em what they Are! They're NOT The Democratic Party of JFK!!

Still find it hard to believe some adults think voting ch-Changes anything ??!!
..Am eYe the only one counting bodies at the AZ Biden Rally.?? Didn't I also tell you, as an eYe witness, the 2016 Clinton Rally in Fresno did not even half fill a H S gymnasium.
81 million ppl voted for a corpse ? Puhleeez !

I appreciate the sentiment, but you have been misled by propaganda, from the same sources Willy has been decrying.

Some facts:

There are, conservatively speaking, over 80 million citizen gun owners in America. In successive waves of threatened gun control laws, Americans have responded by buying more guns, mostly for the stated purpose of self defense.

Estimates of firearms in citizen hands range from 300 million to over 400 million, enough for at least one firearm for every man, woman and child in the USA.

As far as gun-related deaths are concerned, there are, on average, about 33,000 per year. And, on average, about 2/3rds of those are suicides. (Japan, by contrast, has a much smaller population, hardly any firearms in private hands, and each year more suicides than in the USA.)

Of the remaining 8,000- 10,000 gun-related deaths, small portions of those numbers are accidental killings, citizen- self defense and police-committed killings (e.g. non- murder homicide).

The vast majority of that number of non- suicide gun-related homicides are committed among and between inner city gangs made up of minorities. In fact, gun crime is heavily concentrated. 51% of American gun crime is committed in 2% of American counties, with all, or nearly all of the most dangerous places being in long-term Democrat controlled cities with extremely strict gun control laws.

Taken another way: the gun safety record for the rest of the United States exceeds 99%, in other words, 99% of lawful gun owners use their weapons in a safe manner, year in and year out.

Those committing the crimes are street thugs who otherwise are too young, or too burdened with criminal records to even lawfully own a gun.

But to place the blame of gun crime where it belongs -- on young, inner city minority youths-- runs counter to the Democrat narrative. Urban Blacks are a key Democrat constituency.

Lastly, guns aren't the problem. We had 4 years of street violence committed by Soros-funded BLM /Antifa, who were careful to use unconventional weapons, such as skateboards and bike locks, waterbottles filled with concrete (and yet had firearms ready at hand in the event that they were challenged by armed citizens. Remember, one of Rittenhouse's assailants was pointing a gun at his face).

A call for "gun control" is to deprive the individual of their primary means of self defense when cops "stand down" (which they've done routinely). It's also Carte blanche for rogue governments who've stripped their citizens of resisting tyranny.

Don't be fooled. Every genocide over the last century or so has been preceded by gun control.

Gun control kills.
Another fun fact from deepest Fresno..

Shoplifting now exceeds $1 million DAILY..
...experts like McBob & Columbo or Lt. Drebin
Unable to find any plan R fingerprints on that crime wave. Rather, Most Republican's ..ala Pense, McConnell have established their wimpiness.
I would say that diversity with being armed to the teeth is one step down from the legalisation of murder. Your kids are being setup to murder one another it's not really their doing when they inevitably do. It's bound to be hell because of you all, not Kyle personally.
Or there is Alternative 3.
Kill your Television & prepare for the kingdom of Yah-- being eternal. Among it's best features..
No Republican
No shit.
Not surprising, chesney you are full of poop in this blog. smh
I BET NOBODY talks about Waukesha parade horror in here coz inconvenient...

I'm asking myself where are black lives matter or human rights activists when 40/48 injured and 5 dead are left on his passage?
Darrell Brooks african/american man has done that thing?
Tho those hypocrite never say a word.....

Funny thing tho...
I bet they'll show up if he gets death penalty...

cheers cheers cheers

Fox News:

MSN News:

cheers cheers cheers

Am i racist?
Simply pointing out Facts?
Brooks cannot get the Death Penalty - Wisconsin doesn't have Capital Punishment.

Blog on the Waukesha Massacre ...

Black Lives Matter activist Vaun L Mayes
at the scene of the Waukesha parade attack:
"It sounds like the revolution has started," mentions hearing from a source who believes Darrell Brooks may have been motivated by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

Black live matter bla bla bla bla bla bla..
I do not see them protesting world wide coz that idiot killed 5 citizens and injured 40+...

I see only way to much talks and no MEA CULPA AT ALL!!!!...

I certainly didn't fully xpressed myself clearly and probably i failed to make the point.

My point is ONE.. BROKEN Justice System ALLOW CRIMINALS TO ROAM FREE,and the consequences are UNDER EVERYBODY's NOSE but the most foolish do not care!!
Foolish = black lives matter and human rights activists...
Those that make up catchy things coz the most can get hooked just like fishes and follow those catchy things,rather than face reality..

Reality check for once?

A criminal will always be a criminal even after 30 years in jail,which will cost to all citizens even those that want death penalty for any crime a TON OF TAXES WASTED!!!....
Do please spare me the statistics of reformed criminals coz i too read those and those are just that statistics which have nothing to do with reality.

cheers cheers cheers cheers

But hey after all its just my humble opinion,and probably i'm that stupid not to understand those catchy things..
Am i really that stupid or simply using my brain to understand that a lot of that money wasted to keep in jail a criminal is JUST MONEY WASTED that could be used to fix some issues of the general population?

No idea still that's my point of view whether anybody likes it or not,i certainly like it coz less taxes to pay to keep in jail a criminal would be much better for me tho...

cheers cheers cheers cheers
Willy, in my opium
there are a few things that needs to happen:
1) A new platform at the internet that is right (freedom) leaning
must be started by somebody, who can see the forfit i it.
I was hoping Trump would do that.
2) Voting is not secure if it has not been improved significantly since nov.2020.
It must be radically made better since then. Covid is still here
so that excuse for late mail-in is still on.
Those two could be a start.
'see the profit in it'... still the tired home from work spelloes lingering mumbling
Oz, it's already happening. Gab, for one. I was on Gab before stumbling into here. Bitchute, MeWe and other startups are filling the gap.

Facebook was Deviant / Orwellian long ago, but their mask slipped after Trump got elected. They are just part of the cabal who are infuriated by populism, and want the rest of the power and wealth they don't already have, but feel themselves entitled to.

They are willing to side with ChiComs to get what they want, not realizing that once their cabal "wins" the ChiComs will be the most powerful group left standing, and for the traitors, their fate is invariably being stood up against a wall.

Let's hope and pray that the Cabal doesn't succeed and the Populists regain the power that began slipping away at Yalta, perhaps even before.
Ches, certainly you have an opinion, but it's an uninformed one.
Might be a while yet,judging from the Feces coming out of Congress and the WH!uh oh
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