Dealing with the CraZies....

Good Grief!
I thought that 'scammers/spammers' were the real threats on CS, but I just recently realized that there are also some very weird, no not "eccentric", I mean CRAZY men that I'd come across as I navigate through the maze of "Matches".

My most recent encounter (just yesterday), was with
65, chatham-kent, Ontario, Canada

Ladies beware! He started off sounding gentlemanly and sane, then quickly progressed to having problems with his language and being overly 'affectionate'.. See these below:

-now i hate it im so weak yes i will obey please please yes give me a chance]
-yes your lovely yes sexy sorry for b=eeing me
-i want you to say or ask anything and not be afraid to say ...yes i know you you want me -i will make you beg to have me ,,,,but your hooked you mine]

When I commented on the way his 'speech/conversation' had changed, and suggested that he seemed drunk, this was his response:

"ok your good scamner but lol i never drink"

This is the last thing he typed before he BLOCKED me! Now, tell me truly, am I overreacting, or is this person as CRAZY as he sounds? wow dunno confused help
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Sounds to me very unhinged and I would get rid of him him and send the Mods what he send you.................... wave
That's what I eventually did bc! Thanks for the support.thumbs up
sad or bad? whatever you did right thing block him.

I unfortunately have a long list of blocked folk ---all men grin
Didi7 ~ It is part of being on a Dating Site and I have received some pretty weird and some downright obscene and nasty ones but like you say Crazy is pretty scary and any person who sits at a laptop or whatever they're using and writes vile filth, or nastiness of any kind at a woman for the sheer kick they get out of taunting, trolling are the type you need to report and Block.

I had a recent incident where this guy was not taking no for an answer and of course I blocked him.
He was very disrespectful. I am not great on I.T. but having blocked him and felt relieved when I did, he arrived back on my inbox a few days later... same name !!

If I did not live alone it probably would not get to me as much but I immediately Block and report once they become nasty and I can see they are unhinged.

Take care , it is not you, it is them, they are sick. Sadly they need help but are the type that would probably never have the guts to ask a woman like you out, or have social skills to either, they are angry nobodies who pick on women on a Dating site. bouquet bouquet
Thanks so much GG, you are right of course. I really shouldn't allow men (or women?) like that to perturb me. He/She did, especially when he/she called me a 'scammer'...I really think that he/she is a troll..."idle minds easily become tools of the devil".
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend.bouquet
Didi7 Glad you mentioned He/SHE. I had a really horrible Troll too. I was accused of lying about my age, the one thiing I don't do. I am 100% honest and also what I was out for.....that time I let her have it before blocking.
We have to respect it. Did you block your country settings ? it can help. Once you go online you open up the darker side and on my FB I have many scammers and men wanting to be friends and they are usually military men [fake stolen pic ] and they start on messenger and get too friendly too quickly and are scammers so I am thinking of taking down by FB after years.

Do what is right for you but we all get those on here and they are on all the sites. hug
Good reason why this is the only social type site I am on. More controlled than FB or others. There are pervs and losers out there who try to get a rise out of women. What real man thinks talking dirty to a stranger will win them over. Guess women haters or those who call 900 numbers.
Like you Orzzz, this is currently the only social type site that I'm on (tried a few others but costly or just 'BLAH'), and even though I have a FB page, i don't really use it. CS is unique to the others in different ways, but sadly, not when it comes to "pervs and losers", as you say.

I wonder if the men are harassed by trolls in a similar manner?hmmm roll eyes
I haven't blocked my country settings from Canada (where the troll's address suggests he/she is from), but that would cause other 'Canadians' to be blocked, not so?
On FB, accept messages only from "friends" (option in Settings), only accept people who you know in real life - and after trouble. We have enough unknown people at CS :)
Thanks for the advice Bright.thumbs up
I also sometimes get mails from scammers. I read their first mail, then I delete the subsequent mail without reading it. I never block anyone, I just ignore them.
I don't know the situation of women, maybe scammers and sick-minded-man bother women more.
"I don't know the situation of women, maybe scammers and sick-minded-man bother women more."

That might be true DL. Most women tend to be more trusting/less skeptical about a man's intentions, especially when they seem gentlemanly and sane during the initial stages of chatting. Now, I'm beginning to be more skeptical...humph!sad
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