unknown phenomina..... 3

my forecaste
for the coming weeks....

the once dream land is...
in real danger...

violent public disorder....

complete disorder and confusion.
... sigh
the planets are
showing karma's
work. dunno

i can understand
only this much in astrology
.. only few weeks
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Contraian gold in McPhysics..
...one note at a time...
...but heavy on speed...
.up on the Sun ) .meat puppets
Get yourself UP. } ..head East
C..O..R O N A .} .. minutemen
...2..sum things burning. ) K R f. 1st Edition
1..A L I V E !. ,) .. Empire of the Sun.

Part 2. ...Astro + Logic [ ?..
.. postcard from Italy. ) Beirut
.. anthem of the Sun ) grateful dead.
C. .$0L INVICTUS. ) .Faith no more
2..house of the rising sun ) .frijid pink
1...$unday morning coming down. ) . Cash.
..also ran. ) .politics of Time .) . minutemen
..blue Monday .,) .New Order.
coming months.... before

planets are showing....
another pandemic from
china.... similar to aids...

Russia .... next step is no
good...no good at all..

some places... in europe

sun.... is going to show...
very anger.... 50 degrees

my astro.... reading says
this... wave
Hello TM,

I just discovered Elizabeth April and she had been talking about CERN and "split our reality." It is too early to tell whether if she is on to something....or just outright on something. But, I must say that this stage what she is talking about is very interesting and most of it aligns with much of what I have heard others say.

You may have heard of her.

Wow Teena,

That sure is one strange Phemoninaw (however that word is spelled) wow
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