FBI searches Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort...

The top story is/was the FBI Raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort.
News at 11.
I can hardly wait to hear why the FBI would want to visit Mar-a-Lago.

Although the headlines read raid, the FBI conducted a SEARCH with warrant.
I'm amending the title of my blog to correctly reflect this.
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they sat on hunter's laptop for years and the ties to china go all the way to his dad.
this shit needs to stop! the bias totally undermines the rule of law in this country!!
What does Trump, Hunter and Mar-a-Lago have in common?
Security has direct highway access to Mar-a-Lago blocked off, but at least 100 demonstrators have shown up alongside Southern Boulevard to show support for Donald Trump.

They were shouting obscenities at the live TV cameras while the newscaster was covering the event.
His supporters will love purple heart him even more now.
Sure to evoke the rabid righteous and religious rage of the demented right!
But how sweet should it bear fruit.
The frothing mouths here (one in particular) proclaim civil war as you can see.
(is the great American divide as evident in the towns, cities supermarkets as it appears to us here, far away?)
Hunter's laptop was a red herring put in place by certain Republicans, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that any laptop of Hunter Biden was left at any store for repair.

If Joe Biden made so much money from China just where is it? Not a cent has ever turned up or are you suggesting Biden is a master criminal with the ability to hide millions of dollars from the world?

The only bias comes from those believing and spreading Trump's lies.

But keep believing the lies, it makes for amusing reading.
You pick to post among the worst company. We now live in a banana republic. If they can do this to a past president and possible future president, think what they can do to us little nobodies, especially when they employ 80,000+ new irs agents. Time for some to start watching what we type on social media.
@gladrags don't forget what the British freed of tyranny did to Charles the first - he was left head separated from body! Even America doesn't use that method of execution nowadays, but perhaps they could contemplate bringing it back? Florida still has death penalty, but not sure what jurisdiction applies to Presidential crimes
Chatillion ~ Yes I read about this in a fairly reputable newspaper earlier this morning. It is on all the papers online too, the ones again that are credibile. No doubt there will be more on the News at One shortly.
Not a nice to thing to happen regardless of whether I agree with that persons politics or not. I can remember when Police forces did that to a well known English Singer to try and stick him for child abuse for which there was later an apology, the man never quite got over it though. Cliff Richard.
There was no question the FBI did raid the Mar-a-Lago resort.
Should it have been denied, as in it never happened?

We could do an Alex Jones / Sandy Hook denial of the event!!!

FBI ?? What FBI ??

Actually, I'm, surprised it too so long for them to get there. We were expecting this a few months ago. But as they say... Timing is everything. One agent interviewed said all the background information had to be correct before going in. "Dotting all i's and cross all t's"
Chatillion ~ It was in all the good papers and UK papers, I don't believe gutter press which sells well.
I knew something had to happen but like you say it is surprising it did not happen sooner.
It said in the papers that many supporters of Trump were outside with placards ~ ??
Regarding the delay, I think perhaps if charges are going to court, they have to have the evidence very tight as if there is one tiny hole in same the defence team will tear it to shreds. Time will tell.
Amazing how , with social media news gets around the world so fast. I had that this morning.
Poor Donald, a victim of his own arrogance and, dare I say, stupidity.
I know the residents of Palm Beach didn't like the security hassle getting in an out when Trump was at Mar-a-Lago. The deal long ago after selling, he was only allowed 2 weeks per calendar year, but he broke that deal a long time ago as his primary residence was in the state of New York.
He was able to modify the limit by taking a gig there as a paid employee and able to stay on site.
After the presidency, I read security is much less than when he was president.
There was also a huge shift in property values at the time that may have dropped some.
Cannot think of a more deserving candidate (for an FBI raid)! Hoping they grabbed stuff (but probably unlikely).
I read a story that said he may have unlawfully taken government files from the White House in violation of US law.

The law in question — Section 2071 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code — makes it a crime if someone who has custody of government documents or records “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies or destroys” them.

news link:
This has been known for awhile. No doubt the raid required approval from the highest levels of the DOJ so strong evidence was provided. This is the former President of the United States. If he broke the law, everyone needs to know. Can someone please explain how Hunter Biden's laptop or ties with China fits in with this? confused
Also, of note is that Trump called it a "raid" and a witch hunt as is his wont to constantly create havoc. The FBI called it a search and had a search warrant.
I wonder why didnt the fbi did not call and or announce themselves before raining Trumps home? What time of day did this raid occur. And what was the urgency to raid 45s home while 45 was far away? dunno
Trump took 15 boxes of official government documents to MaraLago which is illegal. He only returned them when there was a possible threat of legal action against him. Perhaps they suspected that Trump didn't return all the documents or that he had kept copies of them In ?which case, why would the FBI call him first? Forewarned is forearmed, and they wouldn't have wanted to give Trump the opportunity to hide any evidence. Trump has not proven to be an upstanding, trustworthy person.
I'm surprised galrads asked a question about the FBI not announcing a visit.
It appears (for good reason) to be their protocol.

Ask Michael Cohen
Ask Roger Stone
Ask the attorney who was made to stand in his underwear while they searched his place!

I quit following what the fbi does since what they did in waco tx.
A subpoena would have reached the same end as a raid and without all the ramifications because trump can now say that the fbi will present thing that weren’t there.
Except for this one time. laugh
Trump lies. It's how he deals with all his failings and failures. The FBI would have had all their ducks in a row before executing that search.
A SEARCH would list specifics to an investigation.
A RAID would be anything of interest to an investigation.

Considering the magnitude of this event.
What if... the ENTIRE event was filmed and not a single switch or chance of adding something that wasn't in the house prior to the search. Everything in clear view, so Trump cannot claim they came in with a box of documents to frame him.

Would YOU be satisfied of their actions?
If the fbi could do that (film everything) why remove things they aren’t looking forAnd who is to say something false wasn’t planted before filming began. What justified this invasive raid on a 45s home. If they knew what they were looking for why didn’t they just ask for whatever.
If they knew what they were looking for why didn’t they just ask for whatever.

Pay attention, that question was answered before. See above.

Did you or know of someone being visited by narcotics?
They don't give you time to flush your drugs down the toilet.
Same concept.

Scenario the FBI is trained to avoid:
"Donald, we suspect you have some highly-classified documents in your possession. Is it okay we stop Monday, say between 9 to 11am to pick them up?"
"Are you going to be home then?"
"No? Okay, when is a good time for us to visit?"
So, are the fbi trained to avoid you or me or any other peon. Dial 1-900-fvi-gestapo any time you want that someone else might have.

Lets see what the judge approved and signed to justify the raid on a president’s home.
Dial 1-900-fbi-gestapo
Willy did a blog on it. Sorry, it wasn't on my read list.
I just searched this link:

Should he have contacted you prior for permission for the search protocol?
Asinine comment. You should join the other blog with the same title. You'll find solace there with the beard chewing, hand-wringing Trumplodytes.
Lindsey Graham goes on record to make his obligatory "nobody's above the law" comment yet adds that he's 'suspicious' of the investigation.

Everyone else knows the FED's must have obtained a huge amount of evidence prior to the search. There is too much at stake guessing something will 'turn up' in a search.

A friend commented this could provoke a civil war with die-hard Trump supporters who refuse to accept any wrongdoing from the former president.
What happened to all of Hillary's emails that she deleted after they were subpoenaed?

Fact is the American people want someone in Washington dc that works for them and the dems don't want that to happen.
I don't think the USA has ever been closer to a civil war as it is now.
I don't know about Hillary's emails. Just like Hunter's laptop, It's NOT of this blog.
Amazing how conservatives can switch the topic to something unrelated.

We're still on Trump, the FBI and them having good reason to search Mar-a-Lago.
Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed a motion asking the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to unseal as soon as possible the search warrant materials used by the FBI to raid President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

I didnt change anything. This thread involves and is about the fbi and how corrupt it is.

Ok, i wont engage in your hate-filled threads anymore since you dont want to talk about the thread topic.

hug peace
Hate-filled threads?
I just reported the news...
Happy sailing ~~
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