‘Missed’ Intentions and Misinterpretations.

Recently, bcjenny posted a blog about a 4 year old who speaks 7 languages. Jenny stated that she had “…read about some people who speak 15 languages…” and “…always wondered don't they get some mixed up?” Don’t they? Maybe. Maybe not. hmmm

The English language, all by itself, can sometimes get just that – mixed up. So much so, that a person could speak words/phrases/sentences with one particular intention, but somehow end up with a meaning (or meanings) that implies another intention. And this may be based solely on another’s perspective/focus and interpretation. Sometimes, we could miss the point.doh

It is amazing the way in which, whilst typing, the structure and content of a somewhat simply sentence, can affect overall intention and interpretation. But more than that, is what happens to the accuracy of that interpretation if even one word or punctuation mark was missed during the reading of it. Often, small words like “not”, “and”, don't, “or” and “but” are missed when some of us read/skim/scan too quickly. That can then cause us to mis-interpret what the intention of the writer was, leading us to give responses that are irrelevant, indifferent, or rude, etc. Add to that the lack of appropriate punctuation, and the reader can become quite confused. dunno confused

In life (and on CS) these things happen, so instead of assuming the worst about a person’s intentions, maybe give him/her the benefit of the doubt. One could either wait or ask for clarity on the subject before responding, and if one’s response wasn’t what was meant, then it’s okay to apologise and amend what was said. After all, MOST of us are here to share with others, learn from others and make friendships. So let’s not become foes over a ‘missed’ intention.
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Looking for the one who spoke 15 languages I came across one who speaks 24 languages
I started to put it with yours but realized that you had a different topic in mind so changed my mind.
You should with your message hopefully to get rid of the language police who show up now and then.
wow 24 languages...where did they find the time? Mastering the English Standard was already a task (for many, myself included), but 23 other languages too. WOW.bowing to that/those person(s).
"You should with your message hopefully to get rid of the language police who show up now and then."

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