If this reaction could be achieved and sustained, it could save humanity from climate change. It would produce limitless energy and no greenhouse gases or long life radio active waste.
Two light atomic nuclei combine to form a single heavier one while releasing a massive amount of energy. The fuels needed are deuterium and tritium ( hydrogen gases), heated to 100 million degrees. The gas becomes a plasma and the nuclei combine to form a helium nucleus and a neutron. A tiny fraction of the mass is converted to fusion energy.
This energy is the same as produced by stars and the sun.

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Please, for the love of CSTEPFORD
And Uncle Joe 81 million..

Please read, re Read & meditate on the First and
2nd Laws of hot. } . Entropy, arrow of Time & bane of Particle physics. dots. } .bad Brains
. 2nd Law. } .muse
C. .pop Quiz | .who are the brain police ? ) Zappa

.a.) who are you ? ...b.) .rock stars...¢ ) .the Police
.d. ) bob McBob...e.) .kyah International
.f. ) man group. G.} U2.
H/08...HAL 10000...I. .all the above...Live exercise. ) . Standby. ) .
Easier said than done...per your 2nd para.
..( Co Incident. | .1963 pop chart hit by x-marines- band name not remembered

While others play in their what 1F° fantasy climate change..) let me parrot the TV mantra..) .real bad
Physics is going on with um..Strangelets..
They R strange..( and physically Nauseous to mid- Earth.)
..Geo a Scientiferous Science & obituary search term for all semi $erious CStepford thespians. Let me show U....
Heavens on fire. ) .the Radio department
Die by the drop .) .the dead weather
Attack of the peace keeper.) Dead kennedy.
..synTax. ) Amerikan Metaphysical Circus./ United States of America. .( ..yeah, they were charted back in the day.) .
Liner note.( .what U just read was physics @ speed.
My physics @ speed.
Psalm 2 } blur.
Airplanes. } Bob.
Psalm 09 ) trouble.
..a.r. } .4 minute warning. } .Owen.
Agent B
You forgot Barry McGuire...... Eve of Destruction.
Fire...... Crazy world of Arthur Brown.
Animals....We gotta get outta this place.
Since Barry McGuire's REAL Estate is just
4 zip codes removed from my own...
And since He performed a concert at the College eYe was in circa Spring, 1980..
.. please amend your black hat ways...
McBob don't forget about important stuff n such.
Cosmic cowboy ) McGuire
Live bullet. } .bob $. & Silver bullet band
The End. ) Black eYed peas.
Agent B
Also Midnight Cowboy...... Everybody's Talking At Me.
Stepford rides again with BLUE9
I'm afraid you're going to burn out....
Nuclear physics & missle launch theories
( .ya'll would be shocked @ the pre Recorded
528hz. $cienter they've embedded in the Air
Regarding... Ukraine...NY...LA... Seattle. ) ..
Blowback...boom & blackouts R imminent.. is Zombie crime wave... Zombie troops...
Vampire $enators..Ware wolf Techies & personified in Zombie president 81 million.
..the old majik Act . One band. 01 disturbing pattern.
Politics of Time ) . minutemen
C O R O N A ..} .. minutes + men.
Ballot Results. ) of the minute, Joe 81 million.
.. McNote. ) .it's raining men. ) Weather girls.
No one ever needs to just take my gibberings with salt....its um...not my idea of good musical taste.. is THEIR popular musick.
And it is frightfully accurate of current Events... before the event horizon.... Standby..

Black December. ) Hellyeah.
. little black submarines. } . . . black keys....
Black out. } . Scorpions.
..SynTax. } .Facts of Life .) Black box recorder.

McBob. ,) ..per Adventure you "grip it " now..
..the Number of sub Ordinates INCREASE @ fixed rate
.. regardless of the work / question...
..- Parkinson PARADIGM paradox..
Let's all face the music that the CStepford audience didn't learn their fission from Van Halen College. to the UN clear fission boredom
..we present .. Reality...w/ your host.
Dr. Bob.

Time travel ....missle Scienter... Trumpenstein...
Orange..[ bad.
...Trump card...Trump tower...Trump..
Until...the end of Time....

All Topix explored to the Nth degree in one
E Z to find channel. ) Enterthestars. ( . YouTube playlist..) ..scroll to the Trump file...) Discover
Literally 71 de Codes on the Trump brand. ® .
..we Strongly recommend you view the short [ under ten minutes. ] ... videos first. Because this guy moves too quick for CStepford novices. 2 repeat, our mentor & friend is TOO STRONG .for most Amerikan s... conservative or otherwise. will not have time to grip the Entire picture...
And the reason is... ironically...due too/2.. television waves...) wave..
Blue wave... purple .pill.... Standby. )

Sword of Elohim ) red Crayola
. crystal blue persuasion ) T J & shondell.s..
.the Wake. | I Q..
..a. r. ) .did you hear me. ? .) Red light district..
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