Your daily dose of Donald... 9-10-2022

Sorry I missed a few episodes but (at least) 3 new Donald stories appear in the news each day. Last week, Trump and legal team requested a special master to review the government documents found at Mar-a-Lago. This potentially stalled the process, possibly until after the mid-term elections which could have a significant impact on the voting outcome should he be found guilty of (to put it nicely) doing something illegal.

Anyway, he's suggesting the DOJ pays for the special master. The DOJ disagrees... he's calling for this, he should pay. Don's a great negotiator, (isn't he?) and wants to split the cost with the government.


Reader comments are always entertaining:
"Trump wants the government to pay half so that when he stiffs his part at least the Special Master will get something."

"He asked for it. It should come out of Trump’s pocket and not the taxpayer’s pocket."

"This is really something, trump filed the motion for a special master, now they want help to pay for what they asked for, that like me asking for a new car and wanting the dealership to help me pay for it"

"He doesn't pay bills, loves to claim bankruptcy, also loves to get out of paying taxes. Then he should have all kinds of money to pay for the special master. Bet if he was to pay half, he would stiff the special master also"

"Why should the taxpayers pay for it? He took documents that didn't belong to him. Besides that, just last week, he was telling everyone that he's a billionaire. If so then let him pay for the special master that he wants."

"It’s not gonna be cheap either MAGAS. So get your checkbooks out because he needs your money to delay his indictment. Also, pay attention to who is cashing your checks. You’re in for a big surprise MAGAS!"

"I sure wish we could in some way redact Trump's entire presidency."

"Grump has some special documents he could trade for payment."
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No, he wasn't snubbed for the Queen's funeral. They simply didn't have room.
Could you imagine if Trump was king of England for 70 years, you guys would still be in charge of the world professor
Chat, is the Amber alert still active? laugh
And you would be his loyal subjectcomfort
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