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you people that vote my picture a 3 are a 5 a 1 your right that's what i am but that means your a zero so get bent
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comfort i've never seen any one who is sooooo stingy in voting picscomfort if they vote u 15,rate them back a 10 bro.comfort cheers heart wings heart wings yay
don't worry about it . relax ........
it's a funny thing that voting system, not sure I really see the point. I've obviously had one guy aged in the 30-40 bracket that voted every picture of mine a 1 ... made me laugh as I wondered what on earth I'd done to upset him . not bothered as I'm not looking in tht age bracket, but I have to say they are the stingiest voters!! And the under 30s give me the highest rating ... it sure is the year of the cougar lol !!!
laugh dancing dont worry be happy my friendcheers dancing yay heart wings
more than likely that's just a crazy that you rejected or they didn't like one of your comments you posted . don't worry about it .
what others say or think about is irrelevant what matters is what you think about yourself .
im not a 1 and i believe if you don't like me don't vote
dont pay attention john.
most of the voters r uneducated.so they cant use numbers the right way.they think 1 is for the first position.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing frustrated yay doh cheers
Hmm well if you allow photo rating what do you expect? Don't take it so personally comfort
I don't get what purpose this photo rating business serves....

Seems to cause more angst than anything.

I'd just not have the photo rated and leave it at that.dunno
I'd vote u a 10 bro .. seriously ...but am too lazy to do it ... then again ... its too gay for me style.

dw .. u're sexily beautiful (now that wasn't gay, right?)

John, what people think of you is none of your business. I love that! Say it to myself whenever I feel unfairly judged by someone.hug
i understand what everyone one is saying but a 1 ill tell we will make it backwards day hey look im #1
Hey I completely agree.
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