Anybody remember this one?

This song is helpful when my anxiety creeps up on me :)
I hope you likey heart wings

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Hi Music! wave

Glad to see your post! I can't watch youtube vids...but I'd love to recommend you some Gothic songs from there, these are the softest, I've tried my best to find' em, please do have a try! cheers

Lacrimosa - Kelch der Liebe (the very first goth I listened to)

Lacrimosa - The Party Is Over

Elis - Sie erfasst mein Herz

Elis - Do You Believe

L'ame Immortelle - Fallen Angel
Hi Monkey laugh
I listened to the songs you posted, and I have heard them before. I love the Goth scene, but I have always thought it sounded like industrial music to me. I love the medieval scenery though. Landscapes, churches, cathedrals, castles, mansions, etc. It is cultural for me and part of my heritage cool

I grew up listening to metal. What web sites can you log onto in China for listening to and posting music? The song I posted is a song called "Mansion Builder" by the Second Chapter of Acts. They were a Christian band from the 70's. See if you can listen to it head banger

I have one for you that I love. See if you can find the song "the Philosopher" by Death head banger and tell me what you think.

Thanks again for the web sites Yan blushing
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