why we can't find a real person here

hello to all ! Why we cant find a real person here, Most of us don't have to trust so what the happend is that. If you are looking here than why you could not have to trust to the other person I hope that when every you have get the messege from any body plz try to have conversation with him/her hope so they will honest and trustable person for you don't beheave the rude people
Hope so you will all understand me

with best wishes
handshake hug cheers
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I don't get you, I'm brainless! All the best for you, too!
four score and seven years ago a secret agent told me.doh laugh handshake
professor professor professor

scold scold scold scold scold
ma mère a toujours dit
«Ne parle jamais aux étrangers"
my mother always said
"never talk to strangers"

dunno dunno dunno handshake hug
Yeah Dude, . . .

I Really know, . . . how you feel, . . doh

Sometimes, . . these cute little Blonds, . . can be really Naughty . scold

It kinda, makes me want to, . . give them a Good Spanking, . . sometimes,. . . . very mad

I do believe you..There are so many profiles fake...and like to make jokes....but sadly with a bitter taste...handshake
But what's most painful they are from your own country..which is supposed to trust..
Hi Sweet Beautiful K, . . .
I am very sorry to hear about your heart break, . . . . hug
Hello Aj..it was not a heart break just stupid games...on net...

from friends..ofcourse..hug
I agree with you Virgo!!! there were so many fake profiles..but the one I don't like are the game players/scammers...They want to get You to get your yahoo address and talk to you for a little, then tell their sad stories, so that you buy it to send them money...grin I met one guy, when I was new in CS...begging me to buy his son a PSP for b-day gift, or send the money to him...of course I am not that gullable...
Wait a sec, im real ! Lol
its not easy to trust,eps here,but i give ppl a fair chance! but if im not interested in them,i tend to ignore them...its happenswink
Kasih I am also real person but i would like to have some one from EU dunno bouquet teddybear wine
Did ever occur to you that the real person maybe vanish because some of dumb aliens take them away from us rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I just become worried if a man asks for my e-mail from the beginning. Otherwise i never received money request. Must be they see im still working to get it.
Anyone that messages me gets a responsetyping I try never to be rude, but I have blocked a few when they became demanding for my IM/personal e-mail. So,in my profile, I made it very clear that I will NOT do that until I get to know them better.dunno The true ones will understand and probably feel the same way.peace wine
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