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Does anyone go back to old Blogs?

As I was looking through blog titles and Figuring out which one to read i started noticing the dates and year the blog was posted. I was wondering if I would read and post a comment on a blog posted in 2009 would it get noticed?
It seems that once a blog is posted it is here for the duration. Like a Library with so many books that maybe if I go through and read some I might learn something or I might be wasting time on old stuff. Either way i might try it and see where my Friends have been and where they are now.
So do you look back on any of your old blogs? If so you may see me there. But not tonight I am going to my nice comfy bed.

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if you put comments on old poems the writer gets notified ...but not in the blogs ... wave wave
Hi Wildchild.
I sometimes go back to people´s old blogs if I see something interesting, but I do not post comments on them as they might never get noticed.

As for my own blogs, I go back and read them sometimes, look at some comments from people who are still here, and some who have left. But there are no added comments except sometimes on the last ones that I may have missed.

you gotta best advices so I say have a good day!wine
I delete my old blogs, so no one can use them... I don't think they show if you delete them. Enjoy your Tuesday.teddybear
Hi, I missed you on my blog yesterday, where were you? But I think I'm gonna keep myself scarce today!yay yay
If you comment on an old blog it will move to the top of last commented, if the blogger is still around you should get a reply, as for whether anyone looks at old blogs, it's not uncommon for them to get a thousand views a year uh oh laugh wine
Mostly, I guess only the new blogs are viewed. It would be better if a topic from an old blog seems still interesting to a reader, this person should blog about this theme on his own. A topic never really ends, IMO..conversing typing popcorn wave
Deleted my first blogs as I have advancedgrin since thencheering but yes you may get a fuller picture of a person if you read their old blogs. You can certainly see if the change character a few times over the years.peace teddybear
I agree with Calleis here.
Some old blogs of mine (nearly a year old!) are still interesting but didn´t get as much attention at the time as they would now, for example.
So, now and then, I delete them, make a few alterations, and post them again with maybe a new title. It seems to work..wave
ZM. "If you comment on an old blog it will move to the top of last commented" ???
Could you please elaborate?
Do you mean the blog will show up on top of the list here?confused
Min, yes, any blog no matter how old will move to the top of the last commented list if someone comments on it wine
Thanks my friend. I hadn´t even noticed that there was such a list.handshake
We learn every day!professor
Virgosingle: Thank you for letting me know that you get notified on the blogs. That is what I was wondering if I posted something if it would be read or just sit there.
Minerva: You have a good answer to my question also,I just wanted to know if the blogs from 10 years ago are still good and active.
Welela and Rudex I would think that if you were done with the Blog and You have evolved from the topic that deleting would be a good idea.It would take the guess work out of what topic is a good one to read.
Zmoutainman and Calheis: It is good to know that they have a place for latest comments. This helps me for I am new to blogging.Want the best of it.
Val I have company here. My Grand Niece is here and I have to bring out the child in me to entertain so I have not been on like I want to. But will make time for it soon.
To all my new friends This is a great place I enjoy all your blogs and comments. Once I get settled again I will be more present. You all have a good day and God Bless. heart wings yay drinking banana head banger wave
All of us should note that deleting a blog here does NOT auto delete it from the 100s of search engines that already captured it. On several occasions I have been able to find stuff supposedly deleted with careful searching via search engines. professor
I see Ken I was just wondering if I would comment on something that was 10 years old if anyone would see it. You know like if a tree falls in the forest would anyone hear it if they were not there.
Kind of thing.
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