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Long live Morons!

I am going to tell you completely a different story, this is nothing personal either professional.If some one take it personal I cannot do anything about it either.

May be I am new for this CS dating site but I am not new for cyber world. I used to be on this non realistic cyber world for a long time since I was a university student.I have talked to many people online.Talking to people was not intention looking for true love or finding a right partner. I always enjoy getting to know some one unknown from this planet. During this cyber journey I got to know people in many categories. Some did real good work behind the screen on this cyber world. Such as given a good moral support who wanted and who really need them the most. Given a good life lesson from their own experiences, teach something online what are good at, as an example I got learn how knit my own Barret thank to an old Scandinavian aunt, she teach me that online, also I got to learn how to do wood carvings thanks to a person from Australia,
But that sort of people I have found on internet less than my fingers in my hand.

There are lot of people who say things just like they know everything.Also lot of people complain about other countries their life styles, their law, their immigration law the things has to be changed,it suppose to be like this , it suppose to be like that, But does any one accept that they have been deported?, their visa has been cancelled? their resident permit was rejected? Does any one talk about those truthfully and openly? of course not that is the reason they blame to the law those countries and all other rules and law.

People are blaming US president for war crimes, people blame for UN not talking actions,People find so pathetic the way US president do things, People blame where ever they can to blame,, but does any one talk about their own locals?How they make double price for foreigners? How do they rent in triple price to foreigners? Of course not that is why they see all other stuff as so pathetic,

How ever those is not most painful target on this cyber world. People throw hot coals to the others, criticize others, bully others, say dirty things about others, blog about others,pointing at others,but this is mostly happening on the dating websites but why ? That called projection in psychological terms. Those kinds of people actually know that they're liars, cheaters,scammers them selves,but they don't want to admit it to themselves. So they deny that they're like that by projecting their negative traits through comments or blog or through personal mail onto others. That is the naked reality about it.

The people who live in a misery, or people with paranoid personality disorder are acting as I mention in the last para.

What I want to say If some one accuse some one it is their own guilt and own misery. Not no one else!
Karma knows every ones address so let the karma to treat those people be happy don't let those hot coals dirty blogs to make your inner peace shatter.
a** far as no one accept those crap it is their own crap! How people treat you is their KARMA but how react is yours

God Bless you All have a good day!
I am feeling better than yesterday, and thank you for all your lovely comments I truly appreciated!

teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (28)

im sure youre going to get your point across...but my my my..ill grow old reading all that!!.....
please forgive me.......
Hi Zuerich how is your hand did you type all that with one finger?wine wave
Zeurich Keep Calm...and have more Cakes!!!! hug teddybear
Hi Zeurich wave

It feels good to express yourself. Everyone expresses themselves differently.... It's just lifeconversing what's important is that we do and have the right to. And when someone is lying that'll get exposed sooner or later, the scammers we just ignore, every leader of every nation is blamed for the countries downfalls etc etc etc Reality is reality...sometimes it's bad but most of the's beautiful. bouquet bouquet bouquet
the weight will be lifted off your mind .......wave wave
@ Namaronwave Hi Namaron Thank you!

@Gary yes with half of one of my fingers

@ mimi I am always calm my dear! you know me former royal highness of Kingdom of Morons

@theresa wave Hi there how was your America day? Of course it is beautiful, what for saying I am in love to hike Wineglass bay mountains, hug

@vigrowave hi there yeah he,,,, how are you?
@garytee- my hand is getting better , pain is much less, Rabies shots are done,,
The dog was injected but not returning to owner. Will be placed in dog compound till the case is over!
When someone becomes too annoying, I just step away...

Discussion can be only occur with people who can hear the other person's point of view and can look at things from the other side.

Hope your hand will heal quickly and you will can enjoy your summer.
wave Hi fiona, yes hand seems getting better,,, pain is much less.. how is your day?
zeu nice sharing thanks,i wish today you feel much betterhug
wave Hi Shub? some times no see how are you?
wave good morning--- how is jab site and bite this morning my friend hug
Hi red good morning,, shots were done pain is going down,,, and slept goodteddybear
So pleased about that those rabies jabs can swell if you have allergies.
I do hope dog is put to sleep and owner fined or jailed.
Bad enough you being bitten but could have been a childmoping
hug hug wishing you well thoughteddybear
Dog is under police authority till the courts decide that, man was in the lock up till 24 hours and released under bail. I am waiting to get the letter from the courts when I have show my face and say cheers!
Good to see you hear Zeurich and to read your thoughts...I am also happy to hear you are doing a tiny bit better. I hope you will have a wonderrful Saturday, my friend.yay teddybear hug
Eh... bummer! Not to see you hear, but here. My bad, I am sorry!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing whaaaa haaaa you made me laugh welela,,, yeah tiny bit better,,rolling on the floor laughing But I am trying hard to stop laughing for what you said,,teddybear Have a good day welela
Hey Zeu, what happened to your hand? Hope all ok. All I can say is Beware of Dogs and Cyber people. They both bite. grin
Ah Zeu my friend, liked your blog girl. Thank you for last night, it meant a lot!!heart wings banana
reunion @Usha oooooh you missed the best part! a dog bite me a bull dog,, oh yesterday was a real bad day for me.... drinking drinking
reunion Val val valbanana banana banana banana you are back yey yeyeeeee,,,, hug hug hug I love you val I am so happy that you stay!
Hi Zeurich
Long live the Morons. They too have a right to be here.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Zeu, sorry about that, hope you are better now. did you tell any jokes to the dog!? Or did you call him a moron? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Zeu, so sorry about that. hope you are better now. did you tell any jokes to the dog!? Or did you call him a moron? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Zeu, so sorry about that. hope you are better now. did you tell any jokes to the dog!? Or did you call him a moron? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Well @cat yes of course,, why not right laugh laugh

@ usha did I tell a joke to dog no dear owner said they are new so dog does not know me welllaugh laugh

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