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to all my friends here on blogs,

I posted a blog yesterday evening and did respond to all comments.when I woke this morning and seen more comments I did respond..what I am trying to say is,,some of us are in different countries and different times,i might be a sleep when you are a wake,or you a sleep when I am a wake..i have a lot of respect for you and your comments,so if you do not see a response please do know I do my best to get back to is called respect to your friends and I do call you my friend..hope everyone has a blessed life cheers

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cheersI totally understand.....bouquet
@ Theresa,,thank you and I do value your friendship cheers
Hi Wen, you did reply to my comments and I thank you and appreciate that. Even if you did not, it's ok. I still have so much fun here. A little bit of 'hiccups' won't mar my day! ( or night in this instance
giggle )

hug teddybear
hi Mimi,,,yes i know people understand,,,yet i do want my friends to know i have much respect for them cheers
And I, Mimi, have deep respect for you too even though I haven't known you for long. grin wine
angel laugh laugh well I hope that would be better there is a notification that "you were mention by" just like in twitterdunno
yes i have been gone for a while Mimi, but i am back i have met a lot of good people on here, and have gotten some good advice from my friends..we are a family teddybear
hi Zeurich,,,sorry your team lost USA awaits you teddybear
Wen, we understand about the times zones. I have had similar experiences. All we can do is try.thumbs up
That is okay Wenever, timezone is for all of us. so I do think there is nothing to talk about at all. We understand and so do you. yay teddybear hug
@ Jim

@ welea

i know you do and i thank you,,i guess i worry cause when i first came on blogs i left someone out by mistake and they let me know about the rules,,this might not be a rule but,,it is respectcheers
Well Silly man, you better reply to me or else there's no more early morning coffee for you!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
silly woman,, you know this was bothering me this morning we talked about it motorcycle
I know Silly man, just pulling your leg.yay banana yay
Ah Wen
Not to worry, it is a common problem and I'm sure everybody understands that. thumbs up
cheers wave
@ catfoot,yes i do know everybody understands...but been gone for a while just felt i needed to say this, cause there are so many new people on here, i want to start back right and let them know i am a friend,,thank you my friend cheers
snooty That is really rude of you!
applause I agree with Val. ( Silly Men)...rolling on the floor laughingjk!
@ Angel,,,,hello my sweet,,i know i am such a silly person,,,what to do with myself,,got any sugestions and i am still waiting, and looks like rain coming moping
I am coming!
dang!..... Give me time to get there.moping
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rolling on the floor laughing
@ Ken thank you finally some one told me the rules,,handshake cheers
@ Angel,,peddle faster motorcycle
Nice blog! wave
hi Calleis.. thank you: handshake cheers
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