Pop or Cola? Have you noticed how in different

states when you are dining out the server looks at you like you have 2 heads because she may not understand the two are but one?! laugh Between towns and states ordering the wrong word can be a mistake! rolling on the floor laughing

So, what do you call that drink, a pop?? Like I do. Or do you order a cola? Maybe something else?! dunno confused
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In the states you call cola..pop?
pop a cola laugh
Pop??? In UK it's called a coke.
Some call it a soda. But, I do not usually drink pop...pop is tixin...toxin is pop!
Toxin, lol!!?
pop here means take..# i popped a pill
Yeah, I know what you mean about "pop".

Just remember that's what we called it in our day and these kids nowadays don't understand our "lingo".
Dear two headed girl. They are not the same. They even taste differennt.

Ordering a cla means any btand is acceptable to you. Even a (yuk barf ) RC would please you
Ordering a soda popcan also get you a gingerale or an orang soda.
A cola means you get a Pepsi or a Coke, right? Oh, hang on, you guys have cherry cola as well.

Here we order by type, much simpler. A coke, a lemonade, or, nearly forgot the national non-alcoholic brew of Scotland, irn bru. The drink of drinks. (strange orange colour, strange taste, very popular, go know)
We don't have pop here, we just order by brand name. Unless it is something like tonic water, then you just askeep for a tonic water.

The local soft drink here is red lemonade
Fizzy or coke. I never heard pop before, soda sounds a bit dinosaurous laugh
Anyway dining somewhere at a nice place I wouldnt order any of that, instead I would go with vine & water.
Soda, pop.... buggy, cart.....it gets worse than that... as you travel further south, it's the accents that crack you up. Make you lean to hear better, squint your eyes, look at each other and say huh? do you know what she said? First time was in a restaurant when I was a kid traveling.. the next was in the school I was placed in.. had no idea what those kids were saying laugh
i wait to be asked for id.... its the states, what ya expect
Sometimes I refer to it as soda pop and sometimes a soft drink.
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