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I have a friend a guy from middle east (22 years old) who knew a local woman 37 years old (a widow with one daughter 5 years old) online for 2 years then they committed to get married. The guy traveled with all documents to marry her.
After 2 months of marriage his wife told him that she cheated him and it was because her child told him when she was not there, the child is always afraid of her. This guy did not have choice but to accept it, he could not go back to his own country. From that time his wife showed her real character, she is a monster. His wife abused him. He found out she even ever tried to kill her own brother. This guy could not work or open a bank account, this is the rule for spouse visa. He started not to be comfortable to stay with his wife but cannot run, he did not have any friends. He tried to make friends but because he is good looking women like him, so he started to be as playboy, while his wife also had several boyfriends. One day he met a woman and he was so depressed this woman took him to stay together, the last 6 months he lived separately with his wife. His wife several times brings different men to live in her flat with her and her daughter. He told that his wife would make him into jail, she always threatened him, he also becomes a liar. He sometimes met his wife and he kept secret about the woman he lived with. They would get divorce soon as his wife already had a man that contact him to marry her. It is almost 2 years of their marriage.
Last week, his wife asked him to come to her flat to return her travel bag and exchange their laptops. This guy did not have any feelings so he went to meet her. Actually it was a trap, she made a report and polices took him from her flat to the police office nearby.
She found the phone number of the lady he stayed with and started to threaten and terror her. She would make another report to put this lady in jail too if she heard she interfered the case. She said his husband was a suspect molested her daughter.
As friends, we would look for him as he could not be contacted for 2 days, so we called this police office and found out he was there and the case is not about molest a child under age, but hit a child. Well we know he would not harm any kids. One of our friends tried to make appointment to meet him and pretended as his fiancé, cos this time only family can visit him. His wife knows and terrors again thinks that the lady sends someone to visit him. Of course this lady denied. Poor guy, he lives alone here, no family and the strange is police did not give him a chance to contact his family in his country or his close friends, he does not either have a lawyer. doh

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Tell him to get a good lawyer immediately.

If he can't afford one, he can get one through legal aid.

He needs representation.

Get friends to visit him, saying their are his brothers and sisters if needs be.

Hopefully he will be okay.
Good luck to your friend with our Malaysia judicial system and police jurisdiction. sad flower

On another note, it's nice to see someone from Malaysia. You were already on the blogs way way before me. Nice to finally get to say hello to you, Davinadia handshake
Terrible story...thank you for sharing and giving us the head's up.
Thanks mollybaby, finally we can find his family's number, his father already called the police and provided him a lawyer. Now lawyer is working. Hope he will be released soon.
Hi MimiArt7348 nice to know you here, I am living and working in KL wave
Yes Johnny_Sparton, a lesson for us .....
Hello again, Davinadia, I go often to my mom's place in Petaling Jaya.

Maybe we can meet for a cuppa in the very near future? I'd love that coffee coffee

And I can meet you in downtown KL wink I live near Ipoh, Perak now.
Yes Mimi, I live and work around Bukit Bintang area ... see you, inbox me when you are downtown KL or your contact applause applause
I'm utterly confused with your story as the pronoun "HE" and "SHE" have been wrongfully used, but I sort of got the gist. However, I always thought Malayasia is one of the very few Muslim countries with the Rule of Law which apparently may not be true as per your description.

Isn't Adultery prohibited in Islam? How a Muslim woman can bring different men to her house in Malayasia?
?????dunno Hijabi women sleep with different men there too ..???...confused
Malaysia is NOT a Muslim country but Islam is the official religion.

Yes, hijab-clad women do have sex with different men coz they are human too?
Hello again, Bobby,

I'm not implying that Davinadia is having sex with different men with my above statement but personally, I've known Muslim women who covered themselves from head to bottom, have sex against their religion but it's their choice, really. I don't judge any of them coz just like everybody else, they are also striving to be a better follower/devotee of their faith. Nobody's perfect.

Anyway, here's a pic of Davinadia and I, taken about 3 weeks ago.

no sex before marriage but people can choose their own lives. I wore hijab in 2014, I joined CS in 2010 I guess, I made a lot of friends here. This shall be "She said his (HER) husband was a suspect molested her daughter." typo error shall be "her".

thanks Mimi and Bobby.wave wave

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