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over the years, there have been reports of shamelessly high (20 to 35%), administrative costs of the money these take in from generous, caring donors. Today, with Houston upon us, there was a story on how the American Red Cross may be scimming cash as well. Apparently, in ARC efforts in recent disasters in Haiti, 25% of the money was for. administrative "costs". I no longer regularly donate blood to the RC, when I learned that the supply they get at relatively low operational/storage costs, gets marketed formany hundreds of dollars a pint in hospitals. The very high salaries of the suits in such organizations, such as Goodwill, should be instructive to us all in these regards. Some larger regional hospitals will gladly take blood donations. Of course, speaking of scams on donors, look at the Catholic and other religious organizations. Aa.

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I think if you dig deeper you will likely find this is a case of the existing charities playing dirty pool to get a bigger share of an ever diminishing cash pile. The theory being you will give your donation to them instead of the other guy. Then of course there is those who feel ONLY the private business world is capable of doing anything right. To this end various congressmen voice dismay at Red Cross and others. Low and behold Walmart already making inroads into taking over Red Cross operations. Money, money, money.
Private charity is not fit for purpose and this basically leaves us with two options; Socialism or the misers bunker, public services or private security. Denmark or South Africa? But there's much to consider. America is a big area, there's potentially more distance between you and the city and therefore your AIDS-infested swamps are less of a pubic health concern. Democrat find it harder to flush you out of your bunker with dogs, grenades and a sincere desire to do what's right for the world. The American right-wing is really right-wing, disconnected to the point of autism.
Wow, Chesney - you are quite to fire spitting dragon.
O and C, I actually considered trying to keep an open mind on the ARC and other giant organized "charities". but the suit from ARC was interviewed on radio today, and he was so unctuous, he made most pols, lawyers and used car salesmen(women) seem squeaky clean. Pointed questions about why such high percentages of cash intake goes to administration were spun with finesse, but without a trace of genuine info. Scummy, but easy money, if you can get it. Aa.

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