So a lady, originally from PR, member of a foreign language group, started to come on to me. Visits at house, gifts from the cocina, asking this car guy to help out with her aging Honda Rav 4, and so on. Hello greeting kisses on mouth soon followed. In time, she began to tell me a little about herself, including 6, count them, SIX !, marriages, all ending in ways that seemed to place her in a good light. Now, I'm hip, as our twins' mom and I, never betrothed, on splitting, do remain good friends, and caring coparents. But for those believing in powers above traditional science, Bravo NEVER pees up the Aa mansion. But when she began to list the hubbos, one to six, Bravo got right up, and began spraying the rugs. Easy clean up, and of course I was nice to him, but it got me thinking. Dogs sense all sorts of things in humans. Now these animals are used to find occult cancers and predict seizures, and lots more. Did he sense some anxiety, etc. from one of us, or perhaps something else? Anyway, she soon turned out to be a gold digger and little more, so she got the hook. Perhaps he was protecting her, or me, or all three of us? VKH-Aa.

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Dogs are WAY brighter than we give them credit for. Bravo, Bravo!

It can't be easy to make 6 divorces look good ... wow
Sort of my take on things, E. Thanks. Aa-VKH.
You have a very smart dog...i need to borrow him for my dates lol

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