I have power!

I’m bingeing on TV. I watched a favorite movie “Used Cars”. I’ve done 2 loads of laundry, not in my bath tub. I have WiFi! The artificial light has improved my mood and the furnace has warmed my hands up.

Tonight I will shower and climb into a clean bed-my reward for paying this bill.

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If I was there you wouldn´t need to plug me in and I´m totally free aswell!applause
You don’t plug in? :(
Why do you want to plug me in?
Sure. I’m feeling pretty good tonight
Hiya PF.... well done! hahaha

But.... the question is, how did you manage to stay online during your power outage? confused
Alan, my phone. I kept it charged in my car
Palmfrond, I´m solar powered so just leave me in the sun all day and you can abuse me all nightsmitten
BN, are you draining the sun?
Palmfrond, yes I am, it will burn out in 20,000,000 years so plenty of time for a quick one
What if I want a long one?
Sure you are not wind powered Naughty rolling on the floor laughing
Ash. rolling on the floor laughing
"Used Cars" is a great movie I have a copy on VHS that I downloaded off the TV years ago. A lot of people have never seen that movie, they don't know what they're missing.laugh
Ooby, i love General Lucky
applause applause

Enjoy! bouquet
Usha! cheering
umm .. its good that you have all the things back to you .. you have a reply for your last own blog ..
and now everything is fine .. wish so applause
YAY. cheering
Palm, who is General Lucky?
He’s the guy who blew HighPrices up. The guy who thought red was bad luck.
Oh yeah, I haven't seen the movie in years and didn't remember his name. Here he is.

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