Females and males.....Striking.......

In very primitive life forms, there are methods of exchange of genetic materials, between sexes, but it hardly resembles s*xual reproduction. But all higher forms, including even many plants, with exceptions, from a genetic viewpoint, resemble the egg and sperm deal seem in humans. So the advantages of this scheme go very far back and are everywhere. Except in many liberals, and other primitive human like organisms.

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You've got a f*ck cheek to talk about breeding after suggesting the best age to start a family is in your 30s.
CC, me man. Down, Boy, down. Another benefit of such is at least twofold. In older years, statistically fewer kids. And harder to conceive. Think of world population, and work on that unhealthful anger. Regretable in the setting of high intelligence. Amd Miss, M. Apparently little for you.
Little for me?

I'm not hungry conversing
M., And as such, very blessed in life.
I know there's a problem with teenage single mums but let's not over-react andmakes ht emistakes of the more affluent classes. 37 year old mum with a womb filled with sperg chemical, in your 50s when they're 18 and then they get spoilt materially because parents don't have the energy to pay attention. It's a royal f*ck up, you wanna be telling girls to marry before 25 and boys to marry before 30.
CC. Do you ever consider your levels of anger? Do you have a mental health provider who can prescribe antipsychotic medicines? Just asking.

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