Yeah baby, im so trendy

Seems its quite fashionably to make selfies ,or post pictures of yourself, taken in front of a mirror where everyone can see that you have a Iphone ...
Well since I dont really want a Iphone yet I want to be part of the gang ,feel that i fit in and follow the new fashion ...
I decided to buy that little apple sticker ,with a piece chewed up, and stick it to my Huawei ...grin

Okay, maybe I overdid it doh

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rolling on the floor laughing
Why didn't you just use an apple with a bite out of it.

Much more environmentally friendly professor
Is that a marble background you have your phone on?
or a hairy something or another confused

I have a cheap Lenovo Android with a looong crack across the screen...
Is there a gang for that...?! uh oh
Very Clever!
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing That Apple just to bigroll eyes
It looks like you have New York city on the front of your phone......uh oh
I find the bathroom selfie is the way to go, especially when there's a log floating in the river in the background.
Oopsy me D I didn't realize it was you doh
otherwise I'd of never mentioned your hairiness .... hole
You can follow the latest trends, the other normal can be setting of new trends. wink Between, there is a news trending that twitter is trying to freeze millions of accounts.conversing
I hope you didn't take that photo while sitting on the toilet. uh oh
Thanks Ded, now I too can own a Applelaugh
i had shorts on... my legs are hairy

no i wasn't on the toilet

but soon i will post selfies from the bathroom devil

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