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UK and Brexit (43)

Mar 1, 2021 2:10 PM CST UK and Brexit
Today the Eu lacks more than the half of its vaccins purchased from Astra Zeneca. Is this a type of revenge by the UK government because they got little out of the Brexit negotiations??? A kind statement as 'do not mess with us, you'll get a payback'
Most of the vaccines produced in Europe were shipped to the UK. There the Prime Minister could state his succes with the number of people already vaccinated. How could this happen? The EU even signed a sales agreement one day before the UK!!!
Or are it mistakes in the administrative logistics? Which one's ?, Astra's or the EU's?
The ceo of Astra failed to give clear answers to questions from EU citizens in a hearing. Is it a sign that Astra is more concerned about the future connections with the UK than the EU?? What is clear is that "the famous clan's togetherness" reared its head again. But the question remains who is ultimately to blame for the failure?
And what has the Brexit to do with it??
Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:52 AM CST UK and Brexit
Malfidus: I was wondering about the reaction of Northern Ireland and Scotland now the UK has chosen for a Brexit. A Brexit that was caused by the older and retired groups of the English and Welsh(?)population. Not the younger active groups. Is this not like taken a country into hostage??
Will the Brexit do good to the people of the UK?
The UK did the right thing getting the HELL out of THAT SHIT EU!!.
I am skeptic and do not trust absolutely the politicians since each day in italy i see politicians and public employees investigated for corruption or anything else that makes them criminals on my eyes.

Do you really guys believe we live in democracy?
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Democracy exists only for capitalists!!

For the rest the commoners simple people well its anything but democracy!!

Uk did the right thing letting decide the PEOPLE,since any and all political decision always crew over the PEOPLE for the convenience of capitalists..

If none of ya can see it well watch better the REALITY and FACTS every day happens,in your country.

professor professor professor professor
Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:04 AM CST UK and Brexit
In addition to what i just said a survey made as recent as september 2020 in italy said 46% of italian in case there is a public vote to stay or leave EU would vote for LEAVE.

So is that democracy or political convenience?
Well on my eyes its just political convenience and corruption of politicians.
Unless somebody can bring me actual proof that i am wrong,do not waste your time trying to convince me otherwise!.
professor professor professor professor

I wonder and nobody was able to give me an answer,how the hell Switzerland Japan Australia Iceland New Zeland are able to stay out of a crap Orgy like EU and still living just fine without a mess like EU..

Well the answer its just simple as COMMERCIAL AGREEMENTS!.

So please if any of ya wanna come and argue with me why leave EU is bad, bring ON some very good and VERY convincing ARGUMENTS,that have at least a minimum of COMMON SENSE!!!.
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