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RE: Women and men....Lady doctors....

In my country there are more female doctors as male. This causes a dangerous situation say so themselves. Why? Docs have an independent profession and are entrepreneurs today. It is know and is experienced that females organise their life in such a way that their career is adapted to their private life at home. The male ones are the opposite. What are the consequences? F.i. on schoolholidays and in the WE they are not available and you have to go to look for a doc on duty or an ER. in a hospital. This is because many female docs are mother. Patients are their income. A guaranteed one! I don't like it. Medicine is a care profession. And care professions are flexible jobs. If you don't like it, get another job. Can you imagine what would happen if nurses should say , we work just from 9 am to 5 pm and wanna be free in the Week-end?? doh

RE: The RAPE culture of this "religion"

You sound exactly like this guy.
Same mentality.
Same culture.
Same religion.
Same rhetoric.
Same delusions.
Same rants.
Same blaming others.
Same playing the victim.

I read yr thread and some comments. May I remember you every country that had colonies in the past and today was involved in slavery!! France, Germany, England, Holland,Belgium, etc.... It is one of the reasons why they became so rich! They exploited their colonies and took away all raw materials, spices and fruits. The same time they found out that slavery was a source of cheap labour. So their greed used religion as a tool to justify their actions. And in wartimes men become beasts there is just one rule to follow. The winner, takes it all. Because of that mankind is slaugthering is own kind since the beginning of time. Today, Islam is the polemic. Why? Capitalism and greed is ruling the world and because of the economic crises after WOII someone to blame must be identified. As the Arab culture has always be a competitor for The West the verdict was simple. Culprit them!! But who is the real one to blame?? Who caused the problems? Didn't a wise man once say:" Whoever is without sin cast the first stone !" In the Netherlands there is a nice slogan: A good( environmental) change begins at yourself"

Belgium is out of control

Hello Honi79B,

I read your message and tried to understand it but I am sorry to tell you I do not understand everything what you are telling about. It was a at least a bit weird to me. The construction and some sentences.

I agree the people must react but you may never underestimate the power of the media to influence the voters, best prove is the US today. The socialdemocrates are losing their power in North-west Europe. The bad situation, caused by the economical crisis, is blamed by the immigration. That is at least what the populist politicians want us to believe.

On the other hand the big weapon producing countries are France, the UK,Germany , the Netherlands and Belgium. But Belgium is NOTt the biggest of them as there is just one federal company! Nevertheless it is hypocritical to pretend being a peacefull country and to produce guns on the other hand. Weapons are the biggest business in the world with a turnover of 816 billion euro!!! The US is the biggest producer cüm laude ! As you can see it is a matter of money or cash that rules the world today. War is a trigger.

Last but not least I wanna state that if the EU wants to become a succes their countries must realise they must give up a part of themselves in order to gain the benefits of a United Europe and not only trying to life from the benefits as Greece, Italy and ...Spain did. I believe the other countries have the responsibility to mention it and trying to correct it .(Btw. next problem will become the Eastern Europe countries as they have the same attitude against immigration!)
Only together we can stand!! head banger

Belgium is out of control

Our people today in Western Europe live in such wealth -the majority at least- so they don't wanna leave their cocoon and do not mind about politics or what is going on in their countries? And could the "sharks" not have total freedom to act because our "enligthened" laws? Also because our entrepreneurs need cheap labour forces??

Belgium is out of control

More about Belgium, their city port of Antwerp has become the major drug traffic city of Europe.Leaving Amsterdam and London behind it. wow
A judge convicted the state education board because a public school prohibited 4 or 5 moslim girls to wear their hidjab or jilbab, the moslim headscarf!! This because the school wanted all students to be neutral but the constitution prohibits discrimination on religious grounds..doh
Would a Arab moslim judge do the same if western woman should ask the opposite, no headscarf, in their country?? confused This is where our tolerance and leads to

How to get copy with impolite, offensive and humiliating messages

Do I have to believe this is the way you treat people you don't know anything about?? First swearing them out and then blocking the accounts. Is it because because being a coward or being a superfrustrated person? If so I suggest you better choose another site!

How to get copy with impolite, offensive and humiliating messages

A few weeks ago my friend told me he sent a polite inviting message to a woman (" Belleliever") and got following message (see below) as the first and last answer as his account was blocked already before he could reply. I wanted to help him with a reply using my account but it was impossible as I was blocked , preliminary too.......??? How could that happen??? It all seemed weired to me.
Btw. If she should have normal answered she would have been told that he is now working as a free lance consultant for companies that renovate en maintain buildings.

Her message :
"You're a Master Degree graduate? but your work is house repair?? come on, only stupid people will believe that. And you're too stupid if you think everybody is stupid. I think you're just a big liar! I hate a liar, they have mostly big mouths and their mouth stink!!"

How to copy with such impolite, offensive and humiliating messages and persons??
Could it proposed to Connecting Singles to prevent "blocking preliminary" in the future ?? F.i. by a "one time deblocking tool" the receiver can use to reply at least once? Or other measures: a kind of black list or exclusion or......??? or should we just let these sick and weired persons do what they do?
What would you suggest if ....?

RE: faith in god

Question is: Is there a god or is it a creation of the human mind? The fact that we became aware of our existence made us also aware of the limits of our life! Death became a crucial item in our way of life. Mankind realised how restricted and inferior he is compared with the other natural beings. So he needed somehing that could stand above it and control all threats. So the concept of a god was born!!
Than we began to use this godness (= religion) to justify his evil deeds like racism, discrimination of other cultures, sick and poor people, extiction of life, etc.....
I still remember the words of Pres. Bush W. junior when his troops were send for a pre-emptive strike "May god be with you", the same did the crusaders, the colonisators. they used religion to justify their genocides!
That is why Lenin once said" religion is as opium for the people". We use god or our religion for all kid of acts we otherwise could not live with it. The unbearable facts of being!!

RE: Are nurses the best type of people to date?

hello , i have been 25 years working with nurses. Being their collegue. I can assure you they are just the same as any other women. With their pro's and contra's. Btw. times are changing and so is the profession and ....its professionals. Nursing has become a business as all other professions. The mythe that nurses are lovlely, caring and..... sexie creatures (biggest misunderstanding!!) is already long past time.They are human beings as all the others, no more no less. Always remember marrying is between human beings not a professionals!!

RE: ….Have women fallen in love with their mobile phones?

Not only women are fallen in love with their smartphones; just step into a train, bus or metro and what do you see?
People everwhere with head bowed, their face focussed on a screen of their little device. This is what I call the AA generation. The App Addicts who can't live without their mobile device anymore as we got addicted to our cars.Bit by bit we evolve to a digital society where Big Brother ( =the capital) states the rules..Look how politicians use the medium during the elections to get in direct contact with their voters so they can avoid the critical looks. of the settled press. No filters allowied, calling them fake news. It even made a trumpeteer president of the USA!! banana head banger applause

RE: Trolls and Trolling.............

Sorry to hear that.
I deleted almost all my social media accounts.Reason for it is that those organisations have nothing to with socializing people. Their only goal is to realise the American dream asap by advertisment credits and pointed out marketing strategies. They use the information gathered from the users who think it is all fun and sell this megadata to companies who develop personal marketing with it! This means lesser costs and bigger benefits for them, its a win-win situation. Datingsites do the same. The useraccounts are treated as live stock. FB has been convicted of violating the privacy rules several times but at the end Stevie Z is a billionair and doesn't care about the rest.
Today more and more people begin to realise this situation and brake up with the social media. Schools in Europe begin to teach media awareness to protect the children against the dangers of the web especially the social media. There is still hope.!! Maybe next time Stevie Z. might go for president of the US wink

RE: Exchange French language for English

I speak multiple languages and can assure you that French, related to the Latin linguistics differs very much from English which is associated with the Germanic linguistic group. To master it perfectly it takes at least a few years. But you can always go for a crash course French. On the other hand a good recipe for learning it is to get in contact with the locals. This is the fastest way learning how to speak French. Do not be shy the people don't bite and the same time you learn about the local habits. By reading their journals you can learn about the written language. And last but not may always sent me letters to learn more about French. Further information you can find on my CSi profile. wave

UK and Brexit

It seems Brexit is to become a doom scenario for the UK. I wonder how long the UK will be able to withstand it and will remain a UK? More and more resistance against the Brexit is growing. Mostly between the young people.Theresa May even lost het popularity in her own party!! Also knowing that she was opposed against a Brexit. Why did she accepted the job of prime minister as nobody today wants it ?? doh

@ Jefke59 I must admit what you are saying especially about the NHS. But we must be aware our NHS isn't facing the same problems! I worked 25 years in it was fired at 55 years old. Reason? To high salary costs!
Nurses from southern and Eastern Europe are imported as they are young, less critical and.....cheaper!!!
A friend of me, Director nursing in a regional hospital confirmed it. Health care has become a booming business and the main goal of the investors is to obtian as much profits as possible. One of the tricks is to lower the salaries and company taxes! It sounded familiar in my ears! (cynism)

Belgium is out of control

Another hot item on the tv news.

The terrorist Salah Abdesalem, involved in the jihad assault in Paris (2/2016) and in a gunfight with the police (2 victims) in 3/2016 in Brussels is transported every day of his trial under sever police escort from his prison at Vendin-le-Veil (France) to the courthouse in Brussels (=150 km x2).
The courthouse is completely surrounded by 200 police officers, a helicopter, watertank and armored vehicules, Frisian riders, fences and concrete blocs with steel. Costs?? dunno

And the accused is moking with the whole system! He denies the whole system as only Allah can judge him. He even refused to stand up when the judge was appealing him and was not forced to do it!! “I am too tired” was his excuse! Excuse granted!! Incredible!! doh

His attorney requested acquittal on account of a procedural error !!
A letter to the court was written in another language then French one (Dutch?).
As the proceedings shall be conducted in the French language it should have been written in Frech!
But there are 3 official languages recognised in Belgium! professor

When the minister of justice replied on this request as a slap in the face of society he was rightly pointed out by the European commision and the the federal Arbitration court that it was NOT of his business to act that way, as Justice, Government and Parliament are the 3 independent cornerstones of our democratic society and must be able to act separately !!!

The attorney and his family were threatened with death. What else did you expected???
Let ‘s hope the judge will use common sense in his judgement and not just the words of the law. Or shouldn't we have to treat those criminals the same way as they do with their prisoners and others??


Instead of answering this online novel with a lot of nonsense I just wanna state that the biggest threat of mankind is not alien life but men itself. We are a rogue species believing we can control nature and conquer te universe. What a conceited arrogancy.The fact that we are rogue you can notice everyday the way. We destroy this planet - till now the only place in the universe known where we can thrive- by overexploitating it and giving back all kinds of garbage and toxic waste. The way our biodiversity is deteriorating .and climate change are a alarming sign. Worst of all is the way how we treat our own fellow men. There have never been more wars and crimes in the world as today. The weapon industry is the biggest industry in the world, 371 billion dollar a year!!!!
Biggest producers.....USA and Western Europe! So called (hypocrite) peacekeeping countries!!
A few millenia of "civilisation" haven't changed our behavior that is still controlled by our basic instincts.
only without a natural regulator now.
We should better focus on that than on possible aliens. The chance on their occurence is almost nihil.
But the chance we destroy ourselves becomes bigger everyday!!

RE: Trump threatens to completely annihilate NK

Trump is a dangerous man, he is a populist. on Consortium I read there are many paralells with Hitler. Being a narcist, and acting as a peacemaker but being in reality an unpredictable warliking addict to power that likes to stand in the spotlights! He also has German blood running through his veins!! A man to be afraid off. professor

RE: Son of God

No, the bible never says it. It were the leaders of the Christian organisations (Churches) that gave him a divine image so they could better control the mass. By the way the new testament was written centuries after Jesus death. So there was plenty of time to adapt his person and his life!
So the rebellion of Jesus turns out to be a great tool to manipulate the crowd!! Even today! doh

RE: Britain threatens America with trade war.

It is quiet obvious that the days of the imperailism of the USA is coming to its end. The new star on the horizon is China. After the UK got a world dominance in the 19 century, After WWI it changed and the US began to take it over, especially after WWII; The US saw Europe as a market for their economy. But times are changing and today after all those crises Europe starts to realise it has to stand on its own and changes its economics to Asia and South America. Only the UK is missing the boat cause of their conservatism, nationalism and traditions.It is a pity. The UK is isolating itself from the world, this could mean a disaster for the country,not necessarly, let us wait and see

Belgium is out of control

And the dirty situations still increase today. Even the politicians are involved in financial scandals and other countries link Belgium at the assaults of terrorism. As it seems Belgium especially Brussels is the core of the IS terrorism in Europe.

UK and Brexit

Belgium as any other Western country is taken hostage by it values and its rules that are based on, the liberal idea's of the Enlightening period. They all have become so soft they did not see the problems of immigration till it was too late! Thanks to our employers and politicians more than once a controlled immigration of cheap labour forces was organised. No problems till last year Germany and Sweden did send special trained people to Turkey and other Middle East countries to recruit young labourforces. The rest is history. And what has this all to do with the Brexit issue?? The UK wanted a Brexit because of LEGAL (most European) labourers that took over the jobs of the UK people.As Boris Johnson admits today this was not the real reason for the Brexit at all. But "The UK doesn't want to give up its independancy to the EU" he stated.
About yourself, are you a native French or an immigrated Englishman in France? It would explain a lot.

UK and Brexit

As it seems the situation today I do not believe other countries will leave the EU. They are more decided than ever. Nevertheless there are still some problems to solve , look at the evolution in Poland. But that is another issue. The last selections in the UK proved the majority of the people felt to be cheated. Prime minister May and the conservative party lost their power completely. The whole parliament and government is a mess. Where are the big pro-leave instigators as Mr. Farrage and Boris Johson now?? The first disappeared and the other was forced by Theresia May to become minister of foreign affairs. The value of the pound is low. Could be interesting for investments but the investors wait for the Brexit negogiations. And where to export their products if they have to pay import taxes? The profits will disappear. Big financial groups are leaving London for Frankfurt and Paris. Other members of the UK (Scotland, North Ireland) are considering the possiblity of a referendum about their membership of the UK. Where will it leads to?? About the impact on tourism. Tourism heals itself by time. The sector is more afraid of the impact of terrorism than of the absence of the English tourists. I heard on the news that people in countries as Spain, Greece e.o. complain about the anually overcrowding of destructive young English people . At this moment it seems The UK is the biggest loser. I wonder what the future might bring.


Or he is a blessing for USA or not I don't mind. Now the American system just shows how it always has been !
I made an overview of the presidential elections!! My goodness what an unbelieveable TV show was this! And I blame not only D. Trump for his behavior as he has always been himself. But the way the American people tolerated his election campaign was much worser than the president himself. It is an alerting sign there is something really going wrong with the USA as such man can become President. First of all it is the system that sucks, A system founded in 1738 and never adapted ever since! This is the same as the koran of the Muslims of whom we hate so much their Jihadis! Secondary all the improvements the US is experiencing now are the result of former governments e;g. the improvement of jobs! Trump is announcing so proudly, they are alredy improving continiously since 2009!! . What has he already achieved of his own promises?? Obamacare :his proposals three times rejected!! The wall for Mexico, not a brick has been build!, Lowering the taxes, only for the bussinescompanies not for the people, how is he going to decrease the national debt which is billions of dollars?
He is a great entertainer that can make the people to sell his glamorous airbubbles, nothing more.
What Is worst of it is that this phenomena is not limited to the USA alone. Everywhere in the world we see such populists taking over the power and acting as dictators. (f.i. his statement during the elections " I know the American system best and ONLY ME can change it !!" OMG what an arrogance)
That worries me most .!!

RE: Trump 'asks' lawyers if he can use presidential pardon for himself

Trump is no stupid as he looks! I believe his contacts with Russia after the election are pure professional. He wants the trust of the Russian billionaires for a better cooperation in he past, after its presidency. He wil make us to believe it is for the worldpeace, so we can adore him more. Nice tric!
He wants to secure himself in case he will do something very stupid so he wanted to know if he could be pardonned. Clever move.
He has great assistance of his sun in law and Stephen Bannon, a pure anarchist! Wolves is sheep coat!
Nevertheless I will judge him at the end of its presidency.


He surely is but he was elected by the people ( with or without Russian help) and now they are stuck with him. He seems not to fulfill all the expectations but ...who did it before him? I will only judge him at the end of his predicted 8 years wink He is only the resulyt of the rebellion of the people against what the US has become today. A nation in the ban of fear and anarchy , totally lost its former confidence. "Times are changing" as Bob Dillan in his song.

RE: Anti Trump propaganda

To Misses Jones (I doubt its your real name) to me you are a convinced republican though you try to mask it in your letter by trying to look on it with a open mind scold . I prefer those who are the way they are: republican, democrat , dictator or whatever, those who express straight where they stand for! I believe this forum is to amuse you and to get data of what people think. Knowing this I might even have adapted my letter, who knows?? wink : That is what Malfidus stands for devil laugh:

RE: Anti Trump propaganda

I am not an anti Trump propagandist! I just wanna say we are a a turning point in politics those days. In the 19th century it was the UK that ruled the world by its colonisation policy. In the 20th century is became the US with their military and economical power and their imperialism. After the communism they thought their idea's might conquer the world. But times are changed other nations begin now to claim their part of the power. China, Russia, India, EU etc.... they are not so happy that the financial world is ruled by the dollar specially not after the last monetary crisis. The times of the capitalistic system are ending slowly but certainly. Democracy and capitalism are one. There is no better political system that supports capitalism. And I am convinced that the democracy in the US is limited. Limited by the power of money, as it is also in other nations!!,The democratic system in the US founded in 1738 has not changed a letter since then!! Is this innovation? The USA a country of ultimate freedom? I depends on what definition you give on freedom!! But freedom for the one means restrictions for the other, otherwise the one cannot be entirely free. Ask the native indians about it,
As the economies in the world are changing for different reasons ( climate change, depletion of raw materials by overexpoiting, waste problems,growing populations,etc,,,...) we must realise things are changing. What is happening in the USA nowadays is that this selfconfident nations is in the ban of fear and anarchy. It has its impact on the people and their leaders! That is what made D.Trump so popular! As a populist he knew how to manipulate the people and ....he won! Is he a democrat NO WAY, Is he a republican NO WAY either, as he took them hostage when stated that if they would not appoint him as candidate for the elections he would start his own party!! And he was right!! It sounded horrifying for the republicans that a single man could bring their power down. So they did it. Hoping to get some things of their election program realised! Trump represents the rebellion of the people. Being smart as he is he will only serve the clan he represents: the mighty businessmen and no one else. Pity for the rest of the people. That is his freedom not?

RE: is Secularism a good thing

I agree with you 200%.
There is no pure secular nation on this planet at the moment. Even communism was not!
Only in theory. it was.

RE: Why old men likes young women?

The same reason why "cougars" want young men I believe? Or has is to do with our instincts? Young women are more s*xual axtive and can produce offspring older not! It is all in our head!

RE: Freedom, what does it mean to you?

That I may do everything I want as long as it does not restricts the freedom of my fellow people! Simple as that.
Or not? As what does it mean not restricting other people's freedom???

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