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5 Words -The Sequel15,777308Apr 2015Feb 1114 hrs ago
Say Anything XIX30,6601,000Oct 2017Jan 20186 hrs ago
I got banned from the UBT thread (Ultimate Banning Thread)1,42437Nov 2017Nov 20176 hrs ago
Restrictive Profiles4,689171Jan 2017May 2017Aug 5
The Answer is No!3,10771Jan 2014Apr 2017Aug 6
Happy Birthday Pat!!!2,53747Mar 2017Mar 201724 hrs ago
Men want sex7,371296Dec 2016Feb 20173 hrs ago
Celtic Astrology4,881177Feb 2017Feb 2017Aug 2
Happy Christmas94211Dec 2016Jan 2017Aug 1
Say Anything39,845971Aug 2016Dec 20163 hrs ago
CS Dating History12,226304May 2016Nov 2016Aug 3
Good Men & Good Women12,764333Sep 2016Oct 2016Aug 6
Happy Birthday Shine!2,54976Sep 2016Sep 2016Aug 4
Beer helps shake off shyness about sex..2,41360Sep 2016Sep 201623 hrs ago
Average3,562104Jun 2016Jun 2016Aug 2
Happy Birthday Serene!3,32273Jun 2016Jun 2016Aug 6
Sugar7,768148Jan 2016Jun 2016Aug 6
Attraction -Do we scam ourselves?2,70557Mar 2016Mar 201612 hrs ago
The Myth Exposed - Adult Sex (or lack of it to be more precise)2,22931Mar 2016Mar 2016Aug 3
The Myth Exposed - Adult Sex (or lack of it to be more precise) Married men si2,38851Mar 2016Mar 2016Aug 2
Could correct Grammar and Spelling increase Your Dating Chances?16,827402Jan 2016Mar 20168 hrs ago
IQ6,298118May 2014Mar 2016Aug 6
In the Weekend that is in it..2,54256Feb 2016Feb 2016Aug 2
The man or woman in the beginning of the relationship never truly exists7,074201Jan 2016Jan 20163 hrs ago
What are you Really looking for?4,995203Jan 2016Jan 201612 hrs ago
Off-Line Dating (A satirical look)4,53295Jan 2016Jan 2016Jul 30
Off-Line Dating (A satirical look)7301Jan 2016Jan 2016Aug 1
Say Anything (again!)41,9881,000Nov 2015Dec 20152 hrs ago
DOs And DONTs on Dating Sites12,080233Dec 2015Dec 2015Aug 4
Metro Top 10 Dating Turnoffs7,319169Nov 2015Nov 2015Aug 3
What is this Love Craic?5,980125Nov 2015Nov 2015Jul 31
Infidelity5,820101Oct 2015Oct 2015Aug 3
Women, Sex and Marriage - Chapter 22,52047Sep 2015Sep 2015Jul 24
Men, Sex amd Marriage4,08271Sep 2015Sep 2015Aug 5
Want to know what you are Really like to be in a relationship with?3,42762Jul 2015Sep 201517 hrs ago
Date Chat1,09212Jul 2015Aug 201511 hrs ago
Want to know what you are Really like to be in a relationship with?2,55654Jul 2015Jul 201521 hrs ago
Keep One Word, Add Another (part deux)1,40735Jun 2015Jun 2015Aug 6
CS Glazing2,65058Jun 2015Jun 2015Aug 5
Re-Dating - The Optimum Time?3,23078Jun 2015Jun 2015Aug 3
The No Referendum /No Fighting /Everyone Welcome /Fun & Chat Thread1,26816May 2015May 2015Aug 4
Thought Of The Day3,27276Mar 2015May 201523 hrs ago

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