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Say Anything XIX20,1531,000Oct 2017Jan 36 mins ago
5 Words -The Sequel9,666295Apr 2015Dec 20179 hrs ago
I got banned from the UBT thread (Ultimate Banning Thread)76637Nov 2017Nov 20174 hrs ago
Restrictive Profiles3,217171Jan 2017May 201739 mins ago
The Answer is No!2,39871Jan 2014Apr 20176 hrs ago
Happy Birthday Pat!!!1,34547Mar 2017Mar 20175 hrs ago
Men want sex4,461296Dec 2016Feb 201719 hrs ago
Celtic Astrology3,181177Feb 2017Feb 20177 hrs ago
Happy Christmas60511Dec 2016Jan 201711 mins ago
Say Anything29,932971Aug 2016Dec 201651 mins ago
CS Dating History8,961304May 2016Nov 201617 hrs ago
Good Men & Good Women9,078333Sep 2016Oct 20161 hrs ago
Happy Birthday Shine!1,88676Sep 2016Sep 2016Nov 12
Beer helps shake off shyness about sex..1,78360Sep 2016Sep 2016Nov 15
Average2,856104Jun 2016Jun 20162 hrs ago
Happy Birthday Serene!2,56073Jun 2016Jun 201618 hrs ago
Sugar6,377148Jan 2016Jun 2016Nov 14
Attraction -Do we scam ourselves?2,24157Mar 2016Mar 201618 hrs ago
The Myth Exposed - Adult Sex (or lack of it to be more precise)1,63931Mar 2016Mar 2016Nov 16
The Myth Exposed - Adult Sex (or lack of it to be more precise) Married men si1,99851Mar 2016Mar 2016Nov 13
Could correct Grammar and Spelling increase Your Dating Chances?12,645402Jan 2016Mar 20161 hrs ago
IQ5,111118May 2014Mar 201612 hrs ago
In the Weekend that is in it..1,89456Feb 2016Feb 2016Nov 13
The man or woman in the beginning of the relationship never truly exists5,642201Jan 2016Jan 20163 hrs ago
What are you Really looking for?3,819203Jan 2016Jan 20162 hrs ago
Off-Line Dating (A satirical look)3,64095Jan 2016Jan 2016Nov 13
Off-Line Dating (A satirical look)4941Jan 2016Jan 201615 hrs ago
Say Anything (again!)34,5641,000Nov 2015Dec 2015Nov 16
DOs And DONTs on Dating Sites10,219233Dec 2015Dec 20156 hrs ago
Metro Top 10 Dating Turnoffs6,161169Nov 2015Nov 20152 hrs ago
What is this Love Craic?5,059125Nov 2015Nov 201514 hrs ago
Infidelity4,992101Oct 2015Oct 20156 hrs ago
Women, Sex and Marriage - Chapter 22,04647Sep 2015Sep 20155 hrs ago
Men, Sex amd Marriage3,42471Sep 2015Sep 201519 hrs ago
Want to know what you are Really like to be in a relationship with?2,84462Jul 2015Sep 2015Nov 14
Date Chat82112Jul 2015Aug 201511 hrs ago
Want to know what you are Really like to be in a relationship with?1,92254Jul 2015Jul 20157 hrs ago
Keep One Word, Add Another (part deux)1,10635Jun 2015Jun 20154 hrs ago
CS Glazing2,26458Jun 2015Jun 2015Nov 12
Re-Dating - The Optimum Time?2,61378Jun 2015Jun 2015Nov 16
The No Referendum /No Fighting /Everyone Welcome /Fun & Chat Thread98716May 2015May 2015Nov 15
Thought Of The Day2,60176Mar 2015May 201516 hrs ago

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