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Fable of the porcupine1,61025Dec 2010Mar 2011Apr 5
Conrad.....4762Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 11
TIS THE SEASON.........62114Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 5
"HOTTIES" are bored..68713Dec 2010Dec 201018 hrs ago
GHOST SEX7038Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 10
Why Men Wear Earrings:4474Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 15
Remember your first dog?65415Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 8
Early this morning, I was bored...1,34426Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 5
Intimacy1,97847Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 6
The young man and the fairy.4113Oct 2010Oct 2010Mar 30
Today's thought............1,16331Feb 2010Oct 2010Apr 16
Whining will get you........1,12136Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 8
Old Sea Story57612Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 8
OK "HOTTIES", here is the scenerio..63312Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 16
I LOVE THIS WOMAN7249Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 6
Things that make me go "Hhmmmmmmmmmm"....67312Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 9
Very tasteful...3710Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 6
NOW...........82018Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 5
Are there any Japanese historians here?5626Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 11
The Desiderada6396Jul 2010Sep 2010Apr 7
After a while............5178Jul 2010Sep 2010Apr 17
WHat say Ye??7136Aug 2010Aug 201011 hrs ago
Toyota shopping....4502Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 13
Any poetry authorities here??5194Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 17
Does this mean she loves me????????1,20724Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 9
Clocks in Heaven3902Aug 2010Aug 201024 hrs ago
Being politically correct on CS....2,02552Jul 2010Jul 2010Mar 28
I am getting a tremendous urge to move..4668Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 1
An interesting (to me) email..5327Jul 2010Jul 2010Feb 24
Pakistan Assails Arizona's Immigration Law99127Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 8
Telephone Repair64712Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 9
"HOTTIES" view or profiles..4404Feb 2010Jun 2010Mar 19
HOW TO SELL TOOTHBRUSHES3352Jun 2010Jun 2010Mar 26
I sure do like Don Rickles..:))4073Jun 2010Jun 2010Apr 6
Today's thought.............Interesting5317Jun 2010Jun 2010Apr 15
A Home Depot Story!4456Jun 2010Jun 2010Feb 25
Have you found..................2,08261May 2010Jun 2010Apr 8
ITEMS TO PONDER:65719May 2010May 2010Apr 16
Somebody has a birthday today...3843May 2010May 2010Apr 7
DAMN!!!!!!!!6418May 2010May 2010Mar 7
A great reality48915May 2010May 2010Apr 14
Should she take her t shirt off with her wedcam on??2,408131May 2010May 2010Apr 7

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