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What do you bring to the forums ?85940Jul 12Jul 192 hrs ago
Why do people feel the need …1952Jul 17Jul 1712 hrs ago
Women drivers93237Jul 4Jul 1621 mins ago
Does anyone remember the time when CS was a dating site ?2,41071Jun 29Jul 1440 mins ago
What does the first hour of your day …69747Jul 11Jul 11Aug 12
A new career for Boris Johnson.30720Jul 7Jul 107 hrs ago
Boris Johnson resigns1352Jul 7Jul 7Aug 13
Boris Johnson resigns830Jul 7Jul 716 hrs ago
Sanctions by the west .2,725127Mar 7Jul 713 hrs ago
So , when did you become old & bitter ?1,77770Jun 26Jul 440 mins ago
What is the point of creating a thread …94640Jun 23Jun 28Aug 11
Glow up .1,01235Jun 20Jun 2122 hrs ago
Has google taken over your brain ?1,07928Jun 9Jun 20Aug 12
Are you in touch with your feminine side ?4923Jun 11Jun 1510 hrs ago
Amber heard lost ..3584Jun 1Jun 2Aug 3
Any Dirk gram Pakistan?2593May 11May 12Aug 6
What do old people think about ?3,03282May 1May 11Aug 12
If you were to play a character in a movie ..49513Apr 24Apr 304 hrs ago
With rising costs in energy bills etc ..2,533151Apr 23Apr 265 hrs ago
The non linsy Jones thread .95837Apr 21Apr 25Aug 11
Is it offensive to stereotype cultures?1,10144Apr 19Apr 25Aug 13
Today is international “no housework” day50822Apr 7Apr 7Aug 4
Eastern European, or western women .3,567182Mar 24Mar 28Aug 11
I miss the days when we had fun people .3,18289Mar 21Mar 241 hrs ago
Roman Abramovich89022Mar 11Mar 14Aug 11
This place is getting worse by the day !2,01653Jan 20Mar 49 hrs ago
How would you feel if your partner posted on CS ?1,769100Feb 24Feb 2524 hrs ago
The pointless thread .1,36290Feb 20Feb 249 hrs ago
Due to the heavy winds , a toupee has landed on my tree.93255Feb 18Feb 2115 hrs ago
The disadvantages about modern life ..2,325130Feb 10Feb 182 hrs ago
Why did Sinead O’Connor shave her head ..2,697123Jan 12Feb 10Aug 11
Covid v cancer3,017195Feb 4Feb 109 hrs ago
The sad truth about life3255Feb 7Feb 9Aug 12
Who can never be happy ?1,27446Jan 30Feb 2Aug 12
Why would people holiday in the USA ?1,31948Jan 27Jan 292 hrs ago
A new year on CS & I predict that …1,90669Jan 2Jan 2112 hrs ago
New Years resolution to ponder over .1,24160Jan 5Jan 1217 hrs ago
Catch covid3017Jan 11Jan 11Aug 10
The problem with the forums is ..1,62151Jan 9Jan 11Aug 13
Any positive people left on the forums ?2,556122Jan 4Jan 1010 hrs ago
Should every boy be prosecuted.70331Jan 6Jan 98 hrs ago
I’m not trying to brag86121Dec 31Jan 115 hrs ago

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