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Obama Sais --------TAX The RICH !!13,384454Sep 2011Oct 2011Apr 8
Occupy Wall Street Protests5423Oct 2011Oct 2011Apr 6
Dr Evil on Jerry Springer3170Oct 2011Oct 2011Apr 2
Michele Bachmann gonna LOWER GASOLINE to $2 ........6,451216Aug 2011Oct 201110 hrs ago
YOUR HERO !! The MAN from TEXAS - RICK PERRY !!!9,627356Sep 2011Oct 2011Apr 9
New Radio Telescope's First Images !5178Oct 2011Oct 2011Apr 7
YOU a FAST FINISHER ??8215Sep 2011Sep 2011Mar 25
Palestine and Isreal ............1,79878Sep 2011Sep 20116 hrs ago
WHY can't They Just LAY DOWN ?2,47579Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 10
PERRY THREATENS BERNANKE !3,618115Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 2
Discovery Channel - Sons of Guns .......1,08123Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 6
Barney Frank speaks the Truth !1,10525Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 9
The Solution to Washington Political Arguing !76215Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 2
S&P Downgrade........Who's Fault is It ??2,56852Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 2
DEBT Ceiling and the Government1,76863Jul 2011Aug 20113 hrs ago
Where We Came From81516Jul 2011Aug 2011Mar 13
Heat Wave - GLOBAL WARMING ??84627Jul 2011Jul 2011Apr 3
Happy Independence Day Americans !!2,976114Jul 2011Jul 2011Apr 4
Obama ! Obama ! Obama !!!67614Jul 2011Jul 2011Feb 28
USA talks fail over Debt Ceiling !56816Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 5
Canadian Health Care System ?95623Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 9
Congressman Weiner Admits Twitter Pics1,91360Jun 2011Jun 2011Mar 30
Anne Coulter ............38212Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 3
Newt Gingrich's Campaign Managers All RESIGN !!41710Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 8
Florida Teacher PUNCHES Student2,13256Jun 2011Jun 2011Mar 31
TRUMP / PALIN TICKET ??1,40752Jun 2011Jun 2011Mar 20
Paris Hilton does Piers Morgan !2891Jun 2011Jun 2011Feb 28
Life's Debris.........An Analogy5365May 2011May 2011Mar 21
KILL what You EAT ??84721May 2011May 2011Mar 7
Is THIS Religion ?1,06634May 2011May 2011Apr 5
Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen75716May 2011May 2011Mar 17
2012 - A Done Deal ! GO OBAMA !!2,14775May 2011May 2011Apr 8
Unilateral Bin Laden Operation3,396387May 2011May 2011Apr 4
How to be BUTCH ........1,22357May 2011May 201146 mins ago
Osama's Virgins6579May 2011May 2011Apr 6
Prospects for USA Recovery5,788220Mar 2011Apr 2011Apr 5
Bird Watching2211Mar 2011Mar 2011Feb 26
IF You could be NAKED with ................1,51953Mar 2011Mar 2011Apr 9
NEVER Give-up the Hope People !70223Mar 2011Mar 2011Mar 12
Gulf Oil Spill11,732535Feb 2011Feb 20118 hrs ago
Serene Branson - Mini -Stroke ?1950Feb 2011Feb 2011Mar 22
Animal LOVE75523Jan 2011Feb 2011Mar 4

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