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Lost Book of Eve..

I am very old now,
and I feel my days
will be few..

I have not much
to leave to the
world now, except
my memories of how
things once were..

I'm awakened in the
night with the sadness
of what we lost..

Adam tries to be strong,
yet many times I've heard
him crying in the night..

We both try to hide the
pain, and the shame of
it all, but it is there..

My children try to
comfort me, but I
feel I must say

I know how we were,
but sometimes a cloud
darkens my mind.. when
I try to speak of it
I am unable to form
the words..

It is though the
almighty forbids
me to reveal what
we once were..

I know the whole
world will look
back on us, and many
will hate us..

But I want to say..
I am so sorry..

I am sorry for what
we have become..
for what has become
of the world..

So much hatred..

Yet, I can tell
you this.. We
were so beautiful!

And it seems that..Oh,
yes, I remember that
part! It was Adam, and
he spoke to the stars,
and then..Oh, I can't
seem to remember the
rest..I am sorry..

The garden was so
beautiful! And we
danced in our hearts..

We were so happy!

Then.. that dark
day came.. and
we fell..

So much saddness
after that..I so
much want to go
home now.. The
Eternal God has
forgiven us..
He tells me this
in my heart, and
I know he still
loves us..

Adam said I am
not to worry..
but still.. I wish
I could tell you
a secret..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
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Comments (19)

Hi, cafetwo2010,
We are in the garden Earth. Were we to lovingly care for her, perhaps it could be Eden, once again, where there are no secrets. Nice write.
Beautiful!! It reminds me so of the Book of Genesis. angel thumbs up heart wings
Thank you Revwhitewolf..Much appreciated! cafe'heart wings
Thank you..gnj4u..I suppose that feeling goes that all can relate to. cafe'thumbs up
Wow, I have thought of something along this line(but only a miniscule part of it). Really, really enjoyed reading this. My 1st thoughts were of it as only Adam... but then I see how it could apply to anyone.
The part I've thought about many times, is that if Adam(and Eve) hadn't sinned, someone else eventually would've while still in the Garden.
But I'd never thought about the possibility of Adam & Eve, at some point, or maybe many times, thinking back on how different things would have been...
Well, there's so much here, regret & pain, forgiveness, and love -from Adam "not to worry",-from Eve, with the beautiful letter(your poem) showing the same love for Adam... Beautiful!!
purple heart purple heart purple heart teddybear teddybear teddybear purple heart purple heart purple heart
i thought it was a love letter for me,lolgrin that was an impressive ,beautiful piece from you cafe..thanks for sharing itcheers hug
I am not religous cafe but this was a beautiful piece of writing
I dont think we can be sorry for what we did not do you know, we pass on to everyone in our lives good things hopefully, and we must forgive ourselves for our own wrongs with humility.
Sorry about that but I did enjoy the read. handshake
jeddah dear.. I was..Miss Jeddah heart wings
Thank you so much many ways to tell this story..I honor your comment.. cafe'
He Cafe..I also miss the past..but cannot hide the pain
It's written on my face...

Nice poem my friend!bouquet
S Cat'..Thank you so much. You made a point to me I never thought of..'If they hadn't sinned, someone would have..' It's sitting right there in front of us, because human nature being what it is as though every day is a new garden of Eve, and we're falling all over again..making the same mistakes..with the same motives and weakness..We're all constantly eating the forbidden fruit which leads to death..We just create different names for our misdeeds..and for our inhumanity to one another.. cafe'heart wings heart1 heart wings
keesy'..thank you dear.. I suppose it's written on all our faces.. cafe'bouquet gift bouquet
this is a brilliant take on the eden story..great insight into the subject...excellent job..thumbs up

like a story, yes I did enjoy, this short story...they say poem I say short storykiss

teddybear this is absolutly beautiful!
Thank you Nomore.' I love the Eve story.. cafe
Thanks for mentioning this poem, which I missed. I liked it and the comments. "The garden was so beautiful..." you say, yes it was indeed. But God holds great promises for us. Don't try to hide pain, there is no shame in showing it: you did a great job of finding relief in pain, regret and repentance. Thank you. bouquet
Wow!! I thought I hadn't read this before -though I knew I had read one you'd written about Eve thinking back on things. But obviously this is the one b/c my comment's here, which I do remember. This is just awesome! Truly, truly awesome!!

So glad to have found it again - it seriously blew me away reading it all over again - it's impact on this reading was probably at least triple the first time.... and it was awesome then.

This is beautiful and... just can't say enough what a fantastic write and writer I see here.

Amazing poetry, Jim, just beautiful purple heart

Cat rose rose rose
Thanks ever so much Cat.. For whatever reason
this little poem has a staying power. Must be
the universal appeal of the story itself. The story
is so much bigger and goes much deeper into
the human psyche than any poem could convey.
Thanks a bunch for pulling this back out of the
'Cafe files.' Lol.heart wings kiss
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