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The Lonely Women Poem

The Lonely Women Poem

Women say they want a real man
That amazing guy with a real plan
The man to steal their lonely heart
With all the moves to make love start

That 1 woman guy
Caring and so loving he brings a tear to her eye
The man who makes the heat ever night
And speaks the words of love just right

What she doesn't know
Is this is an illusion that may never show
Only human is every man
Even Fabio went away as he had no real plan

No matter what she dreams
Waiting for the guy who gives her screams
She went right past that truly good good guy
For whom she would have been the apple of his eye

Even though she may be less than enough for a Fabio
The guy she walks past would have that love to always grow
He would cherish her till the end of her days
Giving her his love which never strays

But this good guy she will not even see
And she will miss that love, leaving it to never be
And so we see so many relationships move into the past
Because she chose that guy with whom it would never last
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2012
About this poem:
We have all watched men and women walk right past someone we know is good and take up with the crumb that we know is going fail and soon.

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Comments (2)

Lovely write,theres much real life practical things that at least some men can relate to,often times some women may go for financial security or popularity despite they may not be treated right.So unfortunate for the little guy who has nothing big to offer except his whole soul cheers
This is a nail between the eye Iamtab. it is so true what MM said some unfortunate quest are all based on security and popularity and then the complain comes up that some regrettable incidents occur later. I am a woman but I never truly had a problem of finding a real man. While I might touch some nerves here, sometimes, it is up for the women in general, including me, to be honest and upfront of what it is the base of our quest.

and even after that, things don't always work out. But the reality of it all is enjoy the ride adn take what is good and savor it and then the bad? Make it a learning experience..It is easier said than done but we all have our own episodes.

Thanks for the write it is so affirming.

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