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The game

I'm living in a childish game, I'm like a puppet without a name. Soon your gonna pull my strings, then the magic show begins.
Take a seat one and all, see me about to crumble & fall. my hands and feet are on display. Doing at will, at your dismay.
Taunting and probing me, Confusing my mental capacity.
Controlling my every move. Setting bars that I cannot elude.
Trying to conceal & break free. This turmoil is slowly poisining me.
The system try's to break me down, changed my smile to a frown.
Working hard everyday, the stress of life won't let me play.
When will this madness end. Will it be when life ends....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (14)

comfort comfort bouquet hug angel comfort
Nuwahri61online today!
Hope not cherry got way too much to offer......looks like you have to cut the strings ........comfort grin cool
orientalkoruonline today!
I've been there so I know it's a very hard place to be in Cherry. Sometimes we have to choose; you will know what to choose at the right time. teddybear
Once the game is can no longer effect us. Passionate write.hug
Hi Cherry Nuwahri is quite right,you've got to much going for you to receive such a treatment.Hopefully we all learn from those bad fruits that we choose and see the rotten ones from a distance and shun such before they play their mindless games.teddybear M.M
Thanks seerie!!!!hug hug comfort comfort
Thanks n61 appreciate your comment!!hug handshake comfort
Many thanks orient....hug comfort handshake bouquet
Very true jazzy...Ty very mchhandshake hug comfort yay
Thanks very much m. I appreciate your comment tyteddybear bouquet handshake hug
Cherry wave

A very strong write full of emotion, kinda hoping it's not what's really happening to you right now sigh
Just wondering if you meant by 'compasity' - 'capacity'? confused

thumbs up purple heart
Thanks lady it was a type error capacity lol appreciate your comment very much & Ty hug handshake yay thumbs up
what a poem, so powerful, glad ur ok now. felt ur pain, u dragged me in. my fave so far apart from mother.....
Thanks bard yeah this was a bit of a downermoping lol....glad u liked it:)bouquet
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